Wondering “how to get my logo digitized?” To get this, you need to contact a professional logo digitizing company. But before we dive deep how all this works and what you need to complete the task, let’s first understand its importance. Logo act as an identity for a brand. Have you ever wondered? Why companies are having some specific design in the form of picture or letter known as a logo on their products they are selling. With the help of this logo, the company creates awareness regarding its brand.

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You might have seen big companies like Samsung, Apple, Nike, and many more place their specific logo on their products. People see that particular design and recognize the brand or business. In addition to this, the business places its logo on their products or on the uniform of their staff for marketing purpose. If you are also planning to market your business on larger scale, then you need to get a logo for your business or brand.

In the following blog, we will be looking at the answer of how to get my logo digitized, the importance of digitizing, and why you need to hire a professional for the work?

Digitizing Is Very Essential

Remember that embroiderer and digitizer are the two sides of a coin. They are having different responsibility but they have to work together to complete the task. They need each other help to place a logo on a product. If you are planning to bring them both under one roof, then you need to do a little research for the best results. The people who are not having adequate information on this process ask why can’t the embroider just get a design and start the task? Well, the answer is that the embroidery machine reads only specific formats. It is very important for you to get the design in a particular format that machine should accept for completing the job.

Note that artwork file that you have in your standard PC is JPG, PNG, JPEG or other. As a result, the embroidery machine is not able to recognize these formats. The machine is having different formats like DST, EX, PES, and more. If you want a certain design on your desired product, then first you have to go for JPG to DST conversion to convert your standard file into a digitized file. The digitizer will be performing this job to proceed further. Hope now you are aware of how to get my logo digitized and the primary step in the process.

Quality Digitizing Is All You Need

When you are going to digitize a logo, the expert has to manually trace the entire design. To finalize your design, you need an input of person and software with some specific tools. Majority of the digitizers are using a wide variety of embroidery digitizing  software according to their need.

Planning to learn the process? If yes, then you have to do a lot of practice and need time to become a professional. It is a fact that each job is having basic requirement to start the work. The same is the case here, you need to get all the basic knowledge before you start the task. To master the skill, you need to invest time and learn things properly. Remember that you can’t learn everything in one night or a month. If you really want to understand how to get my logo digitized, then note that it is a slow and steady process, so you need to have patience.

Furthermore, you don’t have to digitize the same design every time. You have to digitized the file for once and you can use it for the rest of your life. Keeping this in mind, whenever you need a design on a product, just send the digitized file and embroiderer will do the rest for you.

Hire Competent Digitizer for Quality Work

Still wondering, how to get my logo digitized? To do the process, you need to avail the services from competent digitizers. The expert will convert the artwork into a stitch format using the software. As discussed above, you need a specific file type to complete the task.

Worried about hiring professional embroidery digitizers? You can use the internet as a helpful tool for the search. Just type your query in the bar of search engine and you will get a wide list of companies operating within your area. You should have a look at the services of companies and hire a company according to your requirement. In addition to this, you should also look at the price of the services. Get two or three quotes from companies to make your final decision. If any professional company is demanding more than your budget, then you should not hesitate on spending a few dollars extra for quality work. In short, you should never compromise on quality.


Hope now you are aware of the things how to get my logo digitized? Logo without any doubt is an important part of your brand or business. It should be digitized well to get a perfect design on your apparel.

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