Finding the right company can be a hassle with hundreds of companies claiming to be the best. Same is the case with digitizing companies. When you search online, many links are displayed as a result of your query. With all the links on your screen you are free to click on anyone you like. There is no restriction to select just one so you can click on as many as you like.

Clicking on the links will lead you to their website where you can establish a connection with the company. To understand how well they perform and if they are related to the task you desire, follow these simple steps.

  • Explore the website briefly
  • If they have a blog section, read a few blogs
  • Connect with a representative via the live chat (if there is one available) or
  • Send an email describing your requirements
  • Inquire price
  • Place your order

It is always a good idea to explore a new website briefly. You can find answers to your questions right in the start. The blog section is where the company usually posts updates and news for new and returning customers. Reading a few blogs will give you an idea about their working style and niche. If you still have more questions, ask them to clear any doubts that remain. Custom embroidery digitizing services providers do not have an exact price mentioned. It is a good idea to inquire before placing your order, you might get a discount.

You Need Embroidery Digitizing Companies Because

Your business is performing well but can do much better with proper advertising. There are many ways to advertise your business. One of the best ways is to have your business logo on your staff uniform. You can place the logo either by printing on embroider it. Printing is a good option but not a permanent solution. After some time, it can get cracked or even start fading. With embroidery there are no such issues.

An embroidered logo can stay there for ages without losing consistency. Threads used in the process are of high quality that are known for durability. The logo is sewn in the exact colors to match the logo so there are no color issues. Its shape and colors stay intact even after many years so you can be assured of its long life. On the plus side, you can have it sewn on caps, shirts, trousers jackets or any other fabric.

When you plan to get machine embroidery, you first need it digitized. Embroidery machines need a computer digitized file that can guide it in the right path. It does not recognize pictures just like a computer or a mobile phone. Thus, you need the logo digitizing for embroidery to begin with the embroidery process. The process is simple and can be completed within a few hours. You don’t have to wait for days to reach you to being with the sew out.

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How Do I Digitize My Logo?

You don’t have to digitize logo yourself. Sometimes you can have an expert to it for you for as low as even a dollar. There are some intricacies that determine the actual cost of the service. But overall, it is cheap and affordable. If you think you are fine by doing it yourself then you will have to learn to digitize first. The learning process is not very complicated but it is costly and time consuming.

A person who knows the art of creating embroidery digitized file is known as a digitizer. After practicing for years, a digitizer gets working on customer files. Absolute Digitizing holds a significant position in some of the best digitizing companies of the world. It is due to the fact it is working professionally for over two decades. Housing some of the world’s best digitizers the team is well seasoned and able to handle the tasks with ease.

You do not have to visit a digitizer physically to deliver your logo. It can be easily done online by sending a picture in an email. Or, you can also upload the image on our website using the upload option available. Our team gets a look at it and plans the best strategy to execute and produce an excellent file. The file will reach your inbox within the specified time and you can download it easily. You can now either forward it to an embroiderer or take in a detachable file storage device.

When Do I Digitize Again?

Everything around us comes with an expiry date. The food we eat becomes unconsumable after a short time. Even the non-consumable products such as cars and electronic devices have a limited time warranty. Today, most of the software in our PCs and mobile apps require a monthly recharge to keep running. After a short time, you cannot open a file without having an adequate paid app. In fact, there is hardly anything available for free nowadays and you have to keep paying to use.

Our files do not have an expiry date. You can use it for a lifetime. Yes, this is absolutely true and you can use it for as many times as needed. You do not have to pay us again for the same file as it is yours once delivered. If you ever feel the need to do some amendments to the file received form us, make a copy first. Keep the master copy intact so that if the outcome is not up to your requirements you have a backup.

Normally we keep a backup of files too but for a very short time. To keep our customer data safe, we remove it from our hard drives after a specific time period. You can read in detail about it in our FAQs page. We suggest you to keep the master file in a safe place. Do not hand it over to an untrusted person because once distorted, it cannot be recovered. Use the file to get embroidery on any piece of fabric. There are no restrictions and the sew out will be of the same quality always. This is a benefit you get from digitizing companies like us. Contact us today and get a free quote.