You might contemplate that digi embroidery process is simply uploading your business logo and the machines spring to life. As a matter of fact, the digitization process of a logo is much more intricate than that. Luckily, Absolute Digitization takes care of all the intricacies so you get a high-quality digitized file.

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What is Digi Embroidery?

Embroidery machines have a different machine language readability. They do not understand the normally used image files. In order to communicate with them, we need to digitize the files before they can work according to our requirement. From the embroidery digitizing perspective, it means taking a customer’s JPG or PNG logo file and converting into an embroidery file.

The file type to be converted into, is determined by the machine type that will be used for embroidery. Usually, embroiderers have different types of embroidery machines. Although they serve the same purpose, but their make and model will impact the file type required for embroidery. Different machines raise the requirement for different file types. Here is a list of the popular file types used by different machines for embroidery.

Embroidery File Types by Machine

.dst file type is used by Tajima made commercial embroidery machines

.kwk file type is used by Brother made commercial embroidery machines

.tap file type is used by Happy made commercial embroidery machines

.exp file type is used by Melco made commercial embroidery machines

.dsb file type is used by Barudan made commercial embroidery machines

.jef file type is used by Janome made commercial embroidery machines

In the 1980’s, when companies started developing computerized embroidery machines, there was no set standard to follow. Every machine maker developed a software of their own. This is why today we have a variety of file types. The embroidery file extension must match the acceptable format else the machine will not be able to recognize it.

How to Digi Embroidery Your Logo?

Now that you are familiar with the file type you need for your machine, you are good to move forward. It is time to convert the artwork or business logo in the required file type. To make the conversion, it is essential to have an embroidery digitizing software in your computer.

Professional digitizers use licensed embroidery digitizing software from advanced developers such as Wilcom, Embird or Janome Digitizer Software. But if it is your first time, you can use a free embroidery digitizing software. It is best to first have a try at the software because some of them are too confusing.

Follow the steps below to get started with your digi embroidery.

Upload Logo in Digitizing Software

After the software is installed, it is time to run it. Once you have run it and it is ready to work, import your JPG or PNG logo file. It will soon appear on the software canvas. Once you see the artwork on your screen, crop out every unnecessary elements and blank space around the design.

Set Design Size for Embroidery

Know the size you need the logo stitched on the fabric. It is important to set the dimensions early so that the stitch count remains perfect. Measure the size on the fabric using a measuring tape or a ruler. After the dimensions are entered, remember to lock the image before moving to the next step.

Select Your Stitch Type

To accomplish different looks, textures and more aesthetic appeal, digitizers use a variety of stitch types. Each stitch type has different maximum stitch length and it should be taken into consideration during the digi embroidery. Also, do not forget to understand the push and pull of the fabric when selecting the type of stitch.

Digi Embroidery

Choose and Set Stitch Direction

It is one of the most important steps during the digi embroidery process. Remember that you are creating a roadmap for the machine to follow. In this step, you are telling the machine how it should perform to stitch the artwork on fabric. When people skip this step, it results in too many trims, jumps and waste of thread during production.

Set Thread Colors

Every machine embroidery digitizing software has a color pallet to choose thread colors. Choose the correct thread colors to match the logo pantone. If you are unsure about the colors, you can search for them online or ask one of our experts.

Save Your Digi Embroidery File for The Machine

Once you have performed all the necessary steps above and are happy with your digitization, save it in your computer. Now transfer the file in a USB or memory card to upload the file in an embroidery machine. Do a test run of the file to know how it will perform at the commercial embroidery machine.

If it is your first time getting logo digitizing, chances are there will be errors and plenty of mistakes. Do not worry as it is natural and everyone can make mistakes. Digitizers have practiced for years to become perfect and work professionally. Do not trouble yourself but hire an expert to make the perfect file within a very short time. You can request a free quote now for a professionally digitized embroidery file.