When digitizing a logo, the first question to pop up in mind is the embroidery digitizing service cost. It is not wrong to ask about the cost before placing an order. Knowing the cost enables you to make a decision and proceed with digitizing. There are a number of factors that determine the actual price of the process. No need to panic, you don’t have to spend a fortune but knowing some details will help you.

Embroidery digitizing is a skillful task. There is a lot to learn about the process and techniques when dealing with a variety of fabric. Each design is unique and a novice can easily be confused. The main task is digitizing with precision to attain flawless results under the needle. Without proper skills, anyone who attempts can cause a huge mess. It will not only waste time but resources too. The best approach is to hire an expert.

How Do You Digitize for Embroidery?

Digitizing for embroidery is a skill. The process seems like a simple task of tracing in a software. This is not true because the tracing process is not simple. If you are not familiar with the process it will be beneficial to have some knowledge. Even though you may not be digitizing yourself today or in future, but to understand the embroidery digitizing service cost knowledge is crucial.

First of all, it should be clear that there are no automatic shortcut solutions. The process is completely manual which is why expert skills are required for each design. The digitized file is for a machine that works with needles and threads. Digitizing process creates a path for the machine to understand where and how to sew. It creates a map of needle marks and thread usage based on the following steps.

  • When starting to digitize a logo, the first step is to upload the image into the embroidery digitizing software.
  • Now the design size is adjusted according to the requirements.
  • Select desired stitch type which is usually from the commonly used types. It includes running stitch, zig zag, satin and straight stitch.
  • Adjust stitch directions starting from the boundary and moving in.
  • Set thread colors according to the colors used in the logo.
  • Save the file and upload into an embroidery machine.
  • Do a test run on a piece of cloth and note down any discrepancies.
  • In case of any problem observed, the digitizer will re-adjust the stitch types and repeat the test until a flawless sew out is received.
Embroidery Digitizing Service Cost

You Can Learn to Digitize in Your Spare Time

After reading some embroidery blogs or watching online tutorials, people develop a longing to try it themselves. This skill is not taught in schools or colleges so you will have to take the initiative yourself. If you are really willing to learn it for fun or to earn then you should read our previous blogs. We have covered it in detail.

Let’s not just push it to all together to read previous blogs. We will give you a brief overview here also. To read details about everything you will definitely have to read some older posts. It is not possible to cover everything here in detail. Remember one thing that you need dedication and patience to master the skill. Each attempt will teach you something new so do not hesitate to experiment.

When you learn it yourself, you can save the embroidery digitizing service cost for simple designs. For intricate designs you will still require the services of a professional. It takes years of practice to learn all the ins and outs of the software. You then need to understand how different fabrics perform under the needle. It means you should master the art of setting the underlay and then trace a path that stays upon it.

Most people who started it as a hobby are now professionals. Pushing the limits forward with each design has helped them understand a lot of things. Some things can be understood better when you practice rather than just read or watch. Embroidery digitizing is a manual task which is also laborious so you will have to repeat most steps in every design. Normally it is about the running stitch or the underlay settings.

Quality Digitizing Is Professional Digitizing

If you are looking for a flawless embroidery machine file that can be used multiple times then it should be prepared professionally. Professional digitizers at Absolute Digitizing have years of experience. Working on the latest tech enables them to produce files that are perfect in every way. The files prepared can be used for a lifetime without needing any amendments.

The experience garnered over years of practice and working on most challenging projects benefit our customers today. We understand how to manage a design so that it gives the perfect sew out on every fabric. Be it for a cap. Shirt, jacket or any other custom project, we are able to deliver outstanding files. Let’s discuss your next project and you will agree why we are the best.

Our work speaks for itself because of the professionalism we instill when digitizing. If you are worried about the rising embroidery digitizing service cost, it is not the case with us. We are professionals to the core and do not overcharge like the nonprofessionals out there. Our thousands of happy customers agree to it and so will you.

The files delivered by our experts are usable for a lifetime. Your once digitized logo file can be put to use whenever required. Let us know the size you require and it will be available for a sew out in the same size. If you have a machine of your own then you can embroider it yourself. If hiring a commercial embroiderer then also it is not a problem. The file can be easily used in all machines. For more detailed information on the process and tips read our previous blogs. We have covered everything in detail. It will benefit you as an embroidery digitizer or a customer.