Thinking of an opportunity to grow brand awareness? You must consider embroidery because it is durable and looks beautiful. With embroidery digitizing service Canada, you can easily have your business logo flashing on your staff uniform. It is by far the best solution to distinguish your crew from the crowd. Having a proper uniform today represents a well-organized business. Look at all the big names in business around you. They already have uniformed staff wearing the logo but this does not mean your business gets left behind. It is not expensive at all in fact, it is affordable and takes very little time to finalize.

We live in the age of technology and with its help anything is possible today. You don’t need to have a digital file of your logo to think about getting the service. A simple image taken by a camera is enough to get you started. The digitizer can work on it and prepare it for the embroiderer. The digitizer is the person responsible for the conversion process. Using an advanced software, he converts the simple image into an advanced file for the machines. The file contains instructions that direct the needle movement on the cloth and deliver the desired design.

Getting Embroidery Digitizing Service in Canada

If you are in Canada and looking for a reliable service then you have reached the right place. Absolute Digitizing is a trusted name in the world of embroidery. Working actively for decades, we have delivered thousands of designs to date. The projects ranged from simple designs to some designs that required extreme skills. Our list of happy customers is ever growing and we are proud of our achievements. We take pride in delivering quality work even if means going the extra mile. We believe our success lies in the experience from all the years of working. It truly benefits our customers who get the perfect file when they want it, without any delays.

Reaching us in Canada is not a problem at all. With the internet available at everyone’s finger tips, you can find us online. We all live in a digitally connected world. On the search engine you find us among the various service providers in the list. You are free to contact anyone that comes up in the list. It is a good thing to make sure you are hiring the best available team. Whenever you are hiring a new team, ask for their portfolio. Companies always have one ready and you can judge from it if they are really what they say.

How Do You Digitize?

Most people ask this question. The reasons can be from trying to save some money to actually learn the inside story. Your reason can be anything but it is the customer’s right to ask questions. As commonly perceived, the process is simply tracing a design. It is easier said than done. The process does resemble tracing but it requires inserting commands every now and then. The tracing software actually places needle points for the embroidery machine. The embroidery digitizing service Canada team understands the exact placements so that there are no thread or needle breakage during the sew out. If needle points are not marked without proper planning the result can be disastrous.

During the process it is not just placing the needle points. The digitizer also has to apply the settings first which will affect the rest of the process. It starts with the underlay settings with an understanding of the push and pull compensation. Fabric always begins to shrivel when the first needle hits it. The underlay provides a support from underneath keeping it steady and firm during the process. Novice digitizers face difficulty managing these important settings due to lack of experience and knowledge. If these settings are skipped in the start, the rest of the process will be full of problems.

Embroidery Digitizing Service in Canada

Need Logo on Shirts, Jackets and Caps. Is it Possible?

Business thrives without limitations that hold it back. With embroidery digitizing service Canada, we help your business break barriers. If a design is digitized without flaws there is no holding back. You can have it embroidered on anything even beyond the above mentioned. You can have it on your car seats, mats, cushions, drapes and almost anything made of fabric. All you need is a piece of fabric and you can have your business logo digitized for it. When placing your order do not forget to mention where you want to use it. Let the experts handle the rest.

Just remember that embroidery for caps is a bit different than others. It is to be done on a curved surface rather than a flat one. Keeping the issues faced by the embroiderer, the digitizer has to pay special attentions towards caps. If you are not familiar how machine embroidery works, in simple words the fabric is placed inside a hoop. It holds the fabric in place and allows the rapid movement of the needle. When dealing with caps, the hoop cannot be placed and hence the embroiderer faces a challenge. It is manageable but requires extra efforts to complete the task.

Are There Free Solutions to Embroidery Digitizing?

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Technology is rapidly adopting automatic solutions to reduce human efforts to reduce or eliminate costs incurred. Once there were talks about cars that would not require a human driver. Today we have witnessed them among us proving that nothing is impossible. Such technology is expensive to obtain but once installed, it eliminates manual labor. Without the efforts of a human involved the cost of the operator is eliminated. It brings the operational costs down to the lowest possible figures enabling the end user to experience discounts. In some cases, the service can also be offered without any charge making it completely free.

Innovators have not forgotten embroidery and it has come a long way from where it began. Our ancestors developed it by using the needle and thread by hand. Then after many years came the existence of the first embroidery machine. It was completely manual and needed a human to operate but helped speed up the process. Then came in computers that took it a step ahead enabling a lot more perfection in sewing. Today modern software and technology equipped machines have broken all previous records but still human effort is required from start till end. Until the process is totally automated there is no free embroidery digitizing service Canada.