Owning an embroidery machine gives you an edge over everyone else. You can customize clothing to make it much more attractive and unique in no time at all. A modern machine is capable to handle one design within a day with ease. All you need to do is ask your embroidery digitalizing service to furnish you with a high quality file. And you will be customizing your clothes just like a famous designer. 

If you currently do not own an embroidery machine. But you are still interested in getting a business logo or custom designs embroidered, it can be done within a budget. The first step to take is get connected with a digitizing agency such as Absolute Digitizing. You can get a digitalized file of your design for as low as $10 from us. 

Once you get the design file, take it to a commercial embroiderer. They embroider designs via the digitalized files on your choice of clothing. It is a better way to get things done because you do not have to spend time on embroidery. Get it done by the experts while you spend more time on designing and enhancing your wardrobe. 

Hiring a professional digitizer agency is cheaper than you think. As mentioned above, you do not need to spend a fortune for a machine embroidery ready file. Our prices are extremely competitive and you can get a quote as low as $10. Even the delivery times are quick which makes it cheaper than doing it yourself. You can also request an urgent delivery if you want the file really quick. 

Now you may be wondering why we mentioned a digitizing agency rather than a freelancer? We will discuss the reasons in detail below. It will certainly help you make a better decision. 

Embroidery Digitalizing Service By A Freelancer 

Let’s start our discussion by the pros and cons of hiring a freelance digitizer. Freelancers became widely popular because of their low rates in the IT industry. Supposedly you want to get a website or a computer software for your business. It costs a fortune to get it built through an agency. On the other hand, freelancers, employees of an agency by the day work for their own clients in the evening. 

Freelancers have the skills to get your job done and they require a relative smaller fee than an agency. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to hire a freelancer for an IT project. But embroidery digitizing is not like that. Freelancers and agencies have the same rates for their embroidery digitalizing service, but they offer less services. Hiring a freelancer will cost you more as compared to an agency. 

To keep things simple, we will not indulge in the technical details. Freelancers are individuals offering their services. They do not own a team hence they cannot offer you high quality QA for their work. The most they are able to do is, have a good look at the file, which is useless.  

To find out the mistakes, you need a specialist and someone who has not worked on the file itself. Obviously, a digitizer works the best as per their knowledge. But often there are flaws which skip their sight because of continuously working on one project. Hence, customers get files with mistakes. 

Secondly, being the only worker, if the digitizer calls in sick, or has to leave for an errand. There is no other person to take over the tasks. The client’s work suffers, it gets delayed and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So, you get low quality even after spending money. 

Embroidery Digitalizing Service

Embroidery Digitalizing Service From An Agency 

Now, let us see what benefits you as a client get when working with an agency. A digitizing agency, just like us, have multiple resources. We not only have a team of professional digitizers to handle our customer’s files. We also have a team of experts who are assigned to rigorously check every digitized file for quality. In short, we have a well established QA department. 

Every file digitalized by a digitizer gets passed on to the QA department. Hence, mistakes or enhancements are pointed and rectifications are done before sending the file to the client. Therefore, our clients always get high quality embroidery digital files. Since we have a team of digitizers and QA. Even if anyone calls in sick or fails to show up for work, it gets accomodated. 

We always have another expert to work on your file and ensure a timely delivery. We have a set of rules which are always followed. It enables us to mainatin our high quality irresepctive of which digitizer works on a particular file. If we talk about the price difference offered by a freelancer and an agency, there is no difference. 

You get a file for as low as $10 and there are no hidden charges. Once a price is settled, we never charge anything extra. The embroidery digitalizing service offered by us is tailored as per your requirements. If you require anything special, let us know and we will ensure it gets fulfilled. In case you have wasted your time with our service providers, you can get an extra fast delivery from us. 

Do not worry about the quality of an urgent file. You get an error free file that meets your requirements at all costs. We never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority. 

How To Place Your Order With Us? 

We are a well known embroidery digitalizing service provider in the USA for more than 20 years. Our list of happy customers is lenghty and it keeps growing. You can be a part of it too and we are sure you will never regret it. You can connect with us through our website which can be easily found online. Using a search engine of your choice, search for embroidery digitizing.  

When you enter the query, a list of results will appear on your screen. From the list, click on the link to us and you will get redirected to our website. Once you are here, use the live chat for a quick chat with one of our expert digitizers. Our customer support staff is not outsourced and is handled by our digitizers. 

The reason we have kept it in-house is because we are able to provide the best support to our customers. Feel free to ask anything regarding your project with us and we will offer you the best advice. If you have any special requirements do let us know and we will make sure they are implemented. 

Our website is rich with content related to our services and embroidery digitizing in general. By exploring it you can find a lot of answers to your questions. Do read our previously written blogs as well. We are sure you will benefit a lot from them. You can find tips to make your experience better with us and gain knowledge about the industry as well. 

Let us connect now and you can request a free quote today. Share your project with us and we will amaze you with our quality and professionalism. Send us an email or use the live chat whichever suits you.