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Our teams comprise of the best professionals with many years of experience. We have a team of quality checkers and every file is rigorously checked before reaching the customers. Special and rush orders are also fulfilled. If there are any special requirements, feel free to mention them when placing the order.

If you need to inquire anything about our services before ordering, send us an email. For prompt reply, use the live chat option and connect with an expert instantly. Our customer support is ready to handle your requests and queries 24/7. You can also get a free quote on the image you need to get digitized.

What is Image Digitizing?

A common perception is that you simply insert an image in the embroidery machine and it springs to life. In reality, the process is sophisticated and requires a highly skilled professional to make an embroidery machine acceptable file. Images and pictures captured by a smart phone camera or internet downloads are always digitized before sending for sew out.

The word image digitizing often causes confusion among people because images are already digital. So, what does it mean to digitize something which is already digital? Digitization for embroidery means converting the digital format of an image to an embroidery machine readable format. The conversion is carried out due to the fact that embroidery machines require a different type of digital file.

Embroidery machines are not the regular printers and they work with needles and threads to produce the required design. Although modern machines have a built-in software, but its purpose is not to convert an image. It is used to control machine actions and functionality while also adjusting the settings and materials.

Complete instructions on how to sew the required design gets provided by the digitized file prepared by a digitizer. The digitizer works on the design using a purposedly designed software to convert regular image file into embroidery machine file. To digitize a file perfectly, the digitizer must be a skilled professional.

Novice digitizers are known to make mistakes that end up causing a lot of trouble during production. The most common mistakes are not adjusting the push and pull compensation, lengthy stitches, needle breaks or ripping the fabric. In case the digitized file contains errors, a new one is needed ending up in waste of time, money and resources.

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Who Is Responsible for Image Digitizing?

If you think embroidery digitizing is the work of an embroiderer then you are mistaken. The embroiderer’s task is to manage the sew out but the file preparation is the work of a digitizer. Most embroiderers offer their customers the option to get their designs digitized. Customers are pleased to know they can get everything under one roof as finding a digitizer can be hard.

Truth be told, finding a digitizer is easier than searching for an embroiderer. You can search for them online and get the file delivered to you within a short time. Absolute Digitizing is popular for timely delivery and you do not have to visit us physically. Email us your design and we will digitize it for you and send it back via email.

Getting a digitized file from an embroiderer is way more expensive than having it digitized by a professional digitizer. Embroiderers often charge around $50 to $100 for a single file. You can get the same file digitized from us for as low as $10. The eye watering price difference is because embroiderers outsource customer files to digitizers while keeping a bigger cut to themselves.

The internet is a goldmine of resources and it can connect you with digitizers too. When you need image digitizing services, search for reliable digitizers online. Make sure that you choose the right service provider because inexperienced digitizers can turn your experience into a nightmare. To avoid inconvenience always choose a company over freelancers.

Companies offering embroidery digitizing services such as Absolute Digitizing are not only affordable but offer complete customer satisfaction. We have a team of expert digitizers with many years of experience. Our work is done on licensed market leading software rather than free embroidery digitizing software.

Can I Digitize My Images?

We do not doubt your learning skills and anyone can learn image digitizing. But you need to decide if it is worth it. Digitizing images for embroidery is a skill that needs to be learned on your own. There are no proper training schools and it is not a school subject either.

Most people decide to learn the skill for the sake of digitizing their business logo or one or two designs. They end up investing hundreds of dollars but soon give up. The reason people quit training is the lengthy and laborious process. In order to master the skill to perfection, you will have to practice for hours a day.

Most of the time you need to repeat the practice on the same design and you feel tried of it. It does not make sense to invest so much money and time on digitizing. It can be obtained at an affordable price and within a couple of hours. We can provide you a high-quality embroidery digitized file within a very short time. Share your design with us and let’s get started right away.