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You need embroidery digitized files for a logo, artwork or game mascot because of embroidery machines. It can only understand a specific file type such as the most commonly used DST file. Computer geeks understand the differences between file types and why they matter. But, to a common man, it makes the head spin when such things are asked to procure. In many cases people are introduced to the term embroidery digitizing after they visit an embroiderer.

One may ask, if a picture can get printed on paper effortlessly, why is the matter with embroidery? Like a paper printer, the embroidery machine also has a built-in software, so, why the fuss? Actually, the machine’s software is designed to accept a specific file type such as DST. The file type acceptance depends on the machine’s manufacturer. To avoid conflict, every manufacturer uses a unique designed software in their machines which also varies from model to model.

The DST file type, or embroidery file, is not automatically available but processed manually through a special embroidery digitizing software. People are often confused when asked to bring an embroidery digitized file by the embroiderer. A common thought is, any image captured from a camera, internet download or photoshopped image is a digital file. So, what makes a digitized DST file so special?

Emb Digitizing Is Important for Embroidery

Embroidery digitized file is not a normal digital file because it contains a totally different set of information. The work of an embroidery machine looks similar to a printer. Simply change paper with fabric and ink with threads and you get the result from a digital file. It makes sense if we are to really compare it with a printer. But, technically speaking, an embroidery machine is far more intricate than it looks.

When you print a file on paper, there is no need to inform the printer how to print. It has a mechanism which automatically lets it determine the starting and ending point. With a machine using needles and threads, you have to provide much more than the starting and ending points. In fact, it needs to have an entire map with clear instructions for every move it makes.

An Emb digitizing file serves the purpose of providing the instructions needed for a machine to work. Every digitized file is unique and one file cannot be used for two different designs. If you have a collection of designs to embroider, the digitizer will create separate file for each of them. It gets more complicated when you need the same design in different sizes.

An embroidery digitized file cannot be scaled upon need. You will require a separate file of the same design in different sizes. It is worth mentioning that a file digitized for left chest cannot be used for cap embroidery. Hence, it is important that once you get a digitized file, save it in a safe place. If you end up losing it, you will have to ask for a completely new file.

Emb Digitizing

How Is Emb Digitizing Done to Create an Embroidery File?

Logo digitizing is only used to create files for embroidery machines. Such digitized files cannot be used for any other purpose because of its format and the data it contains. It is created using a special software that allows a person to mark needle points and movement. Due to the intricacies involved, the process is completely manual and requires human effort.

To create a digitized file for the embroidery machine, you need to have technical knowledge. You must be familiar with the properties of fabric, underlay, the machine and most importantly the software. If you are missing any of the above, you cannot create an Emb digitizing file. Professional embroidery digitizers spend years to train themselves to create an error free file.

The software itself has so much to offer that a person cannot learn to use it in a short time. There is a plethora of tools with countless options to combine. Each combination produces a different effect during the sew out. And depending upon the design, a combination you used previously may not apply to the other design. thus, it gets challenging with every new design that comes forth.

An embroidery file needs to be perfect in every sense otherwise it will wreak havoc during production. If an error occurs, there is no easy way to correct it. The file will be removed from the machine and opened again in the software. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to rectify because if you change one value, it affects the rest of the process. Hence, there is no chance of mistake and you should always get the file prepared by an expert.

The Best Solution to Obtain A Flawless Digitized File

To avoid any inconveniences, most people opt to learn to digitize. If you are willing to make a career of it, you can read our previous posts for guidance. But, if you are intimidated by the chaos a wrong file can result in, Absolute Digitizing is your hero. You do not need to trouble yourself with negative thoughts because we are the professionals you can trust.

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If any value gets missed or inserted wrong, it is rectified before it leaves our premises. We have a team of quality testers who check each and every file for errors. The file you receive is complete and can be used for embroidery for a lifetime. There is no expiry date and if you will need it again, the results will be the same each time. Lets start on your next project and give you the file to use for a lifetime. Lets connect through our live chat or email us at [email protected]