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Printful vendors offering custom embroidery on products always need the artwork digitized first. Embroidery digitizing is always the first step to make an embroidered product. Be it a shirt, jacket, cushion, bed sheet or any other fabric. Whenever you need to embroider an artwork with an embroidery machine, you need embroidery digitized file.

The reason we say you need embroidery digitizing is because it is a requirement of the embroidery machine. Most people mistake the machine to work just like a digital printer. While it prints images and documents at the click of a button, embroidery machines do not work like that. They need a special kind of file to enable them to work in the required way.

The special file is not something that can be converted online or downloaded pre made for free. It is created manually by the experts known as embroidery digitizers. Without their help, an artwork uploaded in the embroidery machine will be rejected. You cannot get the machine to work on it because it is alien stuff for its software.

A fine example is the difference between an android and an iOS file. While it works on one type of device, the same files are rejected by the other platform. Similarly, the image you see on your PC or mobile phone is not accepted by the embroidery machines. Thus, an added effort is needed to make it ready to sew.

How to Do File Digitization Printful

Embroidery file digitization is done using specialized software. Any image that needs to be embroidered is imported in it and then converted. The conversion process is not automatic but it is entirely a manual process. The software is not designed to run by itself, rather, it is merely a tool to assist the digitizer.

You will notice embroiderers use an extra layer of fabric when embroidering which is called the stabilizer. Digitizers are aware of it and hence adjust stabilizer settings right in the beginning of the digitization process. After that the stitch pattern is laid out which the machine will follow during embroidery.

Watching a digitizer at work makes the task look like child’s play. You will notice he just makes random click and traces the artwork. This is exactly what confuses people and they think anyone can digitize. The fact that anyone can digitize is true, but without proper training, no one can digitize.

A file digitization printful software has a variety of tools available for a reason. They each serve a different purpose and when combined with one another, produce an entirely new effect. Without proper training, one cannot understand their uses and hence cannot produce desired results. Therefore, it is impossible for a newbie to digitize perfectly in the first attempt.

Learning to digitize is an uphill task due to various reasons and lack of proper training tops the list. It is not something you learn in school so the entire process is based on self-learning.

File Digitization Printful

The Practical Way to Embroider A Design

The learning process to digitize like a pro is very lengthy and very expensive. You will end up investing hundreds of dollars on required hardware and appropriate software. Then begin the journey to sit alone in front of the PC and endlessly watch YouTube training videos. You will also be reading a lot of blogs and then practice what you’ve learnt on the software.

Learning to digitize is just like developing a new skill inside of you but there is no time limit. Professional digitizers have spent years of training and yet they often require help from each other. Unless you are super motivated to learn, there is no reason to invest a hefty amount in a fruitless activity.

If you are a fashion designer or an embroiderer who runs a shop on printful, you already have enough on your plate. A practical approach towards file digitization printful is to find yourself a reliable and affordable team of digitizers. You can contact Absolute Digitizing for this purpose. Our team is totally reliable and our prices are extremely competitive.

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Reaching us is not a problem at all. You can connect with us by sending us an email or you can also use our live chat. One of our digitizing experts will join you and address all your questions with a smile. Most people are in a rush because they already have wasted too much time. If you also need a file quickly, let us know and we will oblige.

Things to Avoid During File Digitization Printful

It is worth mentioning that there are no free alternates to embroidery digitizing. However, there are some misleading links on the internet that insist on doing it for free. Remember that such links are spam with the sole purpose to show you ads and waste your time. Never fill out any online form on such sites or you will regret it.

When you fill forms on such sites, you become a victim of spam and online fraud. Your identity gets compromised among groups who prey on innocent online shoppers. Unless you are sure you are interacting with a reliable human being online, do not share anything.

Our website is totally safe to use because our live chat or emails are handled by a human. This is why we encourage our customers to talk to us first when submitting a design. it helps clear the doubts and also allows us to understand your expectations with the design. It helps us serve you better.