Whether you own an embroidery machine or not, if you are thinking of embroidery by machine. Sooner or later, you are going to need embroidery designs digitizing services for your designs, logos or an image. Embroidery is no longer restricted to medieval clothing, in fact, it holds great value in modern fashion and advertisement.

Think of a famous brand or a store you visited with uniformed staff. What distinguishes them from their competitors? The embroidered logo on the chest and cap, even the aprons of most famous eateries have embroidered logos. The display of their logo on their staff uniform or fashion apparel helps the masses recognize and remember the brand.

If you are a business owner, a fashion designer or student, use embroidery on your clothing to your advantage. You can turn ordinary clothes into pieces of art and stand out from the crowd. Embroidery machines help you get the job done within no time but first you will need embroidery digitizing.

It enables the machines to understand the design in a language of their own. Also, the file stays with you forever and if you need it once more, use it without hesitation. They do not expire nor do they change unless someone does it on purpose. If you require major changes i.e., size, it is better to get a new file and leave the original intact.

You can create digitalized files yourself using a high end PC and a special software. But it is best if you order them from an expert digitizer. You save a lot of time, money and materials that way. It is not expensive to hire a professional digitizer. You can get the left chest digitized file for as low as $10. It is really affordable, right?

Choosing The Right Embroidery Designs Digitizing Services

Now that you have decided to hire a professional digitizer for your embroidery designs, how do you find Mr. Right? Obviously, you cannot judge a person unless they have delivered their work. Where do you find them and how to know you are talking to the right person? Well, hiring an expert digitizer is easy if you follow the right steps.

First of all, using a search engine, type embroidery designs digitizing services and hit the magnifying glass button. The moment you press it, it will start searching for the right links and within seconds a list appears. It contains all available links to various embroidery digitizing service providers from all over the world. Click on any of them and you will get redirected to their website or service page.

Once you are there, take a minute to read what they offer and if meets your requirements. Now, if you think they are good enough, it is time to talk to them. Absolute Digitizing has all the necessary tools to start communication through the live chat module. You can also send an email and receive a reply in your inbox. It is an effective way to keep record of details when discussing with more than one service provider.

The points you should discuss with a digitizing agency are, experience, their team, delivery time and rates. We are in business for more than 20 years, making us one of the highly experienced professionals in the industry. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals, most of were already digitizing even before the formation of our agency. When it comes to reliability and affordability, ultimately, we are the best choice.

Embroidery Designs Digitizing Services

I Have Never Heard of Embroidery Designs Digitizing Services What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

Embroidery machines are special. They have a unique way of sewing enabling us to embroider any business log, artwork or patchwork. Furthermore, there is no fabric restriction so, you can use any kind of thin, slippery or thick cloth. With embroidery machines, you hear a lot of unique brand names such as Brother, Toyota, Tajima and so on.

Embroidery machine makers did not adopt the universal software rule. To build a monopoly around their business they developed and installed unique software in their machines. Therefore, their software differs from the ones we use in our PCs and other devices. As a result, embroidery machines cannot understand the ordinary digital files present in our regular digital devices.

Moreover, embroidery machines work in a different way than the machines we are familiar with. They have needles, use thread to create design and require fabric to embroider on. To be able to combine all these materials and produce the desired sew out, they have to be instructed appropriately. Each design is unique and it must be programmed accordingly. You cannot embroider a star with the same instructions used for embroidering a flower.

Thus, the need for embroidery designs digitizing services becomes inevitable. If you are to use machine embroidery for your upcoming project, you must have a digitalized file of your design. Digitizers for embroidery are the professionals who use your design as reference to program a file for the machines. Only with a digitized file can you expect your design to be embroidered on the fabric exactly as needed.

Can I Digitize My Own Designs?

Embroidery machines are not meant to intimidate anyone. It is simply the fact that they have a different mechanism makes them difficult to handle for a beginner. Since every design has to be programmed accordingly, it makes digitizing a full time job. This is why there is a plethora of digitizing software each with its pros and cons. If it intrigues your curiosity about the types of software, read our previous blogs for detailed information.

If you have a design, business logo or image for embroidery, it is an undeniable fact it should be digitized. Therefore, it is natural to think about digitizing it yourself, so, yes you can do it yourself. But there are some prerequisites you have to fulfill before you can actually digitize. First of all you need a modern PC and a licensed embroidery digitizing software.

Digitizing is not something you can do on your smartphone or tablet so never mind thinking about it. You may find some apps online but they are simply scamming their users so avoid them. After you have invested hundreds of dollars in a PC and the licensed software, get ready for rigorous practice. That is correct. The software does not run on auto pilot, you have to do everything manually.

You might ask how long does it take to become a digitizer? To tell you the truth, professional digitizers have spent years training before digitizing actual customer files. So, there is no time limit to learn digitizing and most probably before you have actually digitized your design. The time will come when the license has expired and you need to renew it for another hundreds of dollars. So, instead of going through all that trouble, it makes sense to hire a professional for as low as $10.