Digitizing for machine embroidery is a technical skill. It is not possible for every person to master it and do the job with perfection. Planning to be one of the expert machine embroidery digitizers, then you need to get adequate knowledge first and experience to kick start the work. There is no doubt that you need technical skills but other than this you also need other sets of traits that will make you better in completing the job and improving your skills.

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It is a known fact that every discipline needs a proper skill-set to complete a certain task. Similarly digitizing for machine embroidery need some fundamental technical skills. The list includes the use of software, things to make design attractive, the effect of the embroidery stitches on fabric, and much more. Every element is an independent subject on which there can be a detailed discussion. But for in-depth discussion, you need to have a proper understanding of the technicalities.

In addition to this, machine embroidery digitizers should possess an enigmatic set of skills to become a true master in the field. The following skills are not technical but they are significant for performing the task of embroidery digitising. Let’s talk about them one by one:

1-Learning via Experience

When you are performing your job well, then every task will be easy for you. Moreover, you will be able to figure out the solution easily for your problems. But what if after 12 hours of work, you are not able to get the design. Due to this problem, you will have a closer look at your sample machine and will figure out that there is a bent needle on a thread that forms the border of the design. Furthermore, this is the point where machine embroidery digitizers might get frustrated because a lot of time has been wasted. This is how people can learn from their experience and once they will learn things, then they will not do this mistake again. Furthermore,  sharing your experience with other team members is also recommended.  In this way, they will not make a similar mistake.

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2-Patience is Must

Do you complete your task in a hurry? You need to stop and clam down. Mark it down that the job done in a hurry will never provide you the satisfactory results. It is very important to have patience in every work you are planning to do. Remember that an expert can be fast but he will never rush to complete the job. Keep one thing clear in your mind that being fast and rushing while performing the task is not the same thing. Being fast in your task means that you are completing your job in less time but maintaining the quality as well. Contrarily, when you are rushing while working, then your focus is to end the task without caring about the quality.

It is very important for you to take out some time for placing the stitches carefully. Furthermore, you should also review your settings before starting work. If you are not doing so, then you should be ready to face the expensive consequences. Remember that problems are inevitable and things may become complex but this is the point where patience comes into play. Submitting an acceptable sew-out design to your customer or supervisor will not declare that you are doing well. Moreover, machine embroidery digitizers should review the full design with patience before submitting it and should make it part of their daily routine.

3-Proper Focus on Details

Paying proper attention to the details for avoiding the problems is the next key trait on the list. Note down that there is no spell check here just like the word processing software. It is the primary responsibility of the worker to ensure that text is having the correct spelling. For instance, the spelling of Millennium is mostly wrong during work. The digitizer writes the spelling using one N and that’s wrong. Most of the time,  experts argue that this is not their job but this is nothing but a lame excuse. You like it or not, the product will come back to you.

4-Listening The Suggestions

You may be one of the expert machine embroidery digitizers. But they are still improving their skills after getting a suggestion from supervisors, co-workers, and customers. It is essential to keep your mind open when someone is telling you about anything related to the task. No matter what, either the person is a non-digitizer or a machine operator. It is a fact that sometimes, a machine operator can give you a valuable source of input when allocating path for your design. So, you should listen to every suggestion for improving yourself and getting the best results.

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5-Accepting the Fault

Accepting the fault is better than making lame excuses. It is an old argument between machine operators and machine embroidery digitizers that embroidery is not looking good. Both are blaming each other but the truth lies in the middle of the argument. Human makes mistakes but they should also face the situation for analyzing the physical flaws. Instead of the blame game, they should do editing to make correction in the designs. You must understand that even minute changes can have a big impact on the final design.


All the aforementioned traits will not help you in placing a single stitch. But they are important for the successful machine embroidery digitizers. To become a pro, acquiring technical skills and improving psychological behavior is important to do the job right.

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