Customizing and enhancing the clothes, drapery, and other linen through embroidery by design is practiced since centuries. Through the passage of time, the concept of embroidery changed. Today, embroidery is not only used for fashion, but also for advertising. With the availability of modern technology, embroidery has become quick, reliable, and affordable. 

Custom embroidered uniforms have become a necessity in many industries such as healthcare, corporate, public services and more. Dressing up in an embroidered uniform does not affect the wearer’s performance, but it benefits a lot to the company. For instance, it helps identify the staff within the crowd and customers approach them easily. Let us dive into the top reasons why you need to consider donning your staff with embroidered uniforms. 

The Professional Look 

You probably have entered a shop or a restaurant where you were greeted by a staff member in uniform. He had a company logo on the shirt and cap if they have it. Along with a name plate on his chest. We are sure your experience seemed professional as compared to being greeted by a staff member with no logo, nameplate.  

Most companies understand the difference and they insist on keeping their staff members uniformed. They ensure that the uniform does not miss their company logo. Some companies go to the extent of embroidering their staff member’s name as well. So, as a business owner, you should also ensure that your employees are presentable in the best professional manner. 

Ensuring that your staff members wear the embroidered uniform at work has another advantage. They not only make your workplace look professional, but they also become your human signboards. Whenever they travel to and from work, your logo gets introduced to the public. More and more people come to know about your business. 

Embroidery by Design Fosters Trust 

You will agree that whenever you get attended by a staff member with their name and company branding. A sense of trust is automatically developed. As a result, you do not hesitate to trust their opinion and the information they deliver. Companies spend money to instill trust in their customers by presenting staff members in high quality uniform and proper branding. 

It is human nature to associate high quality products and services with brands. As a result, many businesses require embroidered uniforms to stay ahead of competitors. Therefore, you as a business owner must consider uplifting your brand using the same technique. You do not need to worry about how your logo gets embroidered. Every embroidery by design is possible nowadays. 

If you have never considered embroidering your logo on your staff uniform, now is the time to do it. To start with embroidering your logo, you must connect with an experienced digitizer. If you have a digital file, it will suffice. But if you do not have one, you can take an image from your phone and send it. A truly experienced digitizer will use it to digitize. 

It is worth mentioning, embroidered fabric and clothing is not limited to logos. Feel free to get creative and hire digitizers to convert every design. Be it an animal, a scenery, abstract or even a picture, every image is digitalized according to your need. Modern embroidery machines have the speed and accuracy to embroider every design with perfection. 

Hiring a professional digitizer is affordable. For instance, you can get a high quality embroidery file for as low as $10 from us. Use the file on your machine with ease and get the perfect sew out. Or, if you do not own a machine, a commercial embroiderer will do it for you. 

Embroidery by Design

How to Make Files for The Machines 

Customers are often intrigued by the digitizing process and why is it necessary to do it. Most of you have already gotten your logo prepared by a professional designer. The designer has provided you a JPG, PNG or an SVG file of your logo. These file formats are used with digital devices and on websites too but unfortunately, they are incompatible with embroidery machines. 

Although modern embroidery machines have a built in computer and an interface like all other digital devices. But it does not accept the digital files. It requires a special file format which can only be prepared by a digitizer. Using the already existing digital files, the digitizer converts and prepares files for the embroidery machines. 

To do so, the digitizer requires a special embroidery digitizing software which is not so commonly used. Therefore, anyone who aspires to become an embroidery digitizer must learn it. And believe you me, learning to digitize is one of the hardest things. The reason it is so difficult to learn is because it requires self learning. There are no proper training schools for it nor is it taught in any educational institution. 

Most people start zealously learning to make their own embroidery by design files at home. But the passion soon fades away due to the numerous problems they face. For instance, when there is no one to guide you, you cannot rectify your mistakes. And it becomes a headache to identify the cause, let alone rectification. 

Due to lack of proper institutions, learning to digitize takes a lot more time than you think. As a result, you end up spending your time alone in a room isolated only to figure out everything yourself. It becomes a reason of giving up and labelling it a bad idea. 

Getting Embroidery by Design Files for $10  

If you are excited about getting your artwork digitized for embroidery and do not want to be disappointed. Hire a professional digitizer and save money and time. You will find it hard to believe that Absolute Digitizing offers professionally digitized Embroidery by Design files for $10. All you need to do is place your order and provide the image. 

It may be a business logo, an artwork, or a family picture. Before placing your order request a free quote. You will be notified about the final cost and the delivery time. We do not like to keep our customers in the dark. We believe that every customer should be aware of the exact time of delivery. Knowing when the file will be available helps you a lot in planning the embroidery sew out. 

You can use your home embroidery machine if you own one. Otherwise, you can also hire a commercial embroiderer. In either case, the converted files will perform perfectly and you can store it in safe place after use. The file can be used multiple times without the slightest deterioration in quality or efficacy. 

Order your file from us today and experience true professionalism. We are sure you will get tempted to get all your files digitized from us. We will be proud to be of your service and will provide you with all the files you need. Each file will be delivered in the least possible time. But if you need an urgent delivery, let us know in advance. 

We will ensure that the file is prioritized and readily available when you need it. Let us connect now to get our experts present you with the file you always wanted to have. Trust us, you will not regret your decision to hire our experts.