The importance of embellishment simply can’t be ignored when it comes to promotion of a brand. Embroidery and screen printing are two of the most commonly used processes across the embellishment industry. In embroidery, thread is stitched into a custom product like corporate wear, shirts, aprons etc while in screen printing, inks are applied to products like pens, t-shirts, mugs etc. Unless you’ve designs comprising of gradients, shadings, and very small texts, embroidery is a wiser choice due to its endurance. Though embroidery is slightly expensive than screen printing, the overall
cost becomes quite affordable for those requiring bulk volume within a short period as today’s embroidery machines can create multiple pieces at a time.

How embroidery can help to brand your business


Don’t we try to dress as perfect as possible for a special event? Yes, we all do that because we want to draw public attention in a positive manner and display ourselves as perfectly dressed for the occasion. The same thing applies to your business as well. You’ve to prepare your corporate uniforms in such a way that they not only stand out of the crowd but also send out a message of your expertise and professionalism at the same time. Having your business logo embroidered on the business uniforms is simply the best way to promote your brand and attract new business.

Looks professional


Logos, when custom embroidered, provide a multitude of advantages. Apart from giving your uniforms a classy and professional look, business uniforms with custom embroidered logo help your public image and foster teamwork. No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s always a uniform that tells about the nature of your business. Whether your employees are attending a trade show or serving a customer in person, their personalized business outfits will portray your company’s name and stay etched in the mind of onlookers for a long time to come. So, start planning your customized business uniforms and if you feel a little hesitant about how to personalize them, simply opt for the embroidery technique.

Advertisement and Branding


We all see billboards emphasizing vision and mission statements of various companies in public places. An embroidered outfit is just like a walking billboard. Ask your employees to wear the personalized outfits for office instead of formal business wear. The benefit will be twofold – it’ll attract the attention of your prospective customers right away and remind your employees of their responsibilities as well as the vision and mission of your company. Simply put, a logo embroidered at the front side or an appliqué on the back of an outfit is sufficient enough to woo your future customers.

One step ahead of other companies


We all want to be unique and the same thing applies to the business industry too. It pays to be unique and easily identifiable and to become one, you’ve to give special attention to business outfits like embroidered aprons and/or caps, among others, that can easily revamp the public image of your business. Think like this: whom would you prefer as your prospective service provider? A company where employees come dressed in normal business formals or the one where everyone is wearing shirts with company logo embroidered on the front side. Unquestionably, the latter company will always have your first preference. Personalized business outfits not only help grab attention of onlookers but also complement their eye for the details as well.

You can customize your logo or theme


When you’re aiming to give your brand public recognition through custom embroidered logo, you should only look for expert embroidery digitizers who can digitize your logo on the apparel perfectly. Only an expert digitizer can give your logo a unique look by deciding among the different embroidery methods like specialty thread or gradient embroidery.

Great investment


Business uniforms with custom embroidered logo are great investments due to their excellent ROI. You can distribute personalized business attires like t-shirts, aprons as complementary gifts at various tradeshows, corporate contests and gifting occasions. All you need is to prepare an extraordinary brand message which will complement your business logo. Personalized business attire not only gives your brand public recognition but significantly helps you attract business as well.


Efficacy of corporate uniforms is simply unquestionable when you’re aiming to spread a message about your expertise, professionalism and your winning team. Having all your employees dressed in clean corporate attires that align with your brand can do miracles for your business. If you’re thinking of promoting your brand in an affordable way, simply contact an expert embroidery digitizing service with the proven record right away. They’ll be able to provide you with personalized business attire with your logo or corporate message embroidered in an attractive way that’ll be more than enough to turn heads your way.