Embroiderer and embroidery digitizer are the people you encounter in the machine embroidery industry. They work worlds apart, but are inseparable. The embroiderer works in the physical world with needles, thread, and fabrics. On the other hand, the digitizer works in the digital world, on a computer software. An embroiderer’s embroidery machines cannot work without excellent digitizing provided by a digitizer.

Like every modern machine, embroidery machines come with a built-in computer. It is to manage its operations and understand designs. But the downside is, these computers have a different operating system. They do not recognize standard PC file formats. Thus, every design requires transformation from a PC file to an embroidery machine file. The transformation process is globally known as embroidery digitising.

Embroidery is one of the oldest and the best way to customize apparel. With it, you can make changes that do not mess with the dress’ anatomy. Instead, it will give it a completely new look. Today, it is being used for commercial purposes as well. Having your business logo on your staff’s jacket, shirt and cap will help spread brand awareness.

Embroidery Digitizing Is a Manual Process

Today, we have self-driving cars, airplanes that complete an entire flight on auto-pilot. Computer intelligence, better known as artificial intelligence (AI) knows no boundaries. As a result, people expect to get excellent digitizing automatically. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible because machine embroidery AI still lags far behind when it comes to intricate logos and artwork. You cannot get all designs digitized automatically.

You need the manual conversion because, embroidery machines work with needles, threads, and fabric. Standard PCs work in the virtual realm and both are the complete opposite of each other. To bridge the gap between the two worlds, digitizing services work their magic. They make files that are readable to both computers. But for this to happen, they need special software.

Embroidery Digitizing SoftwareProfessional embroidery digitizers mostly use Wilcom or Pulse or any other software from a wide choice available online. They all serve the same purpose, it is only a matter of personal choice who prefers what. The process and tools are almost the same. Every design needs manual work and adjusting for production. The final sew out depends a lot on how the files are made.

Your business logo, available in a jpg or png file format is a PC file. It can be read by the operating system on your PC or a cell phone but is not suited for embroidery machine. You need to get it digitized first i.e. converted into a file containing instructions for sewing. You need to connect with an embroidery digitizing service.

Search for Excellent Digitizing Service Provider

Embroidery digitising is not a child’s play. It can be done perfectly only by a digitizer who has many years of experience. Any mistake made will have its impact during production. Thus, to avoid the inconvenience we suggest you choose a reliable company for the task. When we talk about a company, the thought of overpriced service comes to mind.

It is worth mentioning here that not all companies are overpriced. Absolute Digitizing has the lowest prices allowing our customers to get excellent digitizing at an affordable price. We encourage our customers to share their design and get a free quote. There are no hidden charges and the price agreed remains final with zero chances of increase. We deliver unmatched quality as we treat each custom embroidery digitising order with care and professionalism.

Naturally, every customer uses a search engine to look for embroidery digitizing service providers. Upon searching, many links appear on the screen and you can choose anyone you like. This is just the beginning of your journey to get the designs ready for production. Take your time to discuss your options with as many as you can. Choose the one within your budget in accordance with your requirements.

Can I Digitize My Own Designs?

Professionals who provide excellent digitizing services are humans too. If they can work with perfection, so can you but there are some points worth mentioning. Embroidery digitizing is a skill. It is about understanding the software and the fabric’s adaptability. Before being able to use the software, you will have to learn it.

The learning process is lengthy. It gets exciting at first but can get pretty boring with time. But you still have to practice a lot.  During the learning phase, you will have to repeat a single step hundreds of time until you achieve mastery. Most casual learners quit when the charm starts wearing off, ending up in wasting time and money.

Excellent Digitizing ServiceIf you are willing to build a career in digitizing, you are welcome to try your luck at it. If you need only a couple of designs digitized, hiring professional quality digitizing services is much better. Why would you spend months on a design that can be professionally delivered to you for only $10? Surely it makes more sense to utilize the skills and experience of someone who already knows about it.

When ordering, do not forget to mention the file format you require. Some machines use unique file formats. Most machines however can easily accept the widely used DST file format. You don’t need multiple files of a single design for bulk commercial production. Once digitized, make copies of it and use on multiple machines at the same time.

Get Excellent Digitizing at Absolute Digitizing

If you are looking for flawless digitizing services, you have reached the right place. We are one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the industry. Absolute Digitizing has been successfully delivering its services for more than two decades now. Over the years, the company has evolved. We have expanded our team and we now operate round the clock.

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