Did you know you can embroider your favorite actor, actress or cartoon character on your dress? Kids love wearing their favorite cartoon characters and you can embroider them at home if you own an embroidery machine. It is a great way to make boring clothes exciting or making old sweaters and T-shirts look like new. Bring your wardrobe to life by digitizing a photo for embroidery and enhancing the old clothes.

Even if you do not own an embroidery machine, there is no reason to miss out the fun. You can hire a commercial embroiderer to do it for you. But first you will need to have the digitized file of the picture that will be embroidered. If you have a photo that needs digitizing, send it to us and we will happily convert it. You can then take it to your local embroiderer and get it on your desired clothing.

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? An anniversary or a holiday approaching? Now you can present the most amazing gift by customizing it with a photo or a character. Machine embroidery is fast and you can get the gift customized in no time at all. Simply send the picture to us for digitizing and then take it to the embroiderer. You will have it ready in no time and present the best gift of all.

Embroidery is not limited to clothing. You may customize it to be a wall hanging, a portrait or anything else. There are no limitations and you are free to get creative. All you need to do is choose the photo and the material on which you require. Let the embroidery digitizer know and have it prepared exactly the way you want. Digitizing is not expensive either.

Get Digitizing a Photo for Embroidery on Demand

Absolute Digitizing specializes in creating custom embroidery digitized files for customers in the USA and across the globe. We are a team of experts working professionally for more than 20 years to date. Therefore, you can be assured that we have enough experience to handle your requests with perfection. If you think that being the perfectionists and experienced professionals has made us expensive. You will be amazed to know that you get a left chest embroidery digitized file for as low as $10.

That’s right, being a professional does not mean that you become unaffordable. That is at least what we believe in and it is a reason why our prices are highly competitive. If you are in search of digitizing a photo for embroidery from the experts, it ends here. Following the correct way to place your order will get you the best discount and accurate delivery time. Before you do anything else, share the photo with us and request a free quote.

Our team will analyze it get back to you with the actual cost and delivery time. There are no fixed prices and delivery time because each task is unique. Therefore, before taking a look at the picture, a commitment cannot be made. If you have any special requirements, let us know and we will make sure they are fulfilled. If you are in a hurry and need us to prioritize your order, do inform us about it too.

We have a special team to work on projects that require urgent delivery. Every process gets speeded up and we still run a rigorous quality test before sending it to you. If you mention it or not, we are very picky about the quality of digitized files.

Digitizing a Photo for Embroidery

How to Order Digitized Files from Absolute Digitizing

If you are from within the US or anywhere in the world, you can order from Absolute Digitizing easily. We have an online presence and you do not have to visit us physically to place an order. Lookup for digitizing a photo for embroidery on any search engine of your choice. You will get a list of all the links to various service providers in your area. Click on the link leading to us to get redirected and land on our website.

Once you have reached our website, establishing a connection is very easy. Use our live chat for a quick connection or send us an email. Take the time to explore our website and we are sure you will find a lot of useful information. If you have questions, ask them or read our FAQs page to find relevant answers. If you still do not find the answer to your question, click on the live chat button and get connected. The experts are available 24/7.

You may request our portfolio to learn about the quality of our work. You can also use the live chat to discuss the requirements of your project. Do not hesitate to convey any important information that may help us improve your file. We are always up for a challenge and fulfilling your requirements will be an honor for us. If you are directed by an embroiderer, he/she will have informed you about the file format as well. Do not forget to mention it so that you get the right format. Once you have placed your order, leave everything to us and you can focus on other important tasks. While you attend to other important chores, we start working on your file right away.

Is It Expensive To Order Digitizing a Photo for Embroidery?

Bear in mind that one company does not represent the entire industry. Therefore we speak for us only. While some digitizing companies will charge you a hefty amount for digitizing, our prices are highly competitive. Depending on the design, a high quality embroidery digitized file can cost you as low as $10. Prices vary according to the design. But when working with us, the cost will never exceed your budget.

To avoid any problems, always work with the professionals with a good reputation. Do not put your project to risk to save a few dollars. Most customers fall prey to scammers or novice digitizers because they quote a mind-blowingly low price. Understand the red flag right from the beginning to save yourself from wasting precious time and money. Remember that making amendments to a ruined file is nearly impossible. So, you will have to order a new file again if you did not receive quality file the first time.

Digitizing a photo for embroidery is not a child’s play as even a minor mistake can cause a great loss. Therefore, it is always advised to choose the right digitizer for your project. Working with us ensures peace of mind because we ensure high quality and timely delivery. We stay true to our commitments which is why customers trust us and order from us. Our list of happy customers keeps growing every day and you can be one amongst them too. Let’s connect now and give you a file to use for a lifetime.