Did you know that you not only require digital designs but any image for embroidery can be used? All you need is an experienced digitizer to convert the design and make it ready for the embroidery machine. Hiring a digitizer is easy and you can get a left chest embroidery digitized file for as low as $10.

If you are new to the world of digitizing, you will have a lot of questions and confusions. The best way to clear the doubts is by asking an expert and get their opinion. You can connect with one of our experts 24/7 and discuss your project in detail. Use the live chat or send us an email.

Our customer support is handled in-house by none other than the expert digitizers. We do not have an outsourced customer support team. Therefore, feel free to ask the questions regarding your project and you will be answered professionally. If you need quick answers, you can read our previous blogs or take a look at the FAQ page.

Absolute Digitizing is a professional embroidery digitizing agency working in the USA for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have learned a lot and honed our skills to near perfection benefiting our customers today. We understand the complete anatomy of a high quality embroidery digitized file. Hence, you may expect nothing but perfection from us because we are able to deliver it without fail.

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How to Convert Image for Embroidery

It does not matter if you are aspiring to become a digitizer for profession, hobby or none. If your projects involve embroidery through machines, having knowledge about the digitizing process will be a great help. It helps you understand the reason behind the time requirements, cost you bear and the limitations if there are any. Overall, it helps you analyze the process the same way as a professional digitizer.

The digitizing process is mostly termed as converting a design or image for embroidery. Truth be told, there is not a single step throughout the entire process that can be termed conversion. It is entirely a manual procedure requiring the skills of a professional digitizer. Using a software, the image is traced from start to finish.

There are numerous software available today that are used by the digitizers. However, Hatch by Wilcom is one of the most widely used software. In some special cases, digitizers use more than one software to complete the image digitization process. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to perfect your skills on any one software before moving to another.

Remember that there are no such things as online digitizing tools or mobile apps. If you ever come across any of those, avoid them because they end up waste your time. The process of digitalizing a single image involves using multiple tools within the software. Therefore, due to the intricate process, it is impossible for an app or online tool to manage digitizing.

It can only be done on a PC or a laptop. To digitize, you must have any one of the two capable enough to run the latest version of the software. Outdated hardware will cause more harm than good, so be sure to work on a modern PC.

Image for Embroidery

Is It Worth Learning to Digitize Image for Embroidery?

Learning to digitize is not easy and one has to undergo a lot of pressure and work really hard. Most people who start learning, give up after a few attempts. The reason why most early digitizers do not complete their training is because of lack of motivation. It seems easy in the beginning but once you really get to know about it in depth, it gets tough.

You do not program an image for embroidery machines on auto pilot mode. Every step is carried out manually. Unlike the past, there is more learning material on the internet. Since there are no proper training institutes and digitizing is not part of academics, you learn it on your own. Once you plan to learn, you have to invest in proper hardware and a licensed software.

Both are costly, you spend hundreds of dollars on purchases and still learn everything from scratch. You are required to not only invest money but your time also. The more you practice, the better you get with digitizing. If you are curious about the time needed to convert images like a professional digitizer. You will be surprised to know that most professionals have spent years training and perfecting their skills.

If you are a complete beginner in the field of digitizing, you must be prepared to practice for some months. Start with a simple image so that you do not spend time in clearing the clutter. You can watch videos online or read blogs to increase your knowledge. After a few attempts you will be able to make a usable file. If you plan to undergo all the training and investment for only one or a few images. We recommend you to connect with a professional instead.

Hire A Professional Vs Your Own Attempts

Working with professionals is far better than learning to convert image for embroidery. There are numerous reasons to hire a professional but the most important is the cost. You have to invest a lot of your hard earned money to setup a digitizing station. After making your wallet weep, you have to spend months training with little or no guidance.

Hiring a professional will cost you only a fraction of the price you need to invest. You can get a high quality embroidery digitized file for as low as $10. Unbelievable right? Yes, unlike other online services which cost a fortune, digitizing for embroidery is affordable. In fact, working with us is affordable because our prices are highly competitive.

You do not have to worry about the quality or delivery time when you place your order with us. We always ensure that we serve our customers the best in terms of quality and timely delivery. Our team of experts handle every project professionally enabling us to deliver as promised.

There are no hidden charges nor does the file have an expiry and you can use it for a lifetime. Using it multiple times does not affect its quality in any way. If you need to use it again after some time for a new project, feel free enjoy high quality again.

In case you need a file really quick, let us know when placing the order. We prioritize urgent deliveries and work on them right away. You can expect the file to be present in your inbox right when you need it. Do not worry about the quality because it still goes through our rigorous QA test. It never leaves our facility unless it is cleared of all problems. Let’s connect now and give you the file you expected.