Want to learn about the machine embroidery needles and their use along with the existing types? Well, you are at the right place because the following blog is going to explain things well to you. In addition, you will get a good understanding of the needle sizes how you should pick the needle for your ongoing project, and much more.

We are aware of one fact embellishing fabric has a history that connects thousands of years back and there have been many changes. One aspect that has been the same is the capability of the process to produce beautiful and complex-looking designs in an easy way. Moreover, the addition of art on fabric with needles and thread is very simple.

How To Pick The Machine Embroidery Needles?

Picking the right type of needle is essential when you are going to perform the embroidery. Proper knowledge of types and sizes is a must to make your project look good.

Universal Needles Vs Machine Embroidery Needles 

Do you have any idea about the universal and needles relevant to embroidery only? If no is the answer, then keep on reading to get the answer. Both types are similar to each other but there are two main differences as well.

The first difference is the needle’s scarf and the size of the eye. Both needles have a design that will be putting less strain on the embroidery thread which is thin and fragile in comparison to regular thread.

Moving on, the second difference is that embroidery needles are expensive in comparison to needles for regular sewing. In terms of number, they are 25% more expensive

Scarf of the Needle 

It is the indentation that is on the needle’s back that will run from the eye up to the shaft. The needle for embroidery has a special design that will create less strain on a thread and help in less breakage and fraying.

Eye of the Needle 

It is the hole of the needle in which the thread is entered. They are larger than the eyes in contrast to universal needles for avoiding breaking or fraying the threads as the needles rapidly go in and out through the fabric under use.

It is best to go with the special machine embroidery needles as embroidery thread will break, snap, or fray less in comparison to the universal needles.

Types of Machine Embroidery Needles 

Below is the list that will give you adequate information about the different types of needles:

Chrome Plated Steel Needles

The most common type or you can say the default needle material. If you don’t see any name of the material on your package, then it will be chrome. You will see them being used for different embroidery and sewing projects.

Titanium Plated Needles 

This type of needle has a high quality. These are stronger and more durable and they will bend or break less when the stitching is happening on the embroidery machine. There is a coating that will not only help in making them durable but also less likely to catch on material during the stitching process. Moreover, if you are going to do embroidery on large designs or planning to use any dense or tough materials, then titanium needles should be your best look.

If we look deeper, there are some special Teflon-coated embroidery needles which are also known as anti-glue needles. It can be a good pick when using self-adhesive, sticky, or sticking through fusible webs. A perfect choice for embroidering on napped fabrics. Note that it also reduces the residues in the eye of the needle and thread channel.

Needle Points – All To Know!

Embroidery needles can be split into two categories depending on the tips which are ballpoint and sharp. The selection should be done on the fabric type and thread you are planning to use.

Sharp Tip

This tip will be the best choice for a great variety of materials. It has a design that is best for the materials and fabrics that will not be separated to let needles pass through it.

Ball Point Tip 

Knits will need ballpoint needles that will slip between the fibers and there is no risk of piercing the fabric. It will prevent the breakage of the fibers that lead to small holes or runs that you will look at the embroidery knit fabrics. Therefore, if you are planning to do embroidery on knit fabric, the ball-point embroidery needles will be the best choice.

Sizes of Machine Embroidery Needles 

There are different sizes available. When we talk about the sizes, we are discussing the width of the needle. There are two numbers for the sizes which are metric and US size.

For your information, there are three most used sizes of needles for machine embroidery is:

75/11: It is a good choice for the lightweight woven and knit fabric.
80/12: Ideal for medium-weight fabric such as quilting cotton and linen.
90/14: Best for heavy-weight fabric.

How To Select the Best Needles?

When you are about to make the selection, there are different options for you. Picking one can be a daunting experience but the variety is available so that you can use the right option depending on your project. Remember that, if the needle gets bent or breaks, it can be dangerous. The embroidery machine has a high stitching speed so the broken needle can fly.

The factors due to which you have to make the decision for selection of needles are:

Thread & Project Materials 

Both the material of the project and the threads will be responsible for making the decision about the selection of needles.

Metallic Thread

When you are about to use this, go for a metallic thread that has a large eye and let the thread pass through it with ease. The metallic needles are not special ones for embroidery and you can use them for both embroidery and sewing with metallic thread.

Moreover, the quality of metallic thread is better therefore a regular embroidery needle can be used with metallic thread without any issue. The reason is that embroidery needles have larger eyes for the accommodation of metallic thread.

Leather & Suede

You must know that leather does not have a weave that will enable the needle to pass through. When you will be working with leather, you will be in need of a special leather needle using a wedge-shaped point to pass through thick materials such as suede and leather. In addition, this is not a special embroidery needle but you should be using it for machine embroidery on leather.

Moving on, there are double-eye needles that are in use for a few of the embroidery projects ideal for decorative seams. This needle has two eyes and if you want to develop an interesting effect, you should use different colored sewing threads.

Different Brands Of Machine Embroidery Needles 

The popular brands that are in use when it comes to machine embroidery needles are Schnmetz, Organ, and Klasse.


Hopefully, now you are aware of the different types of needles that are ideal for machine embroidery. You also have got the information about their size, usage, and factors due to which you need to make the selection.

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