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Embroidery Logo Digitizing Gets Done with A Software

Unlike common perception, embroidery digitizing is not a piece of cake. It involves knowledge, experience and logic to produce an error free file. At a glance, it looks like the digitizer is tracing the design inside a software. The tracing in fact, is a combination of logical decisions that will enable the embroidery machine to work accordingly.

Embroidery logo digitizing is done within a special software. It is designed to produce files that are easily read by the embroidery machines. The purpose of the software is to enable the machine to sew out a design as per specifications. It is worth mentioning that an embroidery machine cannot read standard image files. Its software is not designed in the same way a printer works.

With a paper printer there is no need to provide instructions on how to print. But when dealing with an embroidery machine, every needle point and path is defined. This is exactly what a digitizer does by placing every needle point, thread path and underlay settings. He does it with the help of a software which provides him the tools to produce a digitized file.

The software itself costs a lot of money and it can only run on a modern compatible PC. A plethora of tools and their combinations are available within. Due to this vast working ability of the software, it cannot run on a smartphone or tablet. Every digitizer must have a modern PC capable to run intricate applications with ease.

Although modern science has allowed developers to create many software that run automatically. But, unfortunately, embroidery digitizing software cannot operate without human control. The intelligence is not yet strong enough to eliminate the role of a human. Every logo is digitized manually.

Embroidery Logo Digitizing

Embroidery Logo Digitizing Process

The interface of an embroidery digitizing software is very much the same as other popular applications. Most people confuse it with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator which are popular for image digitizing. If you are good with an image digitizing application, it does not mean you can handle embroidery digitizing. The reason is because although they look similar, making files for embroidery is very different.

After launching the program and seeing the canvas on your screen, the first step is to apply underlay settings. In image digitizing software there is nothing to worry about underlay. Embroidery is different, it is about fabric, needle and threads. Without a stabilizer, thin fabric gets ruined by the high-speed needle piercing through it. You cannot simply apply settings at random, a digitizer must know the correct values to insert.

Moving on to the next step, comes the task of determining the correct path. Remember, a digitizer is creating a set of instructions just like setting out a treasure map. Long jumps will create lengthy stitches which will leave threads hanging loosely revealing the fabric beneath. To avoid that, novice digitizers often create a cluster of stitches. It is also incorrect because it will cause needle breaks during sew out.

Applying the correct number of stitches with the right thread length varies in every design. To determine the exact length and count depends on the digitizer’s experience and skill. Every professional will start placing the needle points on the borders and then move inside the logo. The reason is that it will reduce the chances of fabric displacement and keep it in place.

Every step is crucial and one wrong move can have a drastic effect under the needle. This is why the software cannot run on autopilot.

The Best Approach to Get Affordable Embroidery Digitized Files

In a majority of cases, the customer has no idea how to operate even a free embroidery digitizing software. Some of them do not even know what is embroidery digitizing. After they are introduced to the term, they get curious and decide to digitize their logo on their own.

It is nice to try out new stuff because you get to learn something. But with embroidery digitizing, it is not recommended. There are a few reasons to it as the top one being, you are required to invest a lot. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money on hardware and software to get started. Besides that, you cannot learn to operate the software overnight.

It is a lengthy process and can take months to be able to make a simple digitized file. Why would you invest so much money and time into something that can obtained at a very competitive price? At Absolute Digitizing, you can get a left chest embroidery logo digitizing for as low as $10. Hire a professional who is already aware of all the best practices.

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