Wondering, how to digitize embroidery designs? Well, this is not an easy process. To do the task, proper technique and knowledge along with the pro-active approach are the pre-requisite. The challenging task here is that every customer is having different needs. The size and the fabric will vary according to every customer. So, a company has to keep all the details of the respective customers in their mind while working. But on a brighter side, embroidery digitizing process provide digitizer an opportunity to work with freedom.

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For your information, the digitizing for embroidery design can be split into two types. One is the custom and other is stock embroidery design. We have previously discussed the custom embroidery digitizing but today we will be discussing the stock embroidery designs. It is important to note that the biggest challenge with the stock designs is that it should be one size fit for all. The hundreds of customers who are going to use this design must get instant results despite having different requirements. Generally, it should be able to fit with any of the fabric type, size, and color. Remember that as a digitizer, things become uncertain and daunting. So, to help you out, below are the four tips. These tips will provide you all the mandatory knowledge to work seamlessly like a pro.

High-Quality Artwork

Remember that the stock designs are widely used and it is important to even digitize the minor details properly. You need to ensure that your stock designs are offering high-quality. Better the quality of the work, details will be clearer. This will also help the digitizer to entail each and every detail in the digitized format. Keep one thing clear in your mind that if your artwork is not of good quality, then you need to do the editing in the graphic software. After this, you have to open the design in digitizing software. This is how you digitize embroidery design to get the best quality.

It is very essential for the expert to keep the details intact within the design. You need to ensure that the details of the stock design are clear and sharp. Furthermore, along with the quality, you also need to check the legality of the artwork. If you are planning to use any artwork, then you have to get the license first.

Focus on Light and Dark Areas

When working with stock embroidery designs, you need to pay attention to the light and dark areas. Remember that if you are working on animal sketches, then you have to focus more to get the best results. Note that light areas contain tons of details. This is the area where you have to plan your stitches. On the other hand, dark areas are having very little details but you should pay attention here as well.

After you have identified the dark and light areas, then you have to move to the edges. Edges are important because they directly interact with the color of the apparel. As we are not aware of the exact background of the color, so we should prepare yourself for every situation. Sometimes, the color of the background can be dark that will be hiding the details. In the case of light color, this will result in a loss of clarity.

For handling these situations, embroidery digitizers should pay attention to the edges. For light edges, you need to add shadows around it for providing more definition to the design elements. Furthermore, for the dark edges, add highlight around the design. With this, you can balance out the details in the design. Hope, now you are having an idea how to digitize embroidery designs ensuring proper details.

Embroidery Digitizing Software

Every job needs certain tools to complete it, the same is the case with embroidery digitizing. You need a proper and professional embroidery digitizing software and this will be one of the important elements to complete the answer of how to digitize embroidery designs. You must know that when working on the stock designs, the changes from the side of customers are frequent. So, it is very important to have a properly functioning software and it should save the design in multiple formats.

Change in sizes is also a reality that you can’t ignore. Note that the design on the jacket back will be large as compared to design on left chest or hat. Remember that you can’t easily rescale the digitized designs. These designs are composed of stitches, so when you are increasing the size of the design, then the size of stitches also increases. Note down that the longer stitches pull in more and this makes the designs vulnerable to the distortion.

Contrarily, when you are scaling down the design, it is having own sets of problems. The short stitches create competition for space. To avoid this situation and regular thread breaks, you need to delete short stitches. Furthermore, for the shorter designs, you need to re-adjust the push-pull compensation and underlay settings. Keeping all this in view, you can understand the role of embroidery digitizing software. You need to pick the best to avoid the problems.

Layering for Embroidery Designs

You have to lay a total number of fill stitches in three subsequent layers. Each layer should be holding approximately one-third of the total stitch count. Remember that there will be no underlay below these layers of fill stitches. This will make your design look clean and attractive. Additionally, this technique also solves push and pull problems during the process. You will also experience fewer thread breaks.

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