You do not need much transformation to make any piece of fabric from regular to extraordinary. You need embroidery and the fabric will be wow. Design is what makes a simple thing turn into something everybody admires. There are no limitations to embroider a design on. It can be your staff uniform wearing the business logo or a party dress. With the correct embroidery design digitizing service at hand, you can get as creative as you like.

Embroidery is a method to create beautiful designs on fabric in vivid colors. The colors, texture and flawless sew out all make your garment take off in a different dimension. Embellishment of designs on dresses has been around for centuries. It has been used for both purposes, décor and advertisement. We can understand the link to fashion but how does it relate to advertisement hundreds of years ago?

Embroidery has a strong connection with advertisement today and even in the past. In the past it was difficult to prove your identity when travelling to distant lands. There was no proper paperwork and most people couldn’t even read and write. Travelers, merchants and even armies had their tribe symbol embroidered on their clothes giving them an identity on foreign lands.

Digitizing for Machine Embroidery

Embroidery machines work with needles, threads and fabric. Thus, they work in a different manner opposed to the common perception that it is just another printer. Although modern machines come with a user interface that resembles a printer, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The interface allows the operator to control the machine but not the design.

We have a variety of embroidery machines to choose from. There are big machines for commercial purposes and small home embroidery machines enough to fit on a table. The common thing in every machine is that it requires a digitized file to work. You do not simply upload a design and it starts sewing, it is not a printer.

In simple words, a digitized file is a design converted to an embroidery machine readable format. The conversion is a manual process performed within an embroidery digitizing software by a digitizer. Most people are of view that modern technology is advanced to perform file conversions automatically. It is true but unfortunately it is not advanced enough to perform the intricate tasks of a digitizer.

The word digitizer refers to a person who transforms an image file into a machine-readable file. Using special software, he traces the image point by point to create the desired file. Simple as it may look, the process is lengthy and laborious. There is a lot to align and ensure that the final sew out does not have a single mistake.

Professional digitizers are skilled people with a vast knowledge of the software, the stitches and fabrics. Without proper knowledge, even the simplest design can be a disaster during production. Newbies often get carried away with the design and either fill it too much or vice versa. At the end, it is the customer who suffers.

Embroidery Design Digitizing Service

Freelance Digitizer or Embroidery Design Digitizing Service?

Exploring unknown waters always creates confusion. Without a doubt, there are hundreds of skilled individuals out there offering services as freelancers. People get tempted to hire them for the digitizing process because freelancers are cheaper than agencies. It is correct when we talk about other industries but for embroidery digitizing it is not the case.

At Absolute Digitizing you get the rates cheaper than a freelancer and the quality only the best can offer. We have the best team of digitizers with years of experience, even decades. Here, you get the price no one can offer i.e. $1 / 1000 stitches or $10 per left chest and cap design. The simpler the design, the less it costs you. When working with us, it all depends on the design and not just because we are professionals.

Working with a company entitles you to get the best customer support. In case of an individual offering the service, there are countless issues. You do not get instant reply to your queries. There are excuses for not delivering in the agreed time. On weekends, he probably has other commitments that leave your task unattended. So, in the end it is you, the customer making sacrifices and not the freelancer.

Working with us is a breeze. We have dedicated staff that is always there to answer your queries and ensure the last-minute changes. Our staff is available round the clock even on weekends to ensure a smooth delivery to our customers. We own responsibility of our work so if you need to re-discuss your design, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Do I Need to Come in Person to Get Embroidery Digitizing Services?

A common question often asked by customers who are new to the world of embroidery digitizing. You do not have to travel anywhere to get embroidery design digitizing service. We are a modern company with the latest technology to offer all necessary services. Send us your design via email or use or live chat to get in touch and upload the design.

You can request a free quote before advancing with the digitizing. We encourage our customers to discuss the requirements. It helps clear any confusion that may arise later, which in most cases does not happen. It just takes a minute of your time because our experts are already familiar with the process. You can also get advice on how to use the file you receive.

Whatever the purpose of your design, we are fully capable to digitize it for you according to your need. We are available on all the major search engines so there is no difficulty reaching us. Whenever you search online, you can find the link to our website. Single or bulk designs, it does not bother us because our team is capable to handle every task with perfection.