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You need to get images digitized for the embroidery machines because they cannot read files like a computer. The digitizing process is often referred as the conversion of a JPG or PNG file. It is a time-consuming task which requires a certain level of skill to accomplish. This is why it is preferred to get it done by the professionals rather than doing it yourself.

We do not doubt your abilities but a majority of people have never even heard about it before. They are introduced to the service when they plan an advertising campaign that requires embroidered fabric. Most of the time, they are unaware that it can be ordered online from the professionals directly. They end up paying the embroiderers a hefty amount to get it done, who also outsource to a digitizer.

Who Is an Embroidery Digitiser?

Embroidery digitizing is a skill that needs to be properly learned before it can be applied. Just as the name suggests, it is about creating digital files that can be uploaded in embroidery machines. Opposed to the common misconception, these machines are not printers. They are equipped with needles and threads and use fabric to sew out the design. To get the machine working as per design requirements, the digitized file is created which contains the instructions.

An embroidery file cannot be auto generated. It is created manually by a human who is known as an embroidery digitiser. Today, due to the increasing demand of embroidery, digitizing is a profession of many skilled people. However, these professionals are mostly self taught because it is not a subject you find in schools and colleges. Learning to digitize seems fun at the start, but the excitement soon wears off.

To become a professional digitizer, one has to practice continuously for months or even years. Most professionals have trained for years before working on client files. The task, simple as it may seem, is of utmost sensitive nature. One mistake can end up running the entire sew out process and the file will need a remake. This is why it is always recommended to get your files made by an experienced professional.

Most customers, in their effort to save some money, choose novice digitizers. They end up with a file that cannot be used nor can be modified. As a result, customers have to go through the entire process again and also pay for the new file. They end up paying more than was required in the first place. The highly experienced professionals at Absolute Digitizing can digitize for you for as low as $10 only.

Embroidery Digitiser

How Does Embroidery Digitiser Work?

It must be understood that every image, artwork and logo is not the same. They are unique and this is why the embroidery digitiser faces a new challenge every time. Hence, there is no hard and fast rule of following a set pattern would produce a digitized file. In order to work as a professional, a digitiser must have a strong grip on the embroidery digitizing software. In some cases, he may use more than one software to overcome the obstacles.

Software used to prepare files for the embroidery machines are loaded with many tools and options. They fall in the category of advanced computer programs; thus, they can only be run on modern PCs. If you bought a PC some years ago, chances are it will not be able to run the program smoothly. Due to the rapid advancement in technology today, digitizers have to constantly invest in hardware and as well as software.

One major misconception among non-digitizers is that digitizing is only another way of tracing. The design, logo, artwork is already provided by the customer so there is nothing creative left to do. That is completely untrue because digitizing for embroidery is not tracing. To the observer it may look like that, but truth be told, there is logic behind every move. This is why experience counts a lot when you are preparing a file for the machine sew out.

An experienced embroidery digitiser knows what settings should be applied for the underlay just by looking at the design. Even most logo owners are unaware of the type of underlay that the embroiderer would be using. Based on his experience and knowledge, the digitizer will set the values so accurately the design will get embroidered flawlessly.

How to Find the Best Professional for Your Embroidery?

In this modern age of internet, we all rely on the search engines for the best results. Similarly, you can search online for a professional to make the files for you. Save your time, money and efforts by connecting with Absolute Digitizing. Our team of experts will make the file that you have always wished for. If there are any special instructions, a digitizer must know before working on your design, let us know. It will be ensured that every instruction has been followed by the team and will be checked accordingly.

We believe our success over the years has been due of our policy of never compromising on quality. This is why we have a dedicated team to check every file before sending out to the customers. If any error is highlighted, the file is sent back for revision and resubmitted for a quality check. The process keeps repeating until the file is completely free of errors and meets the requirements in every aspect. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your latest project and give you a file to be used for a lifetime.