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One of the most important aspects of fashion and advertisement today is embroidery. It holds a firm ground in both industries. When we talk about the role of embroidery in advertisement industry, the debate of print vs embroidery never ends. It is natural for people to get inclined towards print because most brands are seen using it widely. But since we are not talking about launching a merchandise, embroidery is definitely a better choice.

The reason why it gets better than print for advertisement is due to the fact of durability. Embroidery threads are much stable and retain their colors and strength for a long time. The proof of its longevity is proven by the thousands of years old artifacts unearthed by archeologists. Most fabrics were in terrible conditions and could not be taken out intact. But the embroidered ones were not a problem. They were intact and brought to their labs without harm.

It proves that an embroidered clothing gets extra life and this is exactly what we want for advertisement. Printed designs get cracked after some time and gives the clothing a worn out feeling. Thus, with its short lifespan, you have to get a new pair very soon.

Digitizers Embroidery Have Huge Responsibility

Most people think that embroidery cannot replicate their design in its true sense. This is not true. The people who may face this issue is either because their digitizer is not well experienced. Or they have gone to a bad embroiderer to get the sew out. When you work with an experienced team, you do not face such issues. In fact, most designs looked splendid after getting completed on fabric.

Digitizers embroidery are artists who must understand the design before working on it. This is why one must always work with an experienced digitizer. Beginners in digitizing often ask for a small fee which attracts customers. The outcome enrages them but nothing is gained crying over spilled milk. They end up spending another amount to get the design fixed by an actual digitizer. It is clearly a waste of time, money and resources.

Digitizing is the first and the most important step to give life to your design. Without an embroidery file you cannot get the machine to sew it. An embroidery file is in fact a map or a set of instructions for the embroidery machine. Embroiderers do not control the path how it sews a design. They are only responsible to change threads with appropriate colors when necessary and needles too.

They control the fabric under the needle but cannot make the machine change course during a sew out. It is the digitizer’s task to make a file that does not cause a mess during the sewing process. Every step a machine takes is the replica of the step taken by the digitizer during embroidery digitizing. If he starts from the inner body and moves towards the borders the machine will follow suit.

Digitizers Embroidery

Digitizers Embroidery Think Like Embroidery Machines

Embroidery digitizing is fun only for those who can do it. Most people who have seen a digitizer at work, perceive it is a simple task. Simple it may seem, but it is not easy at all. When working, a digitizer thinks on the same lines as a machine. He will look human from the outside, but in his mental state he is an embroidery machine. It is a skill that some possess but very few have mastered.

A clear difference between a novice digitizer and an experienced digitizer is the way he thinks of the design. In most cases, when a design comes forth a digitizer it is unsure which fabric will it be sewn on. Without spending too much time on thinking, the digitizer has to apply the underlay settings. There is a strong chance the embroiderer will use a different type of underlay. But, with perfect settings there is always margin for variation without disturbing the outcome.

Another indication that the digitizer is an experienced person is the way the machine starts to sew. Whenever the machine starts from the boundaries it means the person understand the task. Fabrics tends to move sideways under the needle. This is why most embroiderers hoop the fabric to make it stable. When the machine moves from outside to inside, it minimize fabric movement and provides a firm grip with underlay.

Managing the inner fill is also a tricky part. You make it too dense; needles start breaking. Too much thread clustered in one spot makes it very hard for the needle to penetrate. The needle strikes the fabric with force and if the surface is not soft enough, the needle breaks. Thus, the digitizers embroidery must ensure they do not fill the inner design too much.

Always Find the Right Digitizer for Your Project

Never settle for less. It implies to both quality and experience. Your project is very important to you so it must be exactly as you want it to look. Always hire a professional embroidery digitizer for the task. To find the best talent you can use a search engine on the internet. It will connect you with the digitizer in the USA and probably with Absolute Digitizing.

How to know if the digitizers embroidery you have chosen is a good match? Look for a communication method on their website. You can send an email or use the live chat if they have. Ask for a portfolio and see their work when it reaches you. Ask about their experience and their team. Always work with a team because it ensures your project is never delayed.

Now when satisfied with the above information, inquire about the rates and time of delivery. To get the perfect quote you will have to share your design. Some designs are simple while some require too much work. It determines the cost and time of delivery. When you get the quote, if it suits you, give them a go-ahead signal. You will get an amazing embroidery digitized file in your inbox.