If you think that to digitize logo for embroidery, all you need is a digitizing software, then you, my friend, have no idea about what you are talking about. Putting it simply, it is true that digitizing is basically a conversion from an image format to a stitch format. With that being said, it must be asserted in very clear terms that custom logo digitizing, is far from merely being a conversion from one format to another. In fact, it takes as much practice, skill, and experience to digitize logo for embroidery as it takes to design one from scratch on a graphics software.

Digitize Logo For EmbroideryBusting The Myth Straight Away:

Since we are not here to disappoint, the great news is that logo digitizing can be learned today with abundant resources available. But that is only half the problem. Whenever someone sets to digitize logo for embroidery, the first step is to look for software tutorials and learn techniques used in them. What most of them don’t know is that these tutorials are not a cure for their fatigue. Instead, of knowing which button to press, it is much more important to know why and when to press it.

So working on a digitizing software is only half the job. Custom logo digitizing also requires a parallel knowledge of embroidery supplies, equipment, and process, in general. Rookies, as well as experienced digitizers, should always remain mindful of the fact that their performance is seldom judged by the stitch file they produce. At the end of the day, it is the result of embroidered products. The opinion on digitized design is formed after it is embroidered. As unfair as it sounds, there is nothing going away from it.

Consequently, to comprehensively crack logo digitizing, there are three broad knowledge areas which must be pursued in parallel:

Digitize Logo For EmbroideryUnderstanding Embroidery Supplies And Equipment:

Surely, it is not easy for digitizers to learn the embroidery process simultaneously. Don’t worry. Holistically understanding is obviously is not possible for someone who is not himself an embroiderer. But what can surely be done is to develop a basic understanding of supplies and equipment over time. We are not saying that you should understand the embroidery first and then, move on to digitizing. Firstly, learning is an evolving process and both things can be pursued in parallel.

One should be aware of basic functions of the embroidery machine and how thread behaves during the production. Understanding the nature and behavior of the thread is imperative. It is a must to digitize logo for embroidery. During logo digitizing, it is easy to get lost in what you are seeing on your software.

What is important is to appreciate and take into account the realistic nature of an embroidery design. Learning the interaction of threads, needles and fabric can only be done by observing the process. It will help you assimilate the pain points of embroiderers from an altogether different perspective. Hence, the learning value is unfathomable.

Digitize Logo For Embroidery

Limitations Of  Embroidery Digitizing Process and it’s application to Digitize Logo For Embroidery:

It is important to be aware of the limitations and capabilities of the process. Being acquainted with the limits helps to set realistic expectations. As a digitizer, you don’t want to set expectations too high and aim for stuff that is not actually possible. It will definitely ruin the end-design. Operating within the domain is important here. Similarly, you also don’t want to set expectation too low and limit your skills to a very basic level.

First off, one should understand and practice the basic stitches in the machine embroidery process. It is not only about knowing the main stitches. It also includes their use and appropriate application a particular element of the digitized logo. Similarly, knowing the sizes in which a particular stitch can be efficiently applied, is also important. One must also understand that how closely the stitches should be placed so the design doesn’t become overly stiff.

These are instances of areas, a digitizer should be proficient at. Also, one must have a good know-how of measurements in the process.  Moreover, understanding underlays, their types, and applications are also inevitable.  Similarly, knowing why an underlay is important and what different types of distortions have to be combated during the process.

Knowing how to rationally order various elements in the process is equally instrumental. Moreover, understanding the effect of minor changes during logo digitizing in stitch angles, density, cornering, and joints, ultimately impacts the end embroidered result.In a nutshell, to professionally digitize logo for embroidery, a digitizer is expected to know the technicalities of the process in and out.

Brother PE DesignKnowing The Embroidery Digitizing Software:

We have negated the perception in the beginning that to digitize logo for embroidery is not merely about using the software. Despite this, it is still an integral part of learning to professionally digitize designs. The key to unlocking the mystery is combining all three areas of knowledge. No matter how much one knows about the process, the logos still have to be digitized on the software. For that, one must be apt at operating a professional embroidery digitizing software.

Instead of trying new software programs, every now and then, the recommended practice is to stick with one. This will help you in understanding even the minor details and features of the program. Although most software programs work in a similar manner, each one has its unique tools and functionalities. Try out few ones and then stick with a ‘professional’ software that you find to be smoothest. The emphasis on professional is because of the fact that many programs are very basic in nature. Apart from proficient knowledge, you also need cutting-edge tools to perform sophisticated functions with ease.

To digitize a logo for embroidery, one should, therefore, be well-versed in their chosen software program. Consequently, conquering these three areas simultaneously is instrumental to attain professional results with custom logo digitizing.

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