Embroidery digitizing is not everyone’s strength. You can be a great designer or embroiderer but digitizing is different. When you are not skilled enough or too busy to do digitize yourself, the best thing to do is outsource. You need a professional to do it for you but at a price you can afford. This is one reason why people search for embroidery digitizing companies in India.

Embroidery has been in practice throughout centuries. Archeologists have found embellished fabrics dating to as old as 3000 years. It confirms that the art of decorating a dress through embroidery is not new. But it has refined over the years and today we witness it in the most advanced form. Unlike the past, we are no longer limited to hand embroidery as machines assist us.

Machines are fast, efficient and reliable. When we talk about mass production, machines are the best option. Each sew out is of the same quality and commercial machines can sew dozens of fabrics at the same time. But before we get the design on fabric, it is important to have the design digitized. Without a digitized file machines cannot work.

Most people are confused when we say the design needs to be digitized. A camera image is already a digital file then why digitize? It is true that an image inside our smartphone or PC is a digital image. The digitized file is also in the digital format but it differs in characteristics. The digital image is further processed manually to make it embroidery machine compatible.

Digitizing Embroidery for Machine Sew Out

Embroidery digitizing software are different than the ones we normally use. They are made specially to create files for the embroidery machines. Most popular embroidery software used by professionals are loaded with intricate options. Buying them for a single project is not recommended because they are very expensive. If you have a single design, you might be considering to outsource it to embroidery digitizing companies in India.

This does not apply to only one design but if you have multiple designs too. If you buy a licensed software like Wilcom for your designs it does not solve the problem. The software does not convert the designs automatically, rather, it is a manual process. Thus, you will have to learn the software as well and end up spending a lot of time.

Still, you will not be a master of digitizing and the files you create with minimum learning will have flaws. In the end, you will again need the help of a professional. That said, it is much more practical to hire a professional right from the start and save time and money. One wrong stitch can ruin the design entirely and it will be visible on every sew out.

A digitized file for the machine is just like a treasure map. It contains information to every single step the machine takes. Every needle mark is placed on the image and the machine follows it per marking. If you make the stitches too tight or too loose, the effects will be obvious on fabric. The file needs to be perfect in every sense and a professional embroidery digitizing service knows how to do it.

Embroidery Digitizing Companies in India

Embroidery Digitizing Companies in India

Embroidery plays a major role in the textile and the advertising industry. Owing to the growing demand of embroidery digitizing, many companies have started working. In the digital age, outsourcing is a popular way of getting things done at an affordable price. Today not only individuals outsource their work, but even the most renowned companies do it. It helps connect with global talent and increases the chance of getting a better result.

India comes to mind due to cheap labor. People skip American freelancers and companies due to the high charges. It is understandable that labor is not cheap in the western world. Fortunately, embroidery digitizing is not like the other industries. You will be amazed to know that some American embroidery companies offer almost same rate as embroidery digitizing companies in India but obviously without any compromise on quality.

For instance, Absolute Digitizing is USA’s leading embroidery digitizing service provider for over 20 years. You get the most competitive rates here and a USA team. Being in business for such a long time enables our customers to get the best service today. Our files are completely compatible with all leading machine brands. We deliver flawless files that give you the perfect sew out every time the file is used.

We work on licensed software and have the latest hardware. Our team comprises of the best talent and our support staff is ready for assistance 24/7. When working overseas, time difference is a huge barrier. This is not a problem with Absolute Digitizing. Being in the USA enables us to work within the time zone that best suits our customers.

Save Time, Save Your Project

When people opt to work with embroidery digitizing companies in India, projects are delayed and quality is also compromised. Time zone becomes a major factor for delays and confusion. Embroidery digitizing needs to be on time and perfect. A file delayed means embroidery delayed and in the end the campaign delayed. If you get the file in time but need a minor change, it becomes a challenge.

The Indian company will probably be asleep and by the time you connect with them, the day has already ended. When residing in the USA, it is best to work with companies within the country. When you get the same rates in USA as in India, why risk your project? You can easily connect with USA based embroidery digitizers through their website.

Use the live chat option for quick communication with the digitizing team. Let them know about the changes you need and get the file without delay with no language and communication barrier. The process is really simple and more efficient for customers in the USA. Let’s connect and work on your project. You will agree that our embroidery digitizing prices are very competitive and fit perfectly in your budget.