Embroidery digitizing is the first step to make your dress look beautiful and elegant. It enables the machine to stitch your design without any complications. Whether you need it on one dress or multiple, embroidery digitizing helps do it fast and error free. Photoshop is the most widely used tool for digitizing images. Let’s see how to digitize a logo for embroidery in photoshop.

Photoshop is a software that runs on modern PCs. It enables you to do wonders with a simple image and make it unique and eye-catching. You must have already heard about the software from the term photoshopped. It means that a simple image is further digitized to look more appealing. Similarly, for machine embroidery an image needs to be digitized. It needs to be worked upon so that the machines can understand it.

Embroidery machines are designed to sew with threads, needles and fabric. They do not follow the commands of a home or office printer. They have a software of their own that demands certain file types. Unless a suitable file is uploaded, the machine will keep rejecting the design. Hence, to sew any design on fabric using a machine, it must be digitized first.

There are many ways to digitize a design but it can be done only with a suitable software. Image digitizing software enables the digitizer to make required changes. He can not only change the background, but can alter the design completely. The task requires certain skills that are unfortunately not taught in schools. Professionals, after practicing for years are able to do it on demand for their customers.

How to Professionally Digitize Images

If you are an expert with photoshop then you are already aware about its usability. People are not familiar with using the software but have heard the name probably have misconceptions. Photoshop is a software with a variety of tools which when combined can produce amazing results. Experts can create images from scratch and make people believe it is real.

Professionals who work on digital images, to create or change existing ones are termed digitizers. In simple words, they are also referred to as designers but in fact they are digitizers. Modern technology has equipped digitizers with some of the most amazing tools in the form of software. Due to their ability to multitask intricate commands at the same time, such software cannot run on outdated PCs.

A digitizer requires a machine that is up to date and software with complete licenses. Without a licensed software, digitizing cannot be done professionally. At times, digitizing even the simplest design may require extensive tools which are not available in unlicensed versions. Thus, to work professionally and have access to all the tools, a digitizer must invest in a licensed software.

If you aspire to become a digitizer, you can certainly become one. We believe you can even be better than most novice digitizers around you. But, in order to create masterpieces, you will have to train yourself diligently. Learning a software is equivalent to developing a new skill. During the training period you will have to practice a lot, research extensively and amend the mistakes immediately.

How To Digitize A Logo For Embroidery In Photoshop

How to Digitize A Logo for Embroidery in Photoshop?

Photoshop is a tool designed to digitize raster images. Images with file extensions as jpg, bmp, png. Raster images are made up of bits. If you zoom in to them you will see images turn to pixels. It is called pixelating and can often disrupt the image entirely. Embroidery digitizing is the opposite and it does not work on pixels.

In simple words, embroidery digitizing is the mapping of an image. Any logo or design, when imported in an embroidery digitizing software is ready for mapping. A digitizer works around the borders mapping needle points creating a path for the machine to follow. The process looks like tracing because every element is mapped placing instructions for the embroidery machine.

An embroidery digitizing software is completely different in terms of functionality when compared to photoshop. All claims of embroidery digitizing in photoshop are wrong. If you keep searching for how to digitize a logo for embroidery in photoshop, you are wasting your time. How do you expect a software to perform a task it is never meant to do?

Although the internet provides valuable research, sometimes it can also be misleading. If you come across blogs and videos that tell you to digitize for embroidery in any software other than the embroidery digitizing software, do not waste your precious time on them. Digitizing for embroidery is completely different than digitizing for the websites.

If you have already wasted time on searching for ways to digitize logo for embroidery, you need to stop. You are only becoming a victim of the term clickbait. The reason why such topics exist is only to lure naïve visitors and fill their screen with ads. You will not find any useful information on such sites.

How to Actually Digitize A Logo for Embroidery

To get any task done there are only two ways. You do it yourself or get a professional do it for you. To get embroidery digitizing we recommend hiring a professional. If you intend to do it yourself, there is a long path ahead of you. first of all, you will need to invest a lot in hardware and the software.

After that you will be stuck for months practicing every option within the software. It is natural to try to save the high costs charged by professionals. Thankfully, embroidery digitizing is not like that. You get a left chest or cap logo digitizing for as low as $10. Surely it makes sense to spend a small amount and get the work done within the day.

There are many websites of professional embroidery digitizers on the internet who can digitize for you. Absolute Digitizing is one amongst them with a reputable history spanning over 20 years. We are professional digitizers owning the latest hardware and licensed software. We do not use any free embroidery digitizing software. You get a professionally digitized logo according to your requirements from us within the shortest possible time.

There are absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever and that makes us easily affordable. If you have a logo you want digitized, lets connect. You can send us an email or use our live chat to reach us. Our experts are always available to make embroidery digitizing easy for you. We can give you the flawless file that can be used for a lifetime.