Planning to use your business logo on your staff uniform or giveaways for branding? Embroidering the logo ensures longevity and prominence enabling you to achieve better results. Remember that every investment made for advertising your brand should reach its maximum potential. Embroidery ensures that the message stays intact for long and it also serves as a catalyst enhancing the product’s beauty. But to achieve the goals you dream of, the artwork you wish to use must be digitized. Now the question arises, how to digitize a logo for free?

Whenever you need to do something new, the first choice is to find a way of doing it for free. It is natural to try to save money especially when working on a tight budget. Logo digitization is a term you do not hear every day. It is obvious that you have a computer generated file that is already created through digital means. Your graphic designer will have used a software to create a unique logo for your business. The file is already in a digital format so what else is there to do to make it ‘digitized’?

This question is asked by most of our customers who are new to the world of machine embroidery. It baffles them to know that after spending a lot of money to create a digital logo. They are shunned by the embroiderers saying that it is not good enough for their digital embroidery machines. We understand the frustration you are feeling right now. Most customers think the embroiderer is playing the bluff on them. In order to understand the actual reason and the motive behind the digitalization of the logo. It is important to know the fundamentals of embroidery digitizing.

Understanding How to Digitize a Logo for Free

Embroidery digitizing is a sophisticated task and it requires an exceptional level of skill. You will be surprised to know that even the top grade embroiderers are not expert digitizers. The professionals who create digitalized files for embroidery machines are known as digitizers. The skill is extremely rare and you do not come across a person who can digitize very often. Therefore, digitizers are a rare gem in the world of machine embroidery and they are very expensive to hire. When you need the logo digitized, you should work with only the best.

Embroidery machines are a different breed. Unlike the machines we interact with on a daily basis, embroidery machines work in an entirely different fashion. Although, it seems that they are some kind of a printer. Once you upload the design file, it springs to life sewing away the design on a fabric. The threads replicate the ink while the fabric serves the same purpose as the paper. Hence, it is very easy to assume that the machine should work like the printer and use any digital file. But unfortunately, it is not the case which makes it difficult to understand.

As compared to an office or home printer, the software used within an embroidery machine is not equally advanced. It requires guidance at every step. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what the how to digitize a logo for free digitized file does. It is a manually programmed file containing every bit of instruction to sew the logo on fabric. The machine reads the instructions from the file and follows it. Hence, the digitizer has a great responsibility because even a minute mistake will cause a great harm.

How To Digitize a Logo for Free

How To Digitize a Logo for Free Myself?

Creating custom digital files for the embroidery machines is a manual task. The digitizer converts the logo through a software and performs every action manually. If you think that some software converts the logo file in a digital file automatically, it is not the case. Embroidery digitizing software are not advanced enough to perform digitizing on auto pilot. Although there is a plethora of options that are utilized during the conversion process. But automatic conversion is not one of them. This is why digitizing files for the machines is not an easy task although it looks a piece of cake.

You can find professional digitizers online to convert the logo into well programmed embroidery machine files. But let’s talk about it later on and discuss how to digitize a logo for free on your own. Remember that it cannot be done on mobile devices such as your iPhone or the latest Samsung smartphone. Neither can you digitize on a tablet or any other smart device that you use for most other tasks. It can only be done on a PC and that too a modern one with the top notch specifications.

If you do not own a PC you will have to purchase one. Secondly you will need a licensed embroidery digitizing software. The free versions have limited capability and you cannot expect the best results. Buying the hardware and the software will cost you a small fortune because neither of them are cheap. After you have invested in the prerequisites, now is the time to start learning the new software. Read our previous blogs for guidance and watch online tutorials. On average, a newbie spends a couple of months to perform the first successful conversion.

Is There Any Way to Get Files Without Spending a Fortune?

It does not make sense to spend an eyewatering amount to make one digitized logo after months of hard work. Even if you have a couple of more designs to digitize, there is no need to invest too much. While there does not exist a thing as how to digitize a logo for free. It can be done at a nominal price. Hire the industry experts online and get a left chest logo digitized file for as low as $10. Yes, it is true because at Absolute Digitizing you get the files within a budget.

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