We all love it when our clothes are customized according to our taste. It gives the wearer a sense of pride and confidence knowing that they are looking their best. Embroidery can work like magic because it has the ability to transform any cloth to look extra ordinary. Do you have a design that you want to have on your cloth? The embroidery digitizing service Etsy will help you bring your idea to life.

Did you know that there are a lot more ways to get quality digitizing other than Etsy? For example, you can use the services offered by Absolute Digitizing. We are a full service embroidery digitizing company based in the USA and actively working for more than 20 years. Over the years of working professionally, we have created hundreds of error free files. Which have performed far better than the client’s expectation.

Besides the high quality that we always ensure in our work, our prices are highly competitive. In fact, we are cheaper than every service provider on Etsy and other marketplaces. You can order directly and get a left chest embroidery digitized high quality file for as low as $10. It eliminates the middleman fee which in this case is Etsy. Therefore, ordering on our website can get you two digitized files for the price of one through a marketplace.

If you have just stepped into the world of custom machine embroidery, reading this blog further will be beneficial. You must understand the pros and cons of working with digitizing agencies vs freelancers. They both offer you the services but are incomparable with regards to quality, punctuality and price. Most people get intimidated by the idea of working with an agency due to the cost. When you work with us, do not worry about the cost.

Embroidery Digitizing Service Etsy or Digitizing Agencies

Let’s assume that this is the first time you are ordering a customized file for digitization. Most customers do not even understand what is an embroidery digitized file and why do they actually need it? Let us skip the definition for the next part of this blog and discuss your options. Should you opt for embroidery digitizing service Etsy or a digitizing company?

Unlike other business niches, digitizing files for embroidery machines is different. This niche is purely based on services. And, due to the high demand of files, business owners have realized that they can survive without over charging. Therefore, unlike other online services, getting embroidered files is affordable. Share your design with us and request a free quote, you will be amazed by our competitive prices.

Ordering services through marketplaces often connects you with freelancers, the individuals with a day job offering services at night. They do it to make extra money and we do not blame them; everyone has the right to earn. But the actual issue with them is reliability and maintaining quality. It often results in the client getting faulty files ending up in a waste of time, money and resources.

Digitizing agencies have manpower they can rely on. Even if an employee calls in sick at the eleventh hour, client work does not suffer. There is always someone to ensure a proper delivery but it cannot be said for a freelancer. Furthermore, they work the best to their capacity but cannot ensure the highest quality. Being piled up with work, they rarely have a chance to recheck. If you are looking for quality, working with a professional agency is the ultimate choice. One single mistake can cost you time, money and precious material.

Embroidery Digitizing Service Etsy

What Is the Fuss About Embroidery Digitizing?

If you are not sure what digitizing files for the embroidery machines actually mean, you are not alone. A lot of our customers end up asking what it is and why they are actually ordering one? The biggest confusion is, since the logo, or the internet downloaded design is already digital, why digitalize a digital file?

Embroidery digitizing service Etsy or any other service provider, they all perform the same thing i.e., create machine readable files. That is correct. Embroidery machines cannot read digital files unless they are translated into their own language. The language they understand is completely different and therefore, your JPG or PNG files are alien stuff for it.

Digitizers recreate the design you provide them but in the format that is understood by the machine. Looking at their work, you will think they are simply tracing the design. But in fact, they are creating a path for the machine to follow and replicate on fabric. Every needle point is marked, every thread change, the area to stop and then begin.

Even the needle speed is programmed into the file to manage the push and pull compensation. Without the correct settings, the high speed needle can tear the fabric apart. Hence the digitizer is the first person who can make or break the digitized file. If you compromise on the quality of digitizing for a meager amount, the losses can be huge.

The files are digitized within a special embroidery software which is not easy to use until you have learnt it. Digitizers have spent many years in training. Mastering the software to such an extent that they can control the machines through it. Hence, the embroiderers do not have to worry about anything than managing the materials.

How To Order on A Website Rather Than Embroidery Digitizing Service Etsy

We live in the age of the internet and searching for information is easier than ever. Using a search engine on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, you can unearth any product or service. You can search for a digitizing company or even embroidery digitizing service Etsy. Any query will reveal the relevant results.

Whenever you search for digitizing agencies on the internet, the results will have a link to our website as well. Click on it to get redirected and reach us. Once you are here, choose the live chat for quick replies or send us an email. In any case, your queries will be handled by one of our experts.

Feel free to ask us anything regarding your design and even the price. By requesting a free quote, you will receive the cost and time estimate. We ensure that the quoted price is competitive and the delivery time is the earliest. But in case you are in a rush and require even a speedier delivery, let us know.

We have a special mechanism to cater quick deliveries. As we have mentioned multiple times, we do not compromise on quality. Therefore, speedy deliveries can mean errors in a file. But we ensure that not a single error escapes our facility. So, even if you have ordered for a quick digitized file. Use it without any fear because it has been checked rigorously.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your design with us and let us give you a quote you cannot decline. We are sure we will fit in your budget with ease. Let’s get digitizing the design according to your requirements. We will focus on our expertise while you handle the tasks pertaining to embroidering it beautifully on fabric.