When you need to customize clothes, embroidery is the best way to make them unique and appealing. In the past, it was done by hand which was slow, expensive and also required a lot of effort. Today, technology has made the process fast, affordable and very much organized. Now you can also get flat rate embroidery digitizing for designs and produce in bulk.

Digitizing for Embroidery is the process of converting any regular artwork into a machine file format design that can be stitched by any embroidery machine. While some of you may wonder what do we mean by convert? Embroidery machines have their own built in computers. They are however not similar to the ones we normally use at the office or at home, although the GUI may seem very much the same.

To communicate with an embroidery machine you have to speak its language. The language of an embroidery machine is threads and needles. A stock PC or Mac does not speak that language, hence the files generated by them aren’t compatible. To match the compatibility, special software are used to convert regular digital files into files containing information about threads and needles. This process is known as embroidery digitising.

Many people think digitizing is an automatic process but alas, it does not work like that. Every design needs to be worked upon manually which is laborious yet demands skills. Every element needs special attention to details and thus it cannot be done on autopilot. A human is required to ensure that everything is according to plan and meets requirements. The person who is manually converting a design is also known as an embroidery digitizer.

Do You Need an Embroidery Digitizer?

Embroidery Digitizers are skilled professionals who spend many years mastering their skill and then be able to produce error-free files. Custom embroidery businesses may need the skills of a digitizer once a week or a month, thus hiring an in-house digitizer may not be suitable. Hiring a dedicated skilled professional is very expensive and unless you can bear the costs, alternative solutions should be considered.

For instance, you can outsource your digitizing needs to an agency that understands your needs and fits your budget. Since the files are digital, the internet plays an amazing medium for quick communication and timely delivery. You can look up such agencies on the internet and get a free quote from them to understand their costs and delivery times. Most agencies offer flat rate embroidery digitizing, so that means you can get a huge bargain too.

There are many benefits to outsource embroidery digitizing. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring an outside skill.

Peace of Mind

Some designs can be tough to handle. They can take most of your day to work upon leaving you strained and your other tasks may suffer. If you have other important tasks to attend to, hand over the design to a skilled digitizer. While he works on it and delivers perfection, you can look after the other important errands at hand like buying embroidery supplies.

Embroidery Flat Rate DigitizingQuality and Perfection

If you have given the design to an expert digitizing service, you can easily expect the best quality to be delivered. It is understandable that since they are working in a dedicated manner on your design, it will be given proper attention. Custom Embroidery Digitising Professionals know how to handle even the toughest designs with care and speed. Thus, you get the skills that can be acquired in decades without spending any time yourself.

Acquire USA’s Top Talent

Why bother troubling yourself with understanding multiple time zones. You can get the work delivered in the time of your availability so there are no delays. While it may cost you a fortune to hire a professional digitizer at the office in the USA, outsourcing them is very cheap. You also get the chance to work with one of the best in the country and spend an affordable amount.

Flat Rate Embroidery Digitizing

One of the best ways to save money is by getting a flat rate embroidery digitizing. It is very much understandable even to a person who has never outsourced before. Some designs may require a lot of work so to avoid the trouble, get a free quote first. Share your design and you will be given a delivery time and the price accordingly. If it suits you, you can ask the digitizing company to work on it.

Save and Invest

Now that you are saving a lot of money by outsourcing your designs to an digitising service and not hiring an in house digitizer, you can consider investing. Certainly, there are many areas in your business where you have always wanted to invest. You can now do it with ease and see your business grow as you have always dreamed of. A smart decision can do wonders for your business and yourself, you can buy embroidery machines on mortgage and that will cost you cheaper than the salary of an in-house professional digitiser.

logo embroideryGet All your Designs Delivered in a Jiffy

We at Absolute Digitizing have a team of professional digitizers having decades of experience. You can count on us for an amazing experience and flat rate embroidery digitizing service. Our normal delivery time is 12 hours, but if you are in a hurry let us know and we will definitely meet your deadlines. Our expert quality embroidery digitizing services costs only $10 per logo/ artwork/ design and can manage tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Since we have acquired this skill over decades of working, you will find it much convenient and cost effective than hiring an in house professional

You can expect flat rate embroidery digitizing  for your  designs as well as stitch count pricing structure from us. We are extremely flexible and understand that every client has different needs. We understand that we need to provide you unmatched quality at an affordable price. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us and you will find us the best. We are skilled, highly professional, quick to deliver and extremely affordable. We are available round the clock so do not hesitate to get in touch whenever you need. Try us now!