Online embroidery digitizing free is so tempting everyone wants the free file. Even if you want just one design digitized it is the best bargain. For businesses with multiple designs, a lot of money can be saved. Business is about taking proper advantage of all available resources. To maximize profit, it is essential to keep purchasing costs as low as possible, even free.

Every business out there is constantly searching for opportunities to save money. Why spend cash when you can get something without having to pay for it. The internet is a treasure mine for people who use it well. There are many links that can blow your socks off by offering unbelievably cheap rates or even offer something for free. With such an offer paying for the services seem baseless.We really hate to burst your bubble of joy because unfortunately there is nothing as online embroidery digitizing free. Embroidery digitizing is a manual and laborious task that can eat up a lot of your time. It is a complete profession that supports the fashion and advertising industry a lot. If you are not familiar with how the process works, keep reading the blog to learn all about it.

A Brief Introduction to Embroidery Digitizing

First of all, let’s be clear on one point that there is nothing as online embroidery digitizing free. Here is a simple definition: “Digitizing in the embroidery industry is the process of tracing an art work to convert into stitches.” Now you may ask how does one trace an artwork in the act of digitizing?

A digitizer is a person responsible for the tracing and conversion on a computer. To do so, he uses a special software that allows him to convert the artwork in stitches. Simple as it may sound, the process requires skill, knowledge and lots of practice. To become a digitizer, one has to invest time and money.


It is not something that is taught in school, college or a university. It is a skill many have mastered through practice, self-learning and dedication. In the past when there was no internet available, digitizers faced a lot of problem to overcome issues they faced. Today learning it is easy because there are many sources available to learn.

If you own an embroidery machine, you will know it uses needle and threads to produce a result on fabric. To produce the desired result, it needs instructions which are uploaded through a digital file. This file is known as an embroidery digitized file prepared by a digitizer. Without the file the machine cannot work.

How to Become Embroidery Digitizer?

It is a good thing to learn to digitize embroidery files for your business or hobby. It is handy when you are in a hurry and cannot delegate the task to anyone. Learning is not an overnight task and you will have to dedicate yourself to it. Be ready to invest your time and money along with a lot of patience.

Yes, patience is the key to raise your rank and achieve mastery. First of all, your computer should be nearly latest. The software has its own requirements so look at all the options available. Almost every software designed for digitizing fulfills the basic requirements. You can start with one that looks easy to you.

After you have arranged a suitable computer and a software, you are ready to begin training. We suggest to choose a simple image on your first attempt. A simple image is an image with no background. If image has background make sure there are very little or no extra elements. You may download any free image from the internet for the training purpose.

It does not matter if the image is of low quality or in HD. With less clutter in the background you save time and efforts. Always start from the boundary and move towards the inside. Following this rule will allow the machine to work in an orderly manner. On the production table you will not face thread breakage or unnecessary long stitches.

Watch tutorials online which are free as opposed to online embroidery digitizing free. When you are working on an image, you will need to shuffle between the stitch types. Be sure you understand the different types of stitches. A digitizer must know the properties of a variety of fabrics because it matters a lot. The knowledge allows managing the push and pull compensation along with understanding the use of underlay.

Online Embroidery Digitizing for Free

When Do You Become A Digitizer?

After practicing on an image or two, people wonder if they are ready to digitize like a professional. If you are wondering about the time needed to become an expert, there is no time limit. Learning a new skill requires dedication, time and energy. Keep on practicing on a variety of images to keep on unearthing new challenges.

Every image is different from the other and comes with its own challenges. As you advance you will learn that you are constantly changing:

Satin, Fill and Running Stitch (the basic types of stitches)

Push and Pull Compensation

Stitch Density

Every digitizer is familiar with the above three. It helps manage the task and leave no room for mistakes. As mentioned above, every image has its own challenges. You will have to make adjustments before initiating the tracing process. A common mistake made by beginners is forgetting the underlay settings.

The second common mistake is increasing the density of the stitches. Avoid the temptation to increase the number of stitches in an area to look beautiful. Increasing the density more than required is a huge mistake. During the stitching process the embroidery machine will start breaking needles. A proficient digitizer understands when to reduce density.

Reliable Embroidery Digitizing

Are you confused with all the above information? In theory digitizing seems a very simple task but in reality, it is not. If you are in need of embroidery digitizing feel free to talk to us. We are a professional company offering the embroidery digitizing services for many years. Our team of expert digitizers have enough experience to handle any image and deliver perfect results. Let’s discuss your next project and create awesomeness! Get a free quote now.