Vector files can be a challenge for many embroidery digitizers but not for the skilled ones. Professional digitizers at Absolute Digitizing can do a high quality embroidery vector file digitizing for as low as $10. Yes, you read it correct. Our prices are highly competitive and our work standards are appreciated across the industry. If you have a business logo file in the vector format, do not hesitate to hire us for digitizing it.

Vector files are usually made in the two popular software namely Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. They have a very specific file format which does not allow the files to open outside the software. Hence, most people have trouble accessing them also leading to problems during the digitalization process. A skilled digitizer knows the correct way to work with vectors without interfering with the quality and image inside.

We have already worked on hundreds of vector files and produced unblemished files for the embroidery machines. You can expect anything within the vector file such as business logos, images and even patterns. If you have any artwork in the form of a vector file that needs to be digitized for embroidery. You can count on us to furnish you with the file that produces optimal result during the sew out.

Any changes or special requests can be forwarded to us via email or our live chat module. You can use either method to connect with us and discuss the project. One of our experts will be happy to assist and ensure that your request is fulfilled during the conversion process. Talking to one of our skilled digitizers does not cost anything so never hesitate to speak with us when necessary.

What Is So Different About an Embroidery Vector File?

In today’s modern age, businesses use a variety of software to produce images for different purposes and platforms. Unlike the past, when an image could only be taken by a polaroid camera, digitizing the image was painful. Today, we create digital images on the go using our smartphones and other devices. They are easily stored, edited and can be used with almost all digitizing software. However, these images cannot be used with the embroidery machines.

Technically speaking, the images produced by a camera or standard picture editing software are raster images. They are usually stored in the JPG, PNG or similar format which are alien stuff for the embroidery machines. Similarly, images in PDF files are often transformed to resemble vector files for better scalability. Moreover, both raster and vector files cannot be used for embroidery, they need to be converted in a suitable format.

Vector files are also digitalized version of a raster image. They are mostly used in the printing and advertising industry. Vector images are best suited for abnormal scaling just as billboard printing or going miniscule such as ball pens. In either case, a regular JPG image or raster image would pixelate beyond a certain point. Therefore, it does not serve the industry purpose and has to be converted to a vector.

Earlier, most embroidery digitizing software did not support the vector format. Thus, to digitize for embroidery, the embroidery vector file creation was a nightmare for digitizers. It meant multiple software to be used to produce just one file. Mind you, such professional software are never free and are purchased at a high price. Thus, freelancers would outright refuse to work with vectors and companies would demand a high price. But that is not the case with us.

Embroidery Vector File

The Embroidery Digitizing Process

Most people are unfamiliar with the term embroidery digitizing. They have not heard about it until they meet an embroiderer who tells them their logo cannot be embroidered. It is then revealed to them that embroidery machines work in a different fashion and demand a unique file format. The logo must be converted into a new file that only the machines can accept. Thus begins the journey to find a suitable digitizer.

Most modern embroidery machines are automatic and they can sew the logos without much human interference. But in order to sew the pattern, they need predefined instructions allowing them to work on autopilot. These instructions are obtained from a specific file instructing the machine upon the roadmap it needs to follow. This specific file is known as embroidery digitalized file, manually created by a skilled digitizer.

The finesse of the sew out depends entirely upon the file created by the digitizer. Therefore, you must never work with a novice because if he makes a mistake, the result would be a mess. Embroidery digitizing is a rare skill. It takes years to master and one has to do undergo hours of training every day. In fact, it is a laborious task and people tend to give up early.

To become a digitizer, one has to master the software for digitizing. He/she must learn the various combination of the tools to produce the right effect. Therefore, it demands a lot of practice and non-stop research and study. A digitizer not only has to learn the software, but develop an understanding of the variety of fabric and machines. Finally, he/she becomes able to produce an embroidery vector file which can be used for a flawless sew out.

How And where to Get Embroidery Vector File for Your Business Logo

Embroidery digitization can be obtained directly from a digitizer. Most embroiderers offer to get the file digitized for you but at an extra price. They offer to do it at an eyewatering price of $50 – $100 depending on the artwork. The more there is to your logo, the higher the price. Not knowing where to find the digitizer, most people either agree to pay or drop the idea completely.

Connecting to a digitizer today is easier than you think. Companies like us are easily reachable via the internet and you can search online to reach us. We are available on every search engine on the planet and all you need to do is click on link. It will redirect you to our website and now you can seamlessly connect with us. Email us or use the live chat to order the embroidery vector file digitized for a very competitive price. Let’s connect and we will start by giving you a free quote.