Absolute Digitizing is the USA based embroidery digitalization service company that offers left chest logo digitizing starting at $10. The company has been producing digitized files for embroidery machines for the last 20 years, and still counting. Today, the embroidery digitalization process has transformed completely and has become easy, fast, affordable and reliable.

The art of embroidery is not new to the human kind. Findings have proved that it dates back centuries when people used to embroider their clothes for fashion. But, embroidery in the past was only possible by hand, making it a slow and expensive trade. The common man at that time could not afford it and was limited to the kings and the elite.

Archeologists in Siberia had unearthed animal hides decorated with stitched decorative designs dating back to 5000 and 6000 B.C. Fossilized remains of heavily hand embroidered boots and a hat were also found. The findings revealed that people have always fancied embroidering their garments with silk threads, precious stones and pearls.

Ornately embroidered clothing, household items and religious objects have been a mark of wealth in many cultures. The findings from India, Persia, Japan, China, Byzantium, medieval Europe indicate that every culture had its own embroidery styles. Traditional embroidery styles were passed from generation to generation with each of them bringing modernity and finesse.

The process used to tailor, patch, mend and reinforce cloth later fostered the development of the sewing techniques. It nurtured the art of decorative sewing opening the doors to new possibilities leading to the art of embroidery. In the age 1800’s, elaborate freehand embroidery started dwindling with the introduction of machine embroidery.

Embroidery Digitalization Service for Modern Age Embroidery Machines

With the induction of the machine embroidery, Berlin wool-work, canvas thread embroidery appeared on the scene. It was popular until the 1880’s and was deliberately replaced by the counted cross stitch which gained popularity. Using square meshed canvas with stich by stitch thread designs, it paved way for printed patterns in color. The new pattern introduced the need for stitch counting which remains in practice until the current age.

Today, commercial embroiderers and embroidery digitalization service companies use stitch counts to determine the cost of the project. At Absolute Digitizing, the cost is extremely competitive by offering the service at $1 / 1000 stitches. Every artwork and business logo is unique which restricts embroiderers and digitizers to offer a fixed price.

Embroidery machines of today are equipped with advanced technology enabling quick sew out. But the machines are not advanced enough to decide the course of action about a design. They require a set of instructions which can guide them through the entire stitching process. This set of instructions is available in the form of embroidery digitized files.

The embroidery digitized files contain all necessary machine adjustments as well as stitch types, lengths and color changes. Unfortunately, digitalized embroidery files cannot be generated automatically and they require a human’s effort and skill. The human who makes embroidery digitized files is known as an embroidery digitizer.

The files for the embroidery machines are prepared within a software. They cannot be made in any software. Embroidery digitizing software are specifically made applications that come with a variety of necessary tools. In some cases, the digitizer may have to use more than one software to complete the task at hand.

Embroidery Digitalization Service

Special Requirements to Become an Embroidery Digitizer

The embroidery digitizer is a professional who makes files for the embroidery machines. Unlike other professions which require educational courses, embroidery digitizing is not a subject taught in schools. Digitizers are usually self-taught or have received trainings from their seniors. Usually, they start at a young age and after years of training are able to work professionally.

In the early days when embroidery software was introduced, help material were scarce and it was impossible to master the skill. The digitizers relied on their instincts and applied the trial-and-error method prolonging delivery time and also escalating the price. Prepared files were not completely error free and most of the time production was halted.

It was a challenge for the customers and the embroiderers who would often end up wasting precious material. To avoid unexpected delays due to errors, embroiderers hired digitizers who would prepare files for them according to the requirements. In case an error was found during the sew out, the digitizer was notified and he would make amendments accordingly.

Over time, as the software became more advanced and help material became available, digitizers formed their own teams. They set up offices and started supplying files directly to the customers rather than only the embroiderers. The move proved favorable for the customers who now did not have to pay a hefty price for the file. The embroiderer’s commission was omitted which resulted in a major price slash.

Now, the skill of digitizing files for embroidery machines can be learned by anyone. Although there are no proper training schools, it can be learnt through online videos and blogs written by experts. You need to have a modern PC and a licensed embroidery digitizing software to start training.

Finding the Right Embroidery Digitalization Service

Embroidery work is stitched by a computerized embroidery machine using digitalized patterns within an embroidery digitized file. Using a digitizing software, different types of stiches and fills are combined in the digitized file by the professional digitizer. Machine embroidery is popularly used to add business logos and monograms to shirts and jackets.

Moreover, fashion designers use it to decorate fabrics, linen and drapery mimicking hand embroidery of the past. Business logos are also placed on caps, shirts and jackets with the intent to advertise and promote their company. Yes, embroidery has evolved a lot both in fashion, technique and use. It has managed to keep its intrigue as its popularity continues to grow.

Now, with the abundant availability of the internet, it has become very easy and affordable to get embroidery digitalization service. Using any search engine from your mobile phone or a PC, one can discover links to all available professional digitizers. Choose a reliable company such as Absolute Digitizing and get your business logo or any artwork converted. We offer high quality embroidery digitizing services at competitive price. Let’s connect with us on live chat right now and digitize the perfect file for you. You can also fill out our quote request form to get a free digitizing quote.