Whenever an advertising campaign is planned regarding embroidery, the first thing that needs done is acquire digital embroidery designs. Without a proper file the task gets difficult. Therefore, you need to find a reliable embroidery digitizing agency to furnish you with the correct file. You wonder why do you need a separate file format when you already have a digital file. 

The answer to your question is simple. Embroidery machines work in a different way than most of the machines we are accustomed to work with. Although the modern machines have an easy-to-use computerized interface, they require a different file format to work upon. The embroidery digitizing agency provides a file acceptable by the machine and start embroidering. 

The embroidery digitized file is a manually programmed file containing a set of instructions guiding the embroidery machine to sew. It contains every single needle point along with the right place to stop, pause and turn. It also instructs to control the needle speed so that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. Without the instructions, a machine cannot complete embroidering the design. 

Reading the above, you will think that machine embroidery is a great hassle and it will make your head spin. In fact, when you hire the right professionals. Embroidering gets easy and any design gets easily embroidered on fabric. Now comes the most difficult part of hiring a professional because according to experience, they are extremely expensive. 

Luckily, it is not the case with us because our prices are incredibly competitive. Get high quality embroidery digitized files for as low as $10 without any hidden charges. We are professionals to the core and are in business for over 20 years. We deliver on time and within the committed price. Let us connect now to begin digitizing. 

Creating Digital Embroidery Designs 

Most people are curious about how an embroidery file gets digitized. The process looks simple and inviting, but there is a lot more than you actually see. If you have watched a digitizer at work, in an online video or sat with a professional. The first impression you get is they are simply tracing an image within a software. 

In a sense, it is pretty much the case but the tracing is done for a reason. If digitizers keep the image aside and create a new one from scratch, chances of mistake get higher. So, in order to avoid digitizing the wrong image, the best plan of action is to trace the original. But still, the digitizer must follow the right path. 

The embroidery digitizing software records every movement through the digital embroidery designs digitizing process. Therefore, the digitizer must work with extreme caution. One single mistake may result in a great loss for the customer. It will cause a lot of disturbance during the sew out process hurting the cost and might even fail it. An experienced digitizer understands this and avoids any wrong movement during the making of the digitalized file. 

It is imperative to hire an experienced digitizer for your file digitization. Novice digitizers are known to make mistakes that cost you money and time. To lure customers, novice digitizers offer outrageous discounts. It works for them as they get unwary customers to work with them. After they deliver the file, problems are experienced during the production phase. 

Once the file is delivered, the customer must bear with it. And then after wasting many hours and resources, they set out to find a new digitizer. But once the trust is lost, customers often develop a misconception about digitizers. 

Digital Embroidery Designs

Why Choose Absolute Digitizing for My Digital Embroidery Designs? 

Most of the people who are new to world of embroidery digitizing fall into the wrong hands. It is because they hire freelancers who are new and inexperienced. To save money, they do not approach a digitizing agency. As a matter of fact, digitizing agencies are cheaper than freelancers. How are they cheaper you may ask. 

We will quote our own example here. For instance, if you approach us for a business logo digitization or any design conversion task. We encourage you to request a free quote. It helps both you and us understand the nature of work and clear any doubts. Our prices are extremely competitive because you can get a file digitized for as low as $10. 

After mutually agreeing to the cost and delivery time, our digitizers get to work on the file. We commit to deliver in the least possible time. Working as an agency, we have dedicated teams to cater the needs of our esteemed customers. In the first phase, expert digitizers work on the file following our SOPs to ensure high quality. Following protocols defined after 20 years of experience ensures there are no mistakes. 

We are confident of the performance of our experts but still, we have a special QA department. After digitization process is over, all digital embroidery designs are sent of rigorous QA testing. If by chance, a mistake is highlighted, the file is sent back for rectification. After the fault is rectified, it is resent to the QA department who checks it again thoroughly. 

Once the file gets cleared by the QA department, it is marked complete and gets delivered to the customer. Once you get the file, you can start embroidering hassle free. We not only deliver digitalized files, but also peace of mind and value for money. 

How to look for embroidery digitalizing agencies? 

Living in the present age, modern technology has made it possible to find everything online with ease. Therefore, you can search for digital embroidery designs digitizing services online. Use your phone or a PC to search by using any search engine of your choice. When you search for it online, a list of all the service providers will appear on your screen.  

From the list of all the options present before you, click on the link to our website. It will redirect you to us and once you land on our website, you can communicate with us. Use the live chat module for a quick conversation or you can send us an email. In either case, an expert digitizer will respond to your queries and guide you completely. 

To keep our services above the rest, and to avoid any confusion, we have an inhouse customer support department. So, feel free to ask any question regarding our services and your digitizing requirements. You may explore our website for useful information. We have a FAQ page which will answer a lot of your questions. You can also skim through our blog to read tips or gain knowledge about digitizing. 

In case you are in hurry, do let us know about it. We make sure that your files are marked for urgent delivery. But do not worry about the quality of your file because we do not compromise with it no matter what. Just let us know and leave the rest to us. 

We have a strict policy to adhere to deadlines. Therefore, expect the file to be present when you need it. Store the file in a safe place for future use. There is no expiry date so it can be used for a lifetime. Happy embroidering!