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In most cases, people are not able to find a reputable digitising company. The reason behind this matter is that they don’t know the ins and out of the job so they end up hiring a digitizer who is not be able to deliver impeccable job according to the embroiderer’s needs.

Brief Introduction

Let’s begin our discussion with the meaning of digitising. This includes the addition of an emblem or a specific sketch on various items like caps, shirts, pens, billboards, etc. This is done to add a fine touch on the items for branding purposes.

You might have seen logos of various companies on a cap, pen, or on shirts. This is practiced to create an identity in the market. Furthermore, letter or designs are also embedded on other various items for promotional purposes. To get the emblem on the desired items, it is a whole process that is done by the professionals to get satisfactory results.

For your information, to perform the digitizing task, the experts use a computer or a specialized digitizer tablet with purpose built software for digitizing designs. There are various steps that experts have to go through in order to complete this procedure. The trademark or sketch is mostly in raster images so you have to convert  it into vector format to proceed further.

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Key Elements

In this blog, we will be looking deep into the information that one should know before hiring embroidery digitizers. The key elements that you should keep in your mind when searching for the digitising services are as follows:

Conduct Online Search

We are living in a digital world. People are having access to online sources to collect knowledge and to browse the services they are planning to avail. The search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and others are the best sources to do some online research. A person can easily find out the best digitizing company within his area that is having years of experience for your custom embroidery job.

You can visit their website to inquire about the services and prices they are offering. The professional companies add their sample work on the website so that the visitor can get an idea about their expertise. Furthermore, you can also have a look at the reviews given by other clients. You can read those to have a little idea about their customer support and quality of work. In addition to this, most of them have also added the online chat function so that valued customers can get in touch with them and request a free quote depending on their requirement.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Next, the person who is going to avail the digitising services should have at least the basic knowledge of digitizing and embroidery process. For instance, you should have a little knowledge of the fabric on which you are going to embroider your design. You should also know about the stitch count for the job. You might be wondering why a person needs to have such knowledge? The answer is quite simple. With this knowledge you will be aware of the project and no one can exploit or trick you. When you are having some know-how of the job, you can easily manage it.

To enhance your knowledge, you can take help from online sources like blogs, articles, guides and videos to know about the various things connected with the machine embroidery process.

Important Things to Consider

Do you know the difference between a raster and vector image? We have discussed it earlier that you have to convert your design into a vector using specialized software. Remember that this step is very important because the logos and artwork are mostly in raster format and they will become pixelated when there is an increment in their sizes. To ensure that the quality of  a low resolution image is intact you have to convert them into a vector image.

Furthermore, in the specific digitising software, a digitizer can provide final touches to the emblem according to your requirement. Some of the popular embroidery digitizing software are Wilcom, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse, Embrilliance Stitch Artist, Melco Design Shop V10, Brother PE Design, and many more. You can get your hands on the PC and Mac versions of the software.

Moving on, there are also different brands of embroidery machines on which the embroiders get the sewouts. Every machine is having its own characteristics and features but main purpose of every machine is the same.

One of the most important thing that a person should keep in mind is the time required for custom embroidery digitising. The time will be consumed according to the size of the project and the requirement given by the client.

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Digitising Services by Absolute Digitizing

Hope now you are aware of the things and key elements when availing embroidery digitising services. To get the excellent results you should connect with professionals to save your time and money.

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