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Experts like us are not intimidated by vectors whereas most novices will deny working on them. They will ask for other file formats such as PNG or JPG. But we are proficient with every file format because we use the latest software. Therefore, with the combination of the software and our experience, vectors are easily handled.

Most business logos are in vector format because they are created in software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The software we use for digitizing is compatible with such files. If you are curious about the software we use, read it in our FAQs page. The page also covers a lot of important information which can help you make the right decision.

Furthermore, our previous blog posts will also prove to be helpful for you to gain more knowledge about us. Do you have a vector file and need digitization of the file for your next embroidery project? Share it with us and request a free quote. We will inform you about the delivery time and the competitive price. We are sure to fit easily within your budget.

What Is an Embroidery Machine Vector?

Did you know there are basically two major image formats namely vector and raster? Let us discuss the raster briefly so that you can understand the difference between the two. Raster images are the normal images that are captured by the cameras. They are a combination of many boxes that are technically called pixels.

No matter how good a raster image is, there is a scalability limit to it. Normal images lose consistency pretty soon where as high definition images also known as HD images are better at scalability. But that does not mean HD images can be zoomed in or out beyond a certain limit. They burst into small boxes and lose their original form. This effect is called pixelating.

Vector images differ in characteristics and they are more suited for scaling to any size. Instead of a combination of pixels, they are mathematical values. Thus, they have the tendency to stretch and contract without losing consistency. But the only drawback of a vector file is that they have a huge file size. So, emailing or sharing over the internet can take a bit longer than raster files.

Embroidery machines need neither a raster or a vector to operate. They need a file type of their own which is most commonly referred to as DST. Therefore, an embroidery machine vector is actually a vector file converted into machine file format. The file is imported in the embroidery digitizing software and is then programmed accordingly.

The process is entirely a manual procedure and the digitizer has to carefully mark every needle point and appropriate settings. The embroidery machine’s software strictly follows the commands it gets from the digitized file. Hence, the embroiderer must be very cautious during the conversion because one single mistake can ruin the entire outcome.

Embroidery Machine Vector

Converting the Embroidery Machine Vector

Have you ever seen a digitizer at work? The process looks very simple and encourages people to try it as well. This is why most people think of digitizing the images themselves but they soon give up. The reason is, although it looks very easy but once you start doing it. You realize there is a lot more than meets the eye.

First of all, digitizing yourself is not cheap whereas hiring a professional will cost you nothing compared to it. Making embroidery machine vector files is not possible on mobile phones and tablets. There are no apps that can make it happen and if you have come across them, ignore them. You can do it only on a modern fast PC equipped with the latest tech.

Cheap and outdated PCs are not able to handle the software so you have to invest heftily in hardware. Secondly, you will have to buy a licensed software which also is expensive. On the other hand, hiring a professional will cost as low as $10 per file. Besides the competitive price, you do not have to move a muscle to digitize because the digitizer will do it.

As mentioned above, embroidery digitizing is a manual process. Hence, even if you manage to set up the digitizing station successfully, you will have to learn the free embroidery digitizing software. There is no confirm timeframe that can be mentioned here how soon can you digitize your first successful file. It all depends on how much time you dedicate in learning and practicing. But at the very least, a couple of months are sure to keep you busy.

Ordering Your File for Digitizing

If you still think hiring a professional costs a fortune, request a free quote from us. It does not cost a thing and we are prompt to reply back. You can expect the lowest price from us and the delivery time will be the least possible. The embroidery machine vector file making takes some time because of the laborious procedure. However, it will not take a very long time to receive the digitized file.

If you are in a rush and cannot wait, let us know and we will prioritize your task. We will ensure to meet your requirements and give you the error free file. You can use it for your home embroidery machine or even with a commercial embroiderer. The files we make will not trouble you and will fulfill the purpose you have ordered for. Let’s connect now and prove why we are the best professionals in the industry.