You might have thought why the companies place a logo on every product they make? Well, it is an important question but the answer is very simple. Companies do this for brand awareness and for marketing their products among the masses.  A logo acts as an identity for a brand and people will recognize a particular brand with a logo. To get a logo, you need to hire a competent company to get service regarding logo digitizing in Arizona.

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You might have noticed that big companies like Apple, Samsung, McDonald’s, Nike, and many others are having their company logo on their products. A logo is a specific design mostly on products and the uniform of staff members as well. This is one of the best ways to create awareness about your brand. If you want to get one logo for your business, then you need a professional digitizer to digitize your artwork. You should get the service for logo digitizing in Arizona from a professional company.

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Why Digitizing is Important?

You might have this question in your mind that why you need digitizing? So, we will be discussing it in this section. Well, the answer is, embroidery machine-read specific formats. You must know that if you are creating a digitized file in a particular format that is not compatible with the machine, then you are not able to proceed further. Making a design compatible with machine is necessary. You need the input of the embroiderer and digitizer to create a design and digitize it for placing it on the product.

Note that, the design file you are having in your standard PC will be mostly JPG, PNG, JPEG, or other formats. The embroidery machines are not able to recognize these formats. The acceptable formats by an embroidery machine are EXP, DST, PES, and more. So, to get a design on your desired products, you need to convert the standard files into digitized files.

To digitize a logo, you need to send the standard file to a digitizer. The digitizer will then convert it to your standard file into a format readable by the embroidery machine. You have to go through this process when hiring a company for services regarding logo digitizing in Arizona.

Steps in Logo Digitizing Process

Custom Embroidery Digitising is not a simple process. The experts have to take care of various technical aspects. So, below are the steps that you have to keep in mind during the process:

1-Understand Client Requirements

It is important to note that when you are working on a client’s project, then you need to properly understand clients’ requirements. You must be familiar with their expectations and the end product they are looking to get. But if you are doing it for your business, then you should do it according to your business needs.

2-Hire a Skilled Digitizer

You need to hire a skilled digitizer for the job. You must know that embroidery digitizing is the process through which your logo, image, or artwork is converted to a stitch file by the professionals. After this, the embroidery machine sews it and definitely this work needs a certain skill set. So, it is best to hire the professionals for the service of logo digitizing in Arizona

3-Order of Stitches

This is very important to consider. Once the artwork is ready, then the digitizer will look at the order of stitches from beginning to end. This is known as “traveling”.

4-Selection of Stitch Class

The expert has to determine the ideal stitch class for each part of the logo for a perfect sew-out. There are three types of stitches that include running stitch, satin stitch and fill stitch. In addition to this, the expert also has to keep an eye on the trajectory of the needle stitch, stitch density as per the logo, number of the underlying stitch embroidery, thread colors, stabilizer (backing material), and much more.

5. Push and Pull Setting

Push or Pull setting is also very important. When converting a logo for embroidery, then it is essential to either push or pulls the stitches on your logo design for completing the professional appearance.

  • Note that the penetration point of the stitch is the exact point where the needle presses into the fabric of your logo and links the upper thread with the bobbin thread. The interaction of the two threads generates a pulling effect.
  • On the other hand, the push portion in the logo embroidery digitizing is the open part. It is located on the opposite sides of points of penetration. If required, the section is reduced by bringing it closer. This is called push compensation. Moreover, the scale of the application relies on the amount and type of underlay being utilized.

6.Customer Satisfaction

You need to maintain quality through the process. Once the logo is converted into machine format through the embroidery digitalizing process, then you should do a comprehensive review and counter check the details. Once you are sure about everything, then send the final file to the customer or client for approval.

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Never Compromise on Quality

Quality should sit on top in your priority list when you are going to get a logo digitizing in Arizona or anywhere around the world. You should check the various things about the company. The list includes the experience, previous work, and team members. You should also read the customer’s feedback on their website to know what their customers say about them. Always get quotations from two or three companies and then make the final decision.


This was a brief about the process of logo digitizing. If you are still in search of service for logo digitizing in Arizona, then hire experts of Absolute Digitizing. We are having twenty years of experience. We are providing a wide range of services at market competitive prices to facilitate the customers in the best way possible.

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