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We understand what exactly makes a high quality embroidery digitized file. Every customer expects a file that has zero sew out and compatibility issues with the machines. We make the files that prove to be a breeze and require no human supervision. All you need to do is make the necessary adjustments and sit back and let the machine do its work.

We are a USA based company but that does not mean working with us costs a fortune. We make top quality digitized files within a price that never exceeds your budget. A left chest embroidery digitized file from us costs as low as $10. Never think that your design is too confusing and will require a high fee.

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I Am Looking for A Free Embroidery Converter Online

You are certainly not the first nor will you be the last to hunt a free online embroidery converter. It is human nature to look for free resources whenever they can. It helps keep the production costs to the minimum and providing the opportunity to invest more money in materials. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to automatically digitize an embroidery machine compatible file online or offline.

Although today, embroidery machines can stitch on auto pilot but you cannot digitize without human efforts. Modern embroidery digitizing software can do wonders and allows unlimited opportunities to work. But it lacks the advancement to perform digitizing on its own. Without an embroidery digitizer, there is no way to digitize files for the embroidery machines.

Most people claim to have come across websites that allow online digitization for files without any charges. True, there are tons of websites claiming to do it but to tell you the truth, they are scams. For your own safety, stay away from them because they are designed for mischievous purposes.

If you visit those websites, your screen will be filled with all sorts of ads. Showing multiple ads to visitors allows them to earn commissions and it serves their purpose well. These websites are not designed to solve your problem. Therefore, you are asked to perform a variety of actions to prolong your stay.

After going through all the instructions on the website, you will receive a downloadable file. The file is not digitized and is of no use. But in the meantime, your PC will be infected by a variety of viruses, malware and adware. Instead of getting help with digitizing, you have fallen prey to their devious scheme.

Embroidery Converter

Why Is There No Online Embroidery Converter Free or Otherwise?

People who believe that embroidery digitizing can be done by a robot are simply unaware of how it is done. The reason why there are no free or automatic reliable embroidery converter websites is because:

  • During the embroidery digitizing process, there are too many decisions to make
  • It is a skill that needs to be mastered
  • To digitize a logo or artwork you need a specially designed software
  • The software is too advanced and can run only on a suitable PC

Embroidery digitizing is a full time job and the professionals who do it are called digitizers. Just like any other profession, one has to undergo a lot of training to become a professional digitizer. Because it is a skill, it can only be mastered through hard work and countless hours of practice.

Embroidery digitizing is mostly manual work, there is very little you can expect the software to do on its own. Most professional digitizers have spent years of training before digitizing a client’s file without supervision. If you are curious about the digitizing process, read our previous blogs where we have covered everything in detail.

Unlike other industries, hiring a professional embroidery digitizer is very easy. All you have to do is search for the service providers online and request a free quote. The digitizing niche is affordable because of professional companies like us. We services are unmatched and the price is very competitive. Honestly, hiring us is cheaper than doing it yourself.

The Practical Approach To Get Embroidery Digitized Files

Learning a new skill is very good. But if you are planning to digitize a few designs, it is not recommended to follow the path. The reason is that you will end up spending hundreds of dollars to buy the required hardware and software. Why spend a fortune when you get better service for as low as $10?

Buying and installing the software will do you no good unless you are an accomplished digitizer. As already mentioned above, you cannot digitize on autopilot and you will still need to digitize manually. Digitizing cannot be learnt overnight and there is no definite time when you can digitize a flawless file. It is not a subject but is a skill.

Professional digitizers use licensed software which are not cheap at all. Even the PCs are updated on regular basis to run the software smoothly. Besides the monetary investment, they spend lots of time on research. As a digitizer, you must have in depth knowledge about the machines, fabric, embroidery threads and the different materials.

The work of a digitizer is recorded in every file he creates. An embroidery machine replicates everything the digitizer has done. Thus, one minor mistake can ruin the entire stitching process. Therefore, the digitizer must have the right skills according to the customer’s design requirements. Our team of experts comprises of multi-talented digitizers allowing us to deliver our best always.

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