Fashion can never be complete without embroidery. For centuries man has been mastering the art of clothes embellishment with needle and thread. Today we have come a long way and perfected the art with the help of technology. You no longer have to spend days on a single design on a single apparel. The embroidery digitizing service Australia empowers embroiders to craft the design on multiple cloths in one go.

Embroidery in the past was a tiresome task. Only a limited people committed to learn the skill and invest time in a project. But soon enough the number of people learning it declined at an alarming speed. It was a hobby only for the grannies. The daily chores did not leave time for people to think about doing embroidery themselves. Just when the skill was nearing extinction came the much-needed solution.

The use of technology seeped in the embroidery industry so smoothly it was welcomed with open arms. With the help of modern machines an embroiderer can deliver thousands of embellished apparels within the deadline. The once diminishing industry came alive with a bang and soon enough everyone needed embellishment on their clothes. The demand and supply ratio seemed too overwhelming but with proper planning and team work targets were met within time.

How Can Embroidery Digitizing Service Australia Benefit Me?

Machine embroidery process is often misunderstood. Unlike hand embroidery which is usually a one man show, it is team work. There is more than one person involved in getting the design from concept to embroidery. First comes the concept creator which is usually the fashion designer then comes the digitizer and finally the embroiderer. Depending upon the intricacy of the design timelines can vary at any stage from planning to production.

With the help of embroidery digitizing service Australia, designers and embroiderers can keep on producing awesome designs. The digitizer is the ineliminable link in the chain who actually make machines work in the right manner. Taking the design in its raw form, he creates the computer file that allows embroidery machines to sew. Without him technology would not have its role in the ever-growing industry of fabric embellishment.

Today, a digitizer has to perform the most laborious yet crucial task. The design is mostly an image taken from the internet or captured by a camera off a paper. In both cases the image in terms of machine embroidery is useless because a machine cannot understand it. Although modern embroidery machines are computerized, they aren’t designed like our PCs.  These computers use a different language which allows it to control the movement of the needle and thread.

If you are a designer or an embroiderer, you save more than money with embroidery digitizing service Australia. Absolute Digitizing is a market leader in embroidery digitizing in Australia. Having a majority of experts in its team of digitizers, it is well known for perfection. Working for more than two decades now, the company has many achievements. Our experience benefits our customers who get desired results at lightning fast speed.

The Process of Embroidery Digitizing

In simplified words the process is tracing of a design within a special software. Every design undergoes the same process but in different ways. Each design is unique and requires special attention. If the digitizer is not careful enough, production can go horribly wrong. He carries a huge responsibility and needs to be professionally qualified to work. Although there is no regular degree, skills matter at every step. To become skilled enough he invests time, energy and practices constantly.

Embroidery Digitizing Service in Australia

There are a variety of software available to work upon. More or less, every software is designed to deliver the same result, embroidery digitized file. A digitizer is free to choose the software of his choice because what matters the most is the final result. The image received is brought into the computer program and initial settings are applied. These settings are very important because it affects the tracing process.

Now comes the part where every corner of the design is identified and marked. It is the first step for the machine to follow. A good digitizer knows the basics by heart and proceeds with the tracing in a way that ensures no thread breaks. Even the stitch lengths are taken care of because too dense or too long are not good. Everything has to be perfect and then the file is saved in the required format.

File format plays a huge role in embroidery digitizing. There are many manufacturers producing hundreds of machines every year. It has been observed that many machines use a different format. It is up to the manufacturer to set the file type their machine will accept. An experienced digitizer will understand the importance of the file types and is already aware of the list of all acceptable for popular brands.

Your Design Digitized and Delivered Online

It is worthy to mention that technology not only plays a part in tracing but also assists the industry in every way. You don’t have to travel to any digitizer’s place to get your design worked upon. You can order online and have the ready file delivered in your inbox. The process is as simple as you can think of. Absolute Digitizing is keen to facilitate its customers in every possible way.

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