The next time you see a company or an organization logo on a cap, shirt or jacket think embroidery digitizing services south Africa. Even sports emblems and various designs on apparel are digitized first and then embroidered. The process is sophisticated involving modern technologies and the internet serving as a bridge between the customer and digitizer. Any image can be digitized and converted from a normal JPG to an embroidery file format.

South Africa is famous for its unique style of fashion. Situated on the southern most tip of the continent, it experiences a variety of ecosystems. Women usually wear long skirts and aprons with beautifully printed or embroidered designs. The new generation of fashion designers of the country are well known for their creativity and chic. Changing the perceptions, designers are adopting the modern trends of embroidery creating unique fashion styles.

Businesses are not lagging behind either in terms of adopting the latest ways to advertise. Many small and medium business owners have already realized how to give their competition a run for their money. Following the footsteps of industry leaders, one can see shop staff wearing neat uniforms with their embroidered logo. The rising demand for unique designs has paved way for many commercial embroiderers to install state of the art embroidery machines.

With embroidery machines working round the clock, one cannot rule out the need of an embroidery digitizer. Thus, embroidery digitizing services south Africa now displays an upward trend as many young entrepreneurs are learning to digitize. Hence, Absolute Digitizing holds an important place in the embroidery digitizing industry within the country. Working professionally for the last two decades and more, it houses the best digitizers with a critical eye for detail.

Embroidery Machines Are Controlled by Digitizers

A myth that revolves around is that digitizing is a simple task that does not require any special skills. It is true that one does not need to be an artist to be able to digitize. But it will be unfair to say that digitizers do not possess any special skill. Being able to handle the software like a pro is a great achievement in itself. Digitizing is a skill and only a handful of digitizers are able to handle intricate designs with perfection.

Most people see it as tracing the image in a software and boom! It may look like tracing but there is a lot more than meets the eye. There is logic behind every line sketched. Every single mark has a value as it is an instruction for the machine to work in an orderly manner. Do you think a self-driving car operates without any science behind it? more or less, embroidery machines are controlled in the same way through the digitized files.

With an erroneous file, the embroiderer will face great difficulty or even give up on the design sew out. Wrong instructions can ruin even the simplest design resulting in waste of time and resources. Digitizers are the scientists within the niche who enable embroiderers cater the needs of their customers. Without them there would be no digital embroidery and we would all be stuck with old fashioned methods. Modern technology helps mankind and everyone involved in the process is an important entity.

Embroidery Digitizing Services South Africa

Digitizing Not Only for Fashion but Also Brand Awareness

The services in discussion are not just limited to fashion designers. As mentioned above businesses of all sizes and niche can benefit form it. It is not just about embellishment for fashion but also advertisement purpose. Today the secret to better sales is advertisement and the cheapest way to do it is through embroidered apparel. Are you celebrating a business anniversary? Any achievement worth mentioning? Give your customers free shirts or caps with your advertisement embroidered on it. You have unknowingly gained many more.

Free giveaways can earn you a lot more than you invest. It not only creates an opportunity for the wider world to know about your brand. The gift strengths the bond between you and your customers creating the rarest attribute of trust and loyalty. There are many ways to make a gift decorative within a budget. Your logo needs digitizing once and then there is no limit to its usage. You invest once in digitizing and reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Getting in touch with embroidery digitizing services South Africa is now easier than ever. No need to search outside because you can now easily connect online. Search engines have made it easy for everyone to find a reliable service provider within seconds. After you have connected simply send an image of the logo or any other design via email. Some service providers such as Absolute Digitizing use advanced communication features on their website. It eliminates the trouble of sending emails as the image can be directly uploaded.

Embroidery Digitizing Services South Africa

How Embroidery Digitizing Services South Africa Work?

After the image has been sent, you can request a free quote. Most people ask why don’t digitizers display the price on their website already? It varies from design to design and many new customers come with a simple design expecting sky high prices. They are blown away by the down to earth quote received because digitizing for embroidery is not expensive at all. Staying true to their words, digitizers are helping people see their ideas come to life.

For just a few dollars you get the file that can be used for all your advertisement goals. We encourage our customers to speak with our experts if they feel anything needs to be discussed. Most of the time, especially new customers do not know what to expect. At times they are not able to explain completely in emails because of lack of knowledge of the niche terminology. Once they explain their views over the live chat, they get a file exactly as desired.

The biggest reason for the service to be affordable is because there is no physical exchange of items. The design is sent via internet and all communication done too. The digitizer works on it using a specially designed software. You can read in detail about all kinds of software used in our previous posts. After finalizing the design, it is tested to ensure finesse. Upon complete inspection it is delivered to the customer via described method. If you have design or image you want digitized, let us connect to make your project a reality.