It is important to take up promotional activities because customers have a short-term memory. This way you keep reminding the people abut your brand. Today, advertising is the key to business growth but it does not always have to be expensive. With affordable professional embroidery digitizing, promotional activity can be done within budget.

We live in a modern world with pictures all around us. Our mind is adept to recognize images more quickly than words or numbers. This is the very reason every business big or small has a logo. A logo is normally an image that best describes the business nature. Without a doubt it is the best thing to advertise.

Shirts, caps, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, socks, hence anything made of fabric can be embroidered. There were times when embroidery had limitations, but not today. Embroidery machines today are capable to sew a design on all kinds of fabrics. It is just a matter of proper handling and skillful digitizing. When we talk about embroidery through machines, there is no chance of neglecting embroidery digitizing.

Absolute Digitizing is a leading professional embroidery digitizing company. Being in business for decades, we have unmatched experience and expertise. To date we have successfully delivered thousands of designs to our customers all over the globe. Being located in the USA gives us an advantage of having the best team and latest technology.

Why Do I Need Professional Embroidery Digitizing?

Digitizing for the embroidery machines is the process of converting an image into a machine file. Yes, you read it correct, not just a computer file but specifically a machine file. The machine in discussion works with needles and threads. Most people assume it works like a photocopy machine or a printer where you upload a simple file and it springs to life.

The process here isn’t simple as that but is a bit different. You already have your business logo designed by a professional logo designer. He designed and gave you a computer file which is accessible on your computer. There is no denying that the file you have is digital but it is not ready for the embroidery machine. It needs undergoing a new transformation.

The embroidery machine does not recognize the digital file provided by the logo designer. The PSD or the PNG are alien language to it. It is actually in need of a file that contains instructions. Instructions about how and when to start sewing. The way it needs to move its needle and what threads to use. To make such a file you need professional embroidery digitizing.

You Can Be A Digitizer Too

Digitizing for embroidery is an art that requires extensive knowledge, practice and patience. The person who has mastered the art is called a digitizer. Once he obtains the title, he becomes a gem in the world of fashion and advertising. Digitizers are hard to find because digitizing is something that is not taught in schools.

If you are keen on learning how to digitize, it is mostly a learn yourself process. Learning to digitize is easy today because of the internet. There are a plethora of tutorial videos and blogs available to learn from. However, if you have questions or doubts, you need to consult a professional such as our team of experts. You can connect with them here.

When starting to learn, you need select a suitable embroidery digitizing software. You can find a variety of software available with different features but serving the same purpose. Browse their demo versions to have a sneak peek and learn about them. This way you will be able to decide which is best for you and then purchase.

Since the software is a specially designed program, it can be costly. That’s why we suggest to do a thorough research before making the purchase. Once you have made the purchase a downloadable file will be sent to you by the seller. For better performance, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements. Install it in your computer and now you are ready to begin your journey.

professional embroidery digitizing

Starting on Your First Picture

With the software now running on your computer, download a free picture from the internet. Choose the one with a simple or no background. You don’t need a background because the image is being prepared for embroidery machine. Without it you can work freely on the main image rather than get distracted with unimportant elements.

Before doing anything, you need to adjust the settings first. If you forget the settings and try to do it later, a lot of problems can occur. Your knowledge about fabrics will come in handy here. Remember that as the needle starts working on fabric it will experience pull. That’s why a digitizer has to adjust the push and pull compensation.

Practice on the different settings available. You will notice that you have to switch between stich types too. The best direction to start is from outwards to inwards. A strong boundary will prevent threads from getting loose and breaking. Keep the threads count to the required amount because too much filling will cause problem during sew out.

The process in short is tracing the entire picture to create a digital boundary. Now your task as embroidery digitizers is to create pathways for the needle to move around the fabric in an orderly manner. As you define the sew points in the file, the machine will follow the same pattern. You can also define colors in the file but the embroiderer can change threads as per requirement.

I Have Finished My First Picture Am I A Digitizer Now?

Congratulations on completing the first picture. It is a good effort but remember there are more complicated pictures ahead. You need to keep on practicing to improve. There is no time defined when you can accomplish mastery. Many professionals have practiced for years on mock images before working on a real task. The amount of dedication required and the time you need to invest in practice is a huge discouraging factor.

Keep you spirits high and yourself motivated. You will learn something new every day and it will keep on increasing your experience. If at any point you think you cannot dedicate time for practice then you can always choose professional embroidery digitizing. The professionals will work on your design while you attend to the other important tasks. Every successful project is the work of team and you can have a virtual team for digitizing.