Absolute Digitizing is one of the most commonly acknowledged digitizing websites for embroidery with history of perfection and high quality. It has been over 20 years of serving our customers with pride according to their requirements and time schedule. Today, we are more experienced, knowledgeable, efficient and cost competitive than before.

Embroidery digitizing has evolved a lot in recent years owing to technological advancements and software enhancements. Compared to back when we started, we now offer a flawless embroidery digitized file at a fraction of the price. Customers can get a high-quality left chest embroidery digitized file for as low as $10.

The latest embroidery digitizing software are now available with a variety of tools. They help the digitizer make better files in lesser time. Owing to the inclusion of the latest tools and additional options, the software cannot run on outdated PCs. Therefore, we ensure our PCs are equipped with the latest technology and our licensed digitizing software are up to date.

These days, embroidery is not only used for fashion, but also plays a vital role in advertising. With the help of embroidery machines, application of business logos and monograms on shirts, jackets and caps has become easy. Furthermore, designers use it to decorate drapery, linen and fabrics giving it a completely new and attractive look.

Digitized files enable the embroidery machine to sew out a design on multiple fabrics at the same time. If the customer needs the sew out again, the same file can be used without affecting quality. If you had any logo or image digitized before, it can be re-used unless some changes are required. In that case, the image will be re-digitized according to the new requirements.

Digitizing Websites vs Free Converting Websites

It is a fact that when it comes to hiring services, people are tempted to look for free resources first. The internet has everything to offer. From digitizing websites offering original high-quality services to misguiding and misleading websites on the same topic. Just like every other niche, embroidery digitizing is no exception.

Whenever you enter a query for free service in a search engine, it displays all available websites. They appear in the search results because they claim to be reliable. As soon as you land on the website, your screen is filled with numerous ads. Such websites are purposedly built to display ads.

While you waste your time trying to get a decent embroidered file, the developers have already achieved their objective. Visitors who fall prey to the clickbait leave the website disgruntled and infecting their PC without knowing it. Besides the hoard of unwanted ads, these websites are often filled with malware or viruses.

Embroidery digitizing is not something that can be achieved on auto mode. It is purely a manual process requiring a human with advanced digitizing skills. Although the software has come a long way in the present age. But it still lacks advanced AI that may one day eliminate the need to human input.

Websites offering the services to convert an image to embroidery files, such as Absolute Digitizing perform the conversion manually. We have a team of professional digitizers with many years of experience to digitize flawless files. We have zero tolerance against mistakes and strive to deliver only the best files. To ensure that our customers always get the perfect file, it is sent for testing before leaving our premises.

Digitizing Websites

Can I Digitize Images Myself?

One does not need a professional degree to be able to digitize for embroidery machines. If you are not keen to visit an embroidery digitizing website and hire a professional, you can do it yourself. To be able to digitize, you need to make proper arrangements first. The software does not run on a smartphone or tablet. It requires a stable modern PC capable to run any software smoothly.

Secondly, you must have a software that can digitize for embroidery. There are numerous software available each varying in price and functionality. It is recommended to read the instructions before purchasing to ensure your PC can run it and fulfills your requirement. Better yet, download a free embroidery digitizing software trial version first.

Usually, the free versions have locked advanced features and are also time limited. But it is enough to let you experience how the software works. As mentioned above, the software to let you digitize for embroidery cannot make conversions automatically. It only provides the tools to convert and the digitizer has to perform every step on his own.

If you have never digitized before, purchasing a full version or a limited version makes no significant difference. To use the software like a professional, you will have to tread the agonizing long road of practicing the skill. The variety of tools, their uses and combinations for a perfect sew out are enough to make your head spin.

Most people ask if practicing for a year is enough to become good at digitizing. Truth be told, there is no defined time limit to learn the skill. Every learner has his own pace and learning ability. Some people have not been able to digitize a single image after years of practice.

Hire the Best Talent from Digitizing Websites

If you have plans to make a career in embroidery digitizing, start learning as soon as possible. If you need a couple of designs converted, it is not recommended to go through the lengthy learning process. Besides investing a lot of time, you will need to invest hundreds of dollars as well. A single user license easily costs a couple of hundred dollars. Buying a new PC will only escalate the investment.

If you think hiring a professional from digitizing websites ruins your bank statement, you are in for a surprise. Absolute Digitizing charges only $1 / 1000 stitches. A left chest file digitized file can be obtained for as low as $10. Every file is digitized only by a professional so why do you want to waste precious money and time? Let us take care of all your digitizing needs. Request a free quote now to get started.