Getting machine embroidery on fabrics is easier than perceived. The machines of today are able to embroider multiple fabrics at the same. But to make them work, one must obtain a digitized file produced by the digitizing machine. Today, getting a digitized file is not an issue anymore because of the abundance of embroidery digitizing companies. Although there are many, it is important to work only with a reputable company to avoid bad quality and overcharging. Note that a left chest embroidery digitized file can be obtained for as low as $10.

The internet is a goldmine of resources but one should be careful as well. Internet users have often fell prey to misleading websites that claim to offer services for free. Such websites are cleverly designed and the developers have launched it with malicious intent. They understand that everyone loves free stuff and by offering free digitized files they infect PCs with malware and adware. It is worth mentioning here that there are no free services offered online. If you come across any such offer, understand that it is designed to harm users and report it.

Digitizing a file for the embroidery machine is a service offered online by companies from all over the globe. But they are never offered for free although some service provider may offer a discount. Due to the laborious work involved in the production of the file, it requires human effort. Since the file cannot be made through automated process, there is zero chance a person would spend hours without compensation. It is human nature to get rewarded for the efforts put in and their time invested. The process to make a file is time consuming and also requires advanced digitizing skills.

Setting Up the Embroidery Digitizing Machine

To make a file for the embroidery machines, one needs to have a proper software and

a modern PC. Running the software on an outdated PC will be problematic and the quality can be affected badly. If it is planned to prepare the file without outsourcing, make sure the PC used is the latest. If the PC needs upgrading, refer to the requirements of the software. Every software comes with a list of minimum requirements, but make sure the PC is beyond the minimum requirements. Running the software on minimum can also be a headache.

It is worth mentioning that a stable PC to be used as the digitizing machine can cost hundreds of dollars. After the PC is arranged, comes the time to purchase the embroidery digitizing software. Choosing the right one is an uphill task because without prior knowledge, understanding the pros and cons is difficult. There are a variety of software available to purchase and each comes with its strengths and weaknesses. One has to decide which one is best suited according to the task requirements and skills. However, there are some free embroidery digitizing software as well. Have a go at it first.

The free software are actually trial versions of the software up for sale. The free versions either have some important features locked or come with a time limit. The time limit is usually fifteen days after which the software gets completely locked and cannot be used anymore. To continue using it one has to pay the license fee and unlock it. Note that the license fee also costs about hundreds of dollars which makes it difficult for most people to purchase. Surely, it does not make sense to invest so much money only for a single design.

Digitizing Machine

Making Embroidery Files with A Digitizing Machine

After making all the necessary hardware and software purchases, it is time to install the software and run it. During the installation, go with the recommended settings as some advanced changes can be done later on when needed. The recommended settings furnish the user with all the necessary tools that are needed to work. It takes only a couple of minutes to install on a modern PC. Once the installation is complete, it will prompt to exit the installer and run the software for the first time. Now you are ready to digitize your first design.

Once a blank canvas appears on your screen, import the design to digitize. First of all, apply the important settings such as the underlay. Most first timers forget to apply the settings right in the beginning and when changed later on, it gets disturbing. After the settings are applied, choose the stitch type and start from the outlines. Remember that the software is recording every move and will be replicated by the embroidery machine. Choose a path that keeps the fabric stable under the needle and avoid long stitches. Do not fill the design too much as a cluster of stitches will result in needle breaks.

When operating the software on the digitizing machine for the first time, do not expect perfect results. The digitized image may look perfect on software but can be a mess under the needle. It is natural to make mistakes and digitizing for embroidery is not a built-in talent. It is a skill that needs practicing a lot and professionals dedicated years of practice. When practicing, choose a simple image with minimum efforts and then take the file and get a sew out. It will reveal the actual quality.

Avoid the Trouble and Hire The Professionals

Digitizing embroidery files is not a subject taught in school. Therefore, anyone wishing to learn the skill will have to go through a lot of trouble learning on their own. There is no time limit when one can match the skills of a professional. It can even take months to be able to perfect one design. in embroidery, each design is unique and puts forth a unique set of challenges. Instead of investing so much money and time into the skill for one or more designs, hire professionals. Unlike the other industries where a single design work can cost a massive amount, embroidery digitizing is affordable.

Absolute Digitizing is a well-known company in the USA with a professional experience of more than 20 years. The company is equipped with the latest digitizing machine and up to date software. Having a team of experts enables to provide quick deliveries and high-quality files. The cost to obtain a file is highly competitive as prices are as low as $1 / 1000 stitches. To sum it up, a left chest embroidery digitized file costs as low as $10 per design. Get a free quote for the design now. Let’s get digitizing and amaze you with our quality and professional services.