Thanks to machine embroidery, customizing apparel is easy. The secret ingredient to the killer sauce is having quality digitizing. Yes, that’s correct! If you don’t get good digitizing for your embroidery, the result would not be as awesome as you expect. Just as a high-quality machine gives you awe-inspiring sew out, you need flawless digitized files too.

Today, embroidery has become speedy and very convenient for us. There is no need to trace a pattern on the fabric and then strain yourself with manual labor. In fact, you need digitized files and upload them into the machine. If using a single head, it will be able to sew on a single fabric at a time. For commercial purposes, multi-head machines are used.

With a multi-head machine you have the opportunity to get the design on many fabrics at once. Usually, home embroiderers have a single head machine. Commercial embroiderers have multi-head embroidery machines and you will need to contact them for mass production. But before approaching any machine, get the files digitized for them from an embroidery digitizing service. They will work on your files and deliver according to your instructions.

Find Embroidery Digitizers On the Internet

Thanks to the power of the web, finding an embroidery digitizing business is not a problem anymore. You can use any search engine of your choice to look for quality digitizing service. Numerous links will appear on your screen and you can choose any one of them. Prices can vary and so you must ask them for a free quote before proceeding.

An embroidery digitizer is a person who has developed his or her skills on the special digitizing software. If you are willing to lean it yourself, you are free to do so. Reading our blog How to Digitize For Embroidery will help you in your endeavor. You can find useful tips and tricks on how you can operate the digitising software. Since it is a specially designed computer program, handling it is not easy unless you know how to do it.

Learning to digitize is a skill that demands a lot of patience, practice, and dedication. You will have to learn everything within the software from scratch. The process is not as appealing as the final result but someone has to do it. If you start training yourself to do it, it may require months or even years. For those who want to build a career out of it, spending time and practicing is important.embroidery digitizing

If you are a fashion designer and not a digitizer, you have the option to utilize skills of quality digitizing services. We recommend outsourcing but with care. The internet is free for all hence you may encounter scammers in your hunt for the perfect embroidery digitizer. Beware of schemes that claim to offer free services or rates so low they are hard to digest.

Always Hire the Best Professional

The final outcome of the design is always on fabric. Without flawless embroidery digitising files, the machine will never be able to sew out a perfect design. Thus, you must use the services of only the best in the industry. No matter how simple your design is, bad digitized files can still ruin it during production. Always choose a professional agency / company over freelancers because of the following reasons:

Rush Services

Freelancers are individuals and are not always available. If you need rush service, chances are they may not respond within time. Embroidery digitizing companies have teams working round the clock. You can connect with them at any time of the day and get someone’s attention. Rush orders are treated with special care and delivered within the agreed time.


Upon receiving the file and doing a test run you decide to request minor changes. Freelancers will not be able to entertain your request unless you pay them again. Chances are that they will decline because they have to deliver other files to other customers. With a quality digitizing agency, minor changes are usually provided without extra charges. There is always someone available to work on your request and deliver the digitized logo within a couple of hours.

chanel logo digitizing

Photo Credit: Chanel

Digitizing in Bulk

Do you have multiple designs to digitize? What if you get a special discount and get delivery all at once? Surely a single person i.e. a freelancer is unable to handle this task. Piling a single guy with a lot of work means a loss in quality and focus. Let such a task be handled by a team within a professional quality digitizing company. You can get a special quote for all the designs and have them delivered in your inbox all at once.

Latest Technology

With the passage of time and advancement of time, older machines get slower and lose efficiency. In most cases, they are unable to run the latest version of the software. Freelancers mostly do not have access to latest hardware and as a result, they use outdated software versions. Embroidery digitizing software does not come cheap thus upgrading is a serious issue for them.

On the other hand, to ensure high quality digitizing, professional companies invest in hardware as well as software. They understand the need to upgrade their equipment and train their team to ensure they deliver the best quality digitizing to customers. Your embroidery will look even more alluring when digitized on the latest technology. There won’t be any flaws and the entire production will be done in one go.

We Excel in Providing Quality Digitizing

Absolute Digitizing is a professional company based in USA and catering customers internationally for more than two decades. We have state of the art lab which consists of only the latest tech. We understand the need to upgrade our tools and educate our team with the latest trends. Our customers enjoy world-class quality digitizing usable on all home and commercial embroidery machines.

We offer competitive prices of $10 per left chest and cap logo and encourage you to contact us for your designs. You can connect with our representatives via email, live chat or our quick enquiry form. We are available round the clock and are happy to serve you whenever you need us. Our team comprises of only the best digitizers in the country. You can expect the best quality digitizing with quick delivery with in your budget and. Let’s start custom embroidery digitising for your next project!