In today’s digital world, the competition among the businesses is increasing day by day. No one is going to stop in a race to reach on top. If you are planning to uplift your business, then the advertisement for your business is the key to win. You might be aware of the fact that most of the businesses are spending a good amount of their budget on advertisement either done offline or online. For your information, some of the advertising methods are listed below:

-Promotion via flyer

-Usage of billboard for brand awareness

-Company logo printed on the various items like a shirt, cap, and pencil for the advertisement purpose.

These were different means of advertising. To execute this work nicely, the printing industry is playing an integral role. You can print various kind of things depending on your business niche. Furthermore, there is no doubt that brand awareness is essential to improve your conversion. But remember that if you are planning to do the advertisement for increasing your sales, then you need a logo vector to get it on different products. Once you will have the logo in a vector art, then you can easily use it on any product of variable sizes.

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You might be wondering, what is logo vector? Why you need it for work? And how to get one for your business need? For answers to these questions, read the following blog:

What is Logo Vector?

You might have seen various logos of the company on different products. You will see them on pen, caps, billboards, shirts, and more. Basically, this is all done to market your business and creating brand awareness among the masses. If you are planning to place the logo on different items, then you have to follow a proper mechanism. You can’t just take the picture and go to the printing shop to get a logo on different things as per your need.

Just to increase your knowledge, the picture you click with the camera or you find on the internet are mostly raster images. They are also called as bitmap images. Some of the frequently used formats for raster images are bmp, png, jpeg, and more. Keep one thing clear in your mind that when you are going to increase the size of a raster image, they lose their quality and you don’t get clear pictures. You need clear and sharp images for your logo so that you can use it according to your marketing needs.

Software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is used to convert the raster image to vector formats. After converting your logo to vector format, your picture will not become pixelated when the size is increased or decreased. This entire process of conversion is called vectorizing and you will get vectorize logo as your end product. After this, you can use it on various items.

Reason You Need Logo Vector

It is a fact that the company uses its logos on various items. But you will notice that you are having different size products. To ensure that your logo prints well on the items without compromising on the quality,  you definitely need a vector image.

If you are planning to use the raster images for your logo, then you cannot get the desired results. To clear your doubts, consider an example that when you are using the logo in raster format, then this may look fine on the letterhead but when you will place it on a billboard, then the logo will become pixelated. In this scenario, your logo will appear blurry and you will only get disappointment.

How to Get One?

Now you are familiar with the fact that you can’t just take the image or picture for printing purpose. For sharp and crisp pictures on different items, you need to convert image to vector. After vectorizing, your logo is ready for printing on items of your choice and different sizes.

To make your design ready, you will need specific software like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Even if you are having the software, you still need to invest your time and should have the experience to use the software. In addition to this, you have to use the specific tools in the software to prepare the logo for printing. Now, there will be no pixelation issue with your logo when you will be increasing or decreasing the size of the picture. You will get a sharp quality that will be best for your marketing campaigns.

Absolute Digitizing is Here to Help!

The process of conversion is not an easy task to do. You should have proper skill and understanding of the different tools of the software for completing the job. You can convert a simple logo to vector but for complex logos, you need professional assistance.

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You can avail a wide range of services with an affordable price tag. The price starts at $8 and the price goes up according to the complexity of the artwork. We are here to facilitate our customers and we will offer instant services within a time of 2 to 12 hours. In addition to this, you can get the file in ai, cdr, wmf, pdf, cdr, and dxf formats according to your convenience. The experts will look into your requirement and will also guide you in the right direction.

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