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The digitizing machines require a special type of file format which is commonly unavailable. The artwork you have, even in a digital format is not recognized by the machines. This is where it gets tricky because most new customers are confused why they need a digitized file. It is true that the logo provided by your designer is a custom made digital file. But when it can run on a PC, why does it not work with an embroidery machine?

To learn more about the reasons why embroidery machines do not accept the digital files. It is important to know how they machines work and how much advanced are their software. But before we get into the details, it is important to know that embroidery digitizing is essential to embroider fabrics. Every embroidered design has gone thru the digitizing process by an embroidery digitizer.

Why Digitize Logo for Embroidery Software?

The embroidery machine is not a replica of the home or office printer. Most people perceive it the same in a sense that the threads are ink and fabric is paper. It may look alike but to be honest, embroidery machines are not like that. A printer can print multiple types of files without the need to convert them in another format. On the other hand, machines for embroidery accept only a certain format.

The most commonly used embroidery machine file format is the DST format. But there are multiple other variations that are used according to the machine’s make and model. It all began in the early 1800’s during the industrial revolution. While many industries were regulated by some governing authority, embroidery, was not looked after like the others. It paved way for the machine manufacturers to create a monopoly which still runs to date.

Every machine maker developed a software of their own and restricted their machines to accept files made accordingly. As a result, there was no common software and embroiderers demanded the files that could be accepted by their machines. It made embroidery digitizing an extremely expensive trade and there were not enough digitizers who could digitize logo for embroidery software. Therefore, only the big names in the market could afford and embroider their merchandise on a commercial scale.

With the advancement in technology, software developers came up with a software version which is able to digitize commonly. Since the process of converting a digital file to a digitalized embroidery file format is the same regardless of machine. The embroidery software allows digitizers to save the file in multiple formats which can then be used for machines. Due to it, now customers can get a left chest digitized file for as low as $10 from us.

Digitize Logo for Embroidery Software

Is It Easy To Become a Digitizer?

Embroidery digitizing is a skill and it is hard to master. The reason it is not easy to become a digitizer is because it is not something you learn in school. You have to learn it on your own and most digitizers have gone through a lot of trouble learning it. Help material was scarce and most people have tried and failed multiple times on a single artwork. Failing again and again demoralizes a person’s will and they give up.

Another problem with failing at embroidery digitizing is that it increases the cost of production. Materials are wasted and the time spent to rectify adds insult to injury. To top it all, if the project is for a client, the problem escalates and pressurizes the digitizer even more. Hence, learning to digitize is not easy as you may think. The digitized file is not only a design, it is a programmed file.

The issue with a programmed file is that once created, making changes to it can cause conflict with other operations. Therefore, most digitizers prefer to create the file a new. People who are beginning to learn to digitize logo for embroidery software, the path is rough. To begin with, you must be aware that the digitizing software can only run on a PC or a laptop. It cannot be operated on a smartphone or any other mobile device.

If you do not own a PC, you need to buy it. Before you buy, read the requirements of the software. Most modern PCs are stable enough to run the software. Once you have purchased the hardware, now it is time to buy the licensed version of the software. Avoid using the free embroidery digitizing software because the advanced features are locked.

Hire Digitize Logo for Embroidery Software Professionals

If you have a business logo or some artwork that needs to be digitized, hire a professional to do it. It is not recommended to invest your money and time to learn to digitize logo for embroidery software. Going through the lengthy learning process for only one or a few designs will only be troublesome. You cannot become an accomplished digitizer overnight. Most professionals have spent years mastering the skill.

The easy and efficient way to get high quality embroidery digitized files is to hire Absolute Digitizing professionals. We have an experienced team of expert digitizers who can digitize for as low as $10 per file. Once you hand us the task, you can expect a flawless digitalized file to reach your inbox within no time. If you are in a rush, let us know about it. We will prioritize and expedite the process to ensure a speedy delivery.

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Let us connect now and start digitizing your artwork. Once we take over the project, you do not have to worry about a thing. While we digitize your file, you can focus on what you do best. After the file gets digitized we will conduct a thorough quality check. Once passed, it will be sent to you via email ready to use right away. Happy embroidering.