Customizing embroidery designs is a growing trend. There are countless possibilities to embroider a dress with embroidery. We have all seen how designers come up with creative designs that everyone wants to buy. It is even popular among the kids. Their faces light up having their favorite cartoon character embroidered on their shirt. But it all starts with machine embroidery digitizing service Australia.

The beautiful embroidery cannot happen without digitizing the design first. Be it a design for the adults or the kids. Before going to the embroidery machine, it first needs to pay a visit to the digitizer. A digitizer is a person who converts a simple image into something a machine can sew. Without his input, the image remains just another picture that can be viewed digitally but not physically.

For those who are not new to the topic of digitizing for embroidery, they understand the importance of a digitizer. If this is your first time getting an image embroidered, understanding the role of embroidery digitizing is important. It is not necessary to do it yourself. We will discuss the options further in this post how you get the designs ready for a sew out.

Embroidery digitizing gained public popularity when notable brands started placing logos on their apparel. It not only enhanced the appearance, but also gave the piece of fabric a permanent label. Studies reveal customers are attracted more to a dress with prominent brand authority. Think of any renowned brand. How do you recognize it? Obviously, the logo embroidered in a prominent position reveals to the eye about it.

Embroidery Digitizing for The Brands and Business

As customers wore the label on their chests with pride, marketers sprung up with an idea. Why limit the embroidery to customers only? Let the staff on duty wear it too. Now customers are able to find help more easily in stores where it becomes impossible to distinguish. When uniforms were introduced with an embellished logo, customers appreciated. They said they are no more afraid to embarrass themselves by asking questions from other shoppers just like them.

Since then the idea picked up and now every major store around the globe follows it. But this does not apply to only the huge brands. Custom Embroidery digitizing is so well priced even the small businesses followed suit. Today shops all across Australia have uniformed staff and you know who to approach for your query. If you are a shop or restaurant owner who has not yet adopted an embroidered uniform, you need to act now.

Besides distinguishing your staff from the crowd of customers, there is an element of advertising your brand as well. Most businesses allow their staff to wear the uniform home after their shift ends. When they travel around the city in their work clothes, they unintentionally advertise the brand they work for. That’s two birds killed with a single stone by the employer. More advertisement means more business. This is marketing beyond boundaries.

Machine Embroidery Digitizing Service Australia

How Do I Get My Business Logo on My Staff Uniform?

The process described below does not apply only to a business logo but every design worth embroidery. The first step towards machine embroidery is to connect with a machine embroidery digitizing service Australia or do it yourself. We do not recommend the second approach because unless you are an accomplished digitizer, it cannot be done easily. Learning to digitize is a lengthy and expensive process. Definitely not worth it for a single design.

On the other hand, a digitized file can be obtained for just a few dollars. Absolute Digitizing offers a special discount to its customers. To begin with it all you have to do is share your design and request a free quote. Avail the service of professional digitizers at unbelievably low price. You can also discuss more options with one of our experts via live chat. We are always ready to make your experience happy and memorable.

For an expert, digitizing an image is not a hassle. But for a novice, it can become an unsolvable challenge. The process requires proper knowledge of embroidery digitizing software plus how machines work. A digitizer not only focuses on the software but also on the outcome. Improper files result in bad sew outs, thread and needle breakage and tantrums during production. Better avoid the tension later and get the expert to give you a flawless digitized file.

Machine Embroidery Digitizing Service Australia

Residing in Australia does not mean you have to search for a digitizer on the roads. Using the search engine of your choice you can connect online. Simply send your design in an image via email and receive the final file via same channel. It is a very simple process that saves time, efforts and money. If you have an embroidery machine at home, just mention the file format required.

Embroidery machines accept only the file format mentioned by the manufacturer. It is a good thing to mention the required file format when placing your order. You can read in detail about the various file types used in machine embroidery in our older posts. Our team of experts are capable to deliver in all formats so there is nothing to worry about. We use updated and licensed software (not free embroidery digitizing software ) which enables us to cater the needs of our customers.

Always remember to use high quality materials when embroidering. When using substandard threads, there have been complaints about color bleeding after the first wash. We have also published a detailed post on the materials you can use for your project. You can purchase the materials online or from the market as well. While we work on your de, feel free to read our blogs for information and guidance. If you have a question about your project, do not hesitate to get in touch at once.

Getting the services of our experts is not just limited to home embroiderers. Even commercial embroiderers avail it. Digitizing is not as easy as it seems. Most people view it as simple, but it gets tricky with many seemingly simple designs. We are professionals so we understand how to handle even the tricky parts of a design. Our ever-growing list of happy customers is a proof of our skills and expertise. Now let’s work on your embroidery digitizing jobs and give you a file you feel happy about. Get a quote now.