Embroidery has been in use for years and there are no signs that it will come to an end. It is used by both men and women for making the dress attractive. Furthermore, the digitalizacion de bordados is one of the effective ways to give your apparel a nice touch. It is important to note that with the passage of time, it has evolved to fulfill the wide requirements of the individuals.

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What is Digitalizacion De Bordados?

Before we move ahead in our discussion, let’s first understand the meaning of digitalizacion de bordados. Majority of the people think that in the process, an image is automatically traced into embroidery machine-readable file via computer. After this, the machine will give you the desired end product. But this is not true! In reality, the person who does the entire process is called embroidery digitizer. He has to pay a lot of attention on various elements that include stitch type, design, fabric, software, and other technical details to perform the process.

It is important to note that creativity is having no limits! You can embroider anything you want on your products. Keep one thing clear in your mind that you need a digital file to get the design on your apparel or any other product. You must be familiar with the fact that the embroidery machine will not accept a graphic image. For this, you have to get in touch with an expert to avail the digitalizacion de bordados services. The expert will convert your logo into a digital file and then you can place the design anywhere you want. Note that the digital file will enable the machine to understand the requirement to do further functioning accordingly.

Searching for Digitalizacion De Bordados Services?

It is a known fact that digitalizacion de bordados is an art. To get an attractive design, you need a computer, software, embroidery machine, and an expert for designing to complete the work. When you will have all these things, then your design will not be on paper instead it will be on your desired apparel or product. For your information, the machine will read the digital codes and will stitch the pattern on fabric within minutes. In this way, you can complete your bulk orders in less time.

If you are in search of the best embroidery digitising services, then the internet is the right place for you to visit. You can do an online search and find out some of the best companies in your area. Spend some time to search for the best company and ensure that you are making the right decision. You need to look at the following points:

  • Inquire about their experience and look at their sample work.
  • Ask about the team members and their experience along with the training they have got.
  • Have a look on their website and read the testimonials to know what customers are saying about them.

If you are having any other point in your mind do ask it and then make the final decision.

Role of an Embroidery Digitizer

The job of embroidery digitizer is not easy but the role played in the entire process is very critical. Majority of the people new in the industry are not aware of the certain terminologies. The digitizer uses special software like Wilcom, Embrid, Embrilliance Essentials, and more to digitize a logo. Remember that needle and thread will give the final shape to your product on fabric. So, for this purpose, you need a special file that machine can understand to perform further functioning as discussed above.

After finalizing the design, you have to share it with the company that provides digitalizacion de bordados services. The professionals will analyze the design either it is good to go or not. He will make the changes in the design if needed to adjust it according to the rules of stitching. In addition to this, you also have to keep the space element in mind. This is an important point to consider in caps and visors embroidery digitizing.

Moving on, in some cases, you have to alter the designs to remove the unnecessary elements. You might have to enlarge the small text or re-draw the outlines. After the changes are done, the digitizer has to decide how the stitches will run. You must know that mapping of design is important because if you make a mistake here, then you are not going to get satisfactory results.

Essential Tools for The Job

Every job needs some certain tools to finish it. The same is the case with digitalizacion de bardados. Some of the important tools that you will need are embroidery digitizing software, embroidery machine, and essential information of all the basic technical details.


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The list of services includes left breast, caps, badge, letter, font, napkins, gloves, beanies, monogram, appliques, patch and 3D puff digitizing. The price starts at $10 for the majority of the logos. Furthermore, our valuable clients will get the digitized embroidery file within a time of 12 to 24 hours. But in case of rush hour job, you can get the designs within 2 to 12 hours. Our customers can get a design in various formats like EMB, PXF, EXP, DST, EMT, TAP, SEW, JEF, HUS, and much more.

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