Every embroidery enthusiast needs an affordable digitizer company for high quality digitized embroidery files. The time it takes to make a file can be utilized in completing many other important tasks. Embroiderers get more things done when they have a reliable team of digitizers to furnish them with the files.

Absolute Digitizing is the backbone of many successful home and commercial embroiderers. Having a team of exceptionally skilled embroidery digitizers, we are able to produce flawless embroidery digitized files. The files are delivered in the shortest possible time without costing more than your budget. It costs as low as $10 to get a file that has zero errors and can be used for a lifetime.

We are a USA based company and are successfully producing high quality files for more than 20 years to date. Our journey over the years have helped us understand the challenges faced by embroiderers when they get a wrong file. Understanding the issues faced by our customers, we have improved a lot. It helps our customers greatly because now they benefit from our experience.

Whenever you need a digitized file for your next embroidery project, always get it from someone highly skilled and experienced. Embroidery digitizing is skill and it cannot be mastered by digitizing a couple of files. One needs years of practice to be able to make the files that do not create a mess during production.

The essence of a great design embroidered by the machines lies in the file used during production. A single mistake in the file can cause the entire project go to waste. If you need a design or your business logo digitizing, let us know. Connect with us through the live chat or send us an email.

Reach Out to A Digitizer Company

A digitizer company offers its services to people who need an embroidery digitized file. You do not have to own an embroidery machine to own a file. Anyone who needs to embroider a design on fabric will need a file irrespective of the machine. If you have the file, the artwork can get embroidered through a commercial embroiderer.

Commercial embroiderers are not digitizers and they rarely hire one because they are too expensive. Although you would have heard from them that they can get your artwork digitized for a certain amount. The amount often varies from $50 to $100 per artwork which is never a part of the embroidery package.

The digitalization service is always charged extra because they too outsource it to companies like us. Obviously, it is never revealed to the customer because of business policies. Customers who have never heard about the service fall into the honey trap and end up spending a huge amount. The customer’s artwork is outsourced for as low as $10 and the remainder amount becomes the embroiderer’s profit.

Reaching a digitizer directly can save you a lot of money and the hassle. Embroidery digitizing companies are reachable through the internet. Almost every company has a website of their own where customers can interact with an expert. If you do not know how to find them, search for embroidery digitizing in a search engine.

Search engines are designed to unearth websites that have not been explored by you. When you search for the professional digitizers, numerous links to their websites will appear on your screen. Click on any of them and you will be redirected to the website instantaneously. From here you can either chat with them live or connect through email.

Digitizer Company

What Is a Digitizer Company?

Most new customers are unaware of what embroidery digitizing is. In a nutshell, it is the conversion of artwork in a digital format specifically readable by embroidery machines. Any business logo, team mascot, artwork digital or non digital that needs to be embroidered must undergo the conversion. Without a proper digitalized file, the embroidery machine will not be able to work.

The digitizer company plays a vital role in preparing the file through conversion of artwork. The image received is mostly in the regular JPG, PNG or similar format. It is the format used by computers, smartphones and internet downloads. However, the embroidery machine does not recognize this format and requires DST, JEF and similar formats.

The acceptable format varies in brands and makes so, it can be a challenge for the digitizer. If the customer forgets or is unaware of the required format, the digitizer will have to inquire about it. If you own a machine but are unsure of the format it accepts, let your digitizer know about the model. Most professionals are able to distinguish the file format by the make and model.

It becomes clear after you have worked for many years and digitalized hundreds of files. Embroidery machines do not follow the universal format rule and every manufacturer uses a different software. It became the reason for a diverse file formats being used in the industry and it grew over time.

If you do not own a machine and will use the services of a commercial embroiderer, ask the format. Although they let you know but if by chance it does not pop up in your conversation, remember to ask. Getting the wrong format can be problematic but as a professional digitizer, we keep your file safe. Read it in detail in our FAQs.

Why Professional Embroidery Digitizing?

If you are looking for high quality digitized files for your next embroidery project, hire a professional digitizer company. Working with a company such as Absolute Digitizing is the right choice. There are two main reasons why you should opt the company rather than an individual.

Companies have more than one digitizer which means they have proper departments. After the file is digitized, it gets checked by the quality assurance staff. In case of any discrepancies, the file is rectified before it reaches the customer. It ensures the customer always gets high quality embroidery digitized files.

There are plenty of digitizers to manage the tasks. If anyone fails to show up, work does not halt. Therefore, you get the delivery on time no matter what. With an individual, work suffers greatly if he or she cannot work on a particular day. Even if you are doing it yourself but for any reason you do not have the time for it. Hire a skilled professional for as low as $10 with us.