Embroidery digitizing is the first step to embroider with your Brother machine. To digitize, most people search for free embroidery software for Brother.

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What is Embroidery Digitizing?

Embroidery is the staple of fashion. Having your outfit embroidered perfectly can add beauty and elegance. Embroidery has been around for well over centuries. You will see the application of embroidery in a majority of sectors that include the fashion industry as well as advertisement.

The industry has revolutionized a lot today. In the past, embroidery used to be a complicated process where each stitch had to be made with careful skill. It would take a lot of time to finish. This manual process was not only tedious but required lots of time to create something worthwhile. But with the advent of technology, there are now much more simpler and effective alternatives. One such solution is embroidery digitizing.

As the name suggests, embroidery digitizing helps convert your ideas into a machine recognizable file. This file creates a pathway that tells the machine how to proceed with the stitching process. The file uploaded in an embroidery machine can then create the designs that you desire rapidly and accurately. Not only is embroidery digitizing cheaper, but it can help produce hundreds of articles in a very short period.

In simple terms, embroidery digitizing is the process of taking your artworks, typography or any other design ideas and converting them into a digital design. The digital design allows you to use a machine and create amazing embroidery. This way, embroidery is now much easier and more accessible than it used to be in the past.

Free Embroidery Software for Brother

One of the most recognized industries for embroidery and sewing works all across the planet is the Brother Industries. It is a Japanese multinational electronics brand that operates from Nagoya Japan. It originally came into being in 1908 where it was first called Yasui Sewing Machine Co.

In 1955, the company initiated its overseas sales affiliated with the name of Brother International Corporation. After that, the company created it’s several outlets across different cities in the world and is now recognized as one of the pioneers of sewing machines and various other technological devices.

Now, Brother Industries manufacture sewing machines in Zhuhai, China, and Taiwan. Moreover, in 2012 the company opened one of its production lines in Vietnam which is the biggest single brand sewing machine in the world. As of May 2017, the Brother industries has created more than 60 million home sewing machines.

Mainly known for its sewing machines, they also introduced a free embroidery software for Brother. It features basic embroidery tools for simple embroidery. But when you require commercial embroidery, more advanced such as Hatch by Wilcom are used. Professional digitizers use advanced licensed software to create files that can be used with any embroidery machine. One such software is Tajima DG Pulse.

The following are free embroidery software for Brother.



This is one of the most well recognized free software for using with brother machines. It helps you design embroidery with the help of a graphical editor. You can connect up to 4 PR-machines and an upgraded PR-650 machine with the built-in queue functionality.

However, if you are looking to connect this with a Janome Memory Craft 400E, then these two won’t go together as there is no valid information regarding these. To install this software, you need a printer already connected to your computer otherwise you won’t be able to install this software.

Brother Embroidery Software

Free Embroidery Software for Brother

From the company itself, this software is an excellent choice to be used with Brother machines. It uses a combination of BES embroidery lettering Software and ELS Embroidery Letting Software. It not only supports Brother machines but works well with other brands as well.

Whether you are a beginner trying your skills at lettering for the first time or a professional looking to create perfect designs, this feature-rich software will help take care of all your needs. The BES and ELS embroidery lettering software allow you to monogram all sorts of programs from one interface.

This software is compatible with the majority of embroidery brands which means that you can use this software for a wide range of your embroidery needs. It has 156 built-in fonts and adds multiple stitches to one file to help you create the exact fashion you envisioned.


Free Embroidery Software for Brother

Embrid is also another excellent choice for using Brother machines. You can download the free version with limited functionality. It is good for beginners but when you need advanced functionality, you have to upgrade. The upgrade comes at a price and you can choose the upgrade according to your needs.

DRAWings 8

Free Embroidery Software for Brother

This is a multifunctional software that offers a fully customizable interface and a huge list of features. It is also used in embroidery digitizing, textile printing and graphic designing. You get the ability to choose the tools depending on your specific project. This means if you want to create a new design with only the Cut Technique enabled, then it will only work with that and not complicate your project any further.

It can be connected with brother as well as other brands and offers a wide functionality of features for a beginner as well as professional users. But to use features for professional digitizing, you will have to purchase the full version.

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Free Embroidery Software for Brother

Last but not the least in our list of free embroidery software for Brother. This software is also an excellent choice as it allows you to design your artwork from scratch. You can add actual thread colors and add more information as you save your designs on the same original file. You also get a variety of macros and templates that can help you design or access any format of files. PNG, JPEG, BITMAP, and TIFF image formats are also supported which is a huge advantage.