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Embroidery digitizing is not something that is taught in schools therefore it is a skill that is self-acquired. Most people presume that digitizing for embroidery is easy. This is not entirely true because learning a new skill is never easy. Because there are no proper training schools for embroidery digitizing, one has to gather knowledge bit by bit. It is done mostly through online blogs and videos.

If you are keen to learn the art of digitizing for the embroidery machines, this blog will help you. We believe anyone can be a digitizer. To become an expert or not, it depends on the individual. Most people start learning with enthusiasm but soon give up. The main reason being it is too much time consuming and demands a lot of practice.

Getting Started to Digitize Like Professional Embroidery Digitizers

When you are determined to learn digitizing, there are a few prerequisites to take care of. First of all, you must have a strong PC. Digitizing cannot be done on a smartphone or tablet. If your PC is outdated or already lagging, upgrade it or get a new one. The second requirement is to buy a licensed version of embroidery digitizing software. Make sure you buy the latest version to be able to use all the features.

Popular software includes Hatch by Wilcom, Embird and SophieSew. You can read about their features in detail in our previous blog post here. Most of them come with a free limited time trial version and installing them can be a good idea. It will help you decide which one suits your style and fulfills your requirements. Once satisfied, you can proceed to purchase the full version because you cannot work professionally on a trial version.

Now that you have arranged a stable PC and a software too, it is time to install and run it. Since it is your first experience, go with the recommended installation. You can modify it later once you become an expert. At first you will be greeted with a welcome screen. Close it and you see blank canvas with function buttons on the top and the left side of your screen. You are now ready to start digitizing.

Digitizing Your First Art Work

Download a simple image from the internet. You can download an image of your favorite animal, vehicle or celebrity. Make sure that it is a simple image with minimum or no background and surrounding elements. If there are a lot of unwanted elements, you will have to work extra to remove them. Start with the simplest image so that your efforts focused on digitizing.

The first thing to do is apply the stabilizer settings. Most people forget and dive straight into the stitches. If you do the same and remember it later on, chances are you will have to re-work the entire design. Stabilizers are used to add an extra layer to the fabric to make it thicker and provide firmness. Adding it later on will result in the stitches becoming too tight.

Stitch types are chosen according to the design or if any special instructions are passed down by the client. If the client does not mention any, professional embroidery digitizers decide what is suitable. This is where experience comes into play. Beginners get confused and often make the wrong choice resulting in a bad sew out. Since you have just begun, seek advice from a professional or watch / read an online guide.

Professional Embroidery Digitizers

Remember that you are mapping steps to follow for the embroidery machine. It will repeat the same pattern you have chosen to digitize. Always start from the boundaries and then move inside. Starting from the inner body is risky. Since it is your first attempt you are unsure of how to manage the push and pull compensation. The fabric can be harmed or change direction during the sew out and ruin the entire process.

Hire Professional Embroidery Digitizers for Serious Projects

Practicing a new skill is praiseworthy but when we talk about a real project the scenario changes. Surely you do not have a year’s deadline to finish digitizing. There is a long road ahead of you to be able to digitize like professional embroidery digitizers. If you are going through the entire process for only one design, you need to stop right there.

Unless you have made a firm decision to be a professional digitizer, there is no need for all the efforts. You will end up investing hundreds of dollars and years of your precious time. One design or a dozen designs, get them done by a professional only. Why go through all the trouble when hiring an expert is as low as $10?

It is true because Absolute Digitizing offers exceptionally competitive price of $1 / 1000 stitches. Offering down to earth prices does not mean quality is compromised. You get high quality embroidery digitized files from a team of experts offering 100% customer satisfaction. It is now more than 20 years of digitizing for our clients. We understand our customer’s requirements and deliver flawless files within the shortest possible time.

If you have a design and thinking to learn digitizing just for its sake, share it with us. We will give you a free quote. If you have any concerns about your project, do not hesitate to connect with one of our experts. Send us an email or use our live chat for instant assistance. Your concerns will be addressed professionally. Need a quick delivery? We have got you covered because we have a dedicated team for it. You will receive the file in your inbox within the specified time.