When we talk about quality work, Fiverr embroidery digitizing does not make it in the list. Fiverr is a platform that connects buyers with freelancers, but it never guarantees quality work. There are hundreds of freelancers (mostly from third world countries) offering a variety of services including embroidery digitizing.

People who are accustomed to embroidery digitizing will agree that it is a sophisticated task and everyone cannot be an embroidery digitizer. Looking at a digitizer’s screen makes you think it is nothing more than tracing. This is the reason most people enthusiastically start learning to digitize, but the charm soon wears off.

Learning to digitize is the same as developing a new skill. It is not a subject taught at school and training often becomes an uphill task. Most digitizers are self-taught, only a few lucky ones could manage to find an expert who agreed to teach them.

When computerized embroidery machines were introduced it became impossible to work on them.  You either had to learn how to digitize for embroidery or hire a digitizer in-house. It was impossible for the home embroiderer to cater the needs of the machine and hence relied on hand embroidery. Now thanks to the internet, embroiderers get logo digitizing done online at an affordable cost.

It is no longer necessary to be a digitizer to own an embroidery machine. In fact, getting your artwork digitized by an expert is more convenient. Absolute Digitizing houses a team of expert digitizers who provide high quality embroidery digitized files for as low as $10. Just mention your requirements and get the file in your inbox.

Fiverr Embroidery Digitizing vs A Team of Digitizers

Getting your work done by a freelancer or a company, is a global debate with mixed replies. In most cases, companies charge a hefty amount that cannot be paid by most customers. Hence, they turn to freelancers who work for them at a fraction of the price quoted by a company.

It is true in many cases of IT services but embroidery digitizing is different. Unlike other online services, when you ask for an artwork to be digitized for embroidery, it is affordable. In fact, companies do it for much lesser price than Fiverr embroidery digitizing. If a freelancer charges you $10 for a left chest digitizing, you can get it done by Absolute Digitizing for the same amount.

Plus, working with a company gives you additional benefits that can never be offered by an individual. For instance, companies have a team of experts, whereas freelancers work alone. Let’s assume that your digitized file is due in the next ten minutes. The freelancer is already busy working on another project he had to deliver before yours. What will be the outcome?

Fiverr embroidery digitizing freelancers work alone and hence they cannot manage work load. Your project will be delayed and if it is done in haste, the quality will be highly compromised. On the other hand, companies have a team to divide work load. There is no chance you do not get a high-quality digitized file within the agreed time.

Managing quality is another issue. Any person who performs a task cannot identify his own mistakes completely. He does the perfect job in his capacity but when analyzed by another professional, mistakes are highlighted. Freelancers give a file they think is perfect but mistakes happen. Companies have a team of quality checkers and you get the perfect file.

Fiverr Embroidery Digitizing

I Will Make My Own Files Instead of Fiverr Embroidery Digitizing or Company

Many people opt to learn embroidery digitizing to avoid outsourcing the project. We do not doubt your learning ability but there are multiple issues that make learning an uphill task. First of all, you need to be able to invest heavily if you are willing to digitize for embroidery. You require a modern PC worth hundreds of dollars to run the software.

After you have arranged the PC, buy a licensed software. Free embroidery digitizing software are either time limited or come with locked features. License is not cheap and it also costs hundreds of dollars. After investing a hefty amount of money, you are still not ready to digitize. Now you need to learn the software because it does not run on auto pilot.

Fiverr embroidery digitizing or by a company are totally done manually. The software is designed to provide the tools but a human has to use the tools. By combining multiple tools, a design is digitized and able to run on an embroidery machine. Embroidery digitizing is not taught in school; thus, you will have to learn it yourself.

There is no defined time when a person can become an accomplished digitizer. Most people have spent years of training to be able to make flawless files. Every design is unique and with it comes a completely new set of challenges. You cannot apply the same techniques twice because either the shapes will be different or the fabric.

Digitize With Absolute Digitizing

If you are going through all the trouble for one design, we suggest you talk with one of our experts. You can send us an email or use our live chat to get instant reply. Share your design with us and get a free quote. We guarantee it will fit within your budget and you will get the high-quality digitized file within the day.

There is no need to risk your designs with Fiverr embroidery digitizing either. Even if you have a dozen designs to digitize, getting it done with us will be a breeze. While you dedicate your time on handling other important tasks, an expert will be working on your design. Once the file is digitized it will be sent for a final quality check.

After the file is completely removed of errors, the high-quality embroidery digitized file will be emailed to you. Once it reaches you it is your property will all rights. Use it for a lifetime without having to pay a single amount again. There are no hidden charges with us.